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The Final Exam by Jack Fireheart

After I defeated Malistaire in Dragonspyre, I was greeted with loud cheers, parties, and the occasional pat on the back. After a week, things seemed to go back to normal. I went back to school and was surprised to see a huge banner on Bartleby that read 'Graduation Exams Today!' "Oh no." I muttered to myself. I entered my School of Fire classroom. Prof. Falmea was talking about the Final Exam. "The Final Graduation Exam is a very special ritual. One student out of every classroom graduates. We are now at the end of the Ravenwood school year and you are all Grandmasters in the art of Pyromancy. It's time to show your skill. Those of you who wish to partake in these grueling, painful exams that you may not survive, stand up." Ironically, I was already standing, since I hadn't had a chance to sit in my seat yet. Five or six other students stood also. "Hmm, this is a little more than last year's bunch. Okay, then. For those who didn't stand, I hope that next year you'll have built up the courage to try. To those who did stand, good luck. You'll need it." she finished with a sly grin. "Your first mission will be to retrieve a crystal from Prince Gobblestone's stash. Go now!"

I ran like a Heck Hound all the way through the Commons and the Shopping District to get to Colossus Boulevard. I was the first one there, but I knew the others would arrive soon. I bolted past the Gobblers to Gobblestone's Castle and entered through the giant, wooden, caramel-covered doors. Gobblestone was happily munching on a turkey leg when I walked in. "Wizard!" he yelled as he saw me walk in. He also dropped his turkey leg. "What are you doing here?" "Can I have one of your crystals?" I asked. "Well... Normally I would just give you one, but since you made me spoil my snack," he said, pointing to the turkey leg on the ground. "You'll have to fight me for it." I didn't think he was serious. I faced Gobblestone many times, and he never beat me. "I have to warn you though, I've gotten better since the last time we met." he said with that usual puffy smile on his face. We conjured the arena and stepped onto our spots. The magic cursor landed on me, meaning that I went first. I used the Elemental Shield first and Fire, Storm, and Ice Shields started to revolve around me. "You'll have to do better than that, Wizard!" Gobblestone jeered as he waved his dirty turkey leg in the air, painting a Balance sign. I immediately felt weak on my feet and knew he cast Weaken. My Sunbird card spirit came to me. "You have a Power Pip now. Use me and I will burn the fat glutton, despite my weakened state." it said. "Thanks." I said as I painted my Fire sign in the air and watched as fire came from the arena corners and summoned the mighty Sunbird. The Weaken sign floating above my head disappeared and Sunbird struck. "Ha ha ha! That almost tickled!" Gobblestone reeled. "I apologize, master. I could not summon my full strength." "It's alright, Sunbird. You did your best. I watched Gobblestone as he painted another Balance sign in the air. Suddenly, a Fire, Storm, and Ice Blade floated around his massive girth.

After about ten minutes into the battle, I was exhausted while Gobblestone barely broke a sweat. "Told you I got better." he said. Gobblestone has used Weaken and Elemental Shield for the past four rounds and built up six Pips. I had tried to do some damage, but between the shields and the weakening, I barely scratched him. "Get ready, Wizard. I'm about to exterminate you once and for all." "His Fire Shield is down, master. Use me and I will smolder him to oblivion!" my always aggressive Phoenix spirit said to me. I nodded and cast Phoenix. He rose out of the ground and blasted Gobblestone back. "Whoa! That was pretty good, old chap. But this is better." Gobblestone painted a Balance sign in the air and before my eyes was a Hydra. It roared and reared its red head back. The Fireblade around Gobblestone disappeared and I took heavy Fire damage. The same thing happened with his Iceblade and the white Hydra head. I took another heavy blow. The final shot came from the purple Hydra head and the Stormblade. As soon as the electric blow hit me, I knew I was down for the count. "Good day, Wizard!" was the last thing Gobblestone said before I blacked out.

I woke up in the Commons. I couldn't believe I was beaten. By Gobblestone! I drank one of my potions and sat down on the curb. "Master, didn't Gobblestone strike you as a little...odd?" my Kraken spirit card said to me. "Why?" I asked. " 'Exterminate?' 'Old chap?' Good day?' When does Gobblestone ever talk like that? That sounds more like something Prof. Wethersfield would say." Come to think of it, Kraken had a point. My Balance instructor, Arthur Wethersfield, was from Marleybone. All Marleybonians speak in the manor that Prof. Wethersfield was speaking. "If that's true, how am I ever going to beat him? Prof. Wethersfield is above Grandmaster. He's like a... Grand-Grandmaster." "Or a Great-Grandmaster." laughed my Leprechaun spirit card, trying to be funny. "It's no use. I can't beat a teacher." "What are you talking about?!" my Helephant yelled. "You beat Malistaire! You beat Prof. Falmea! What makes you think that you can't beat a dog disguised as a fat abomination?!" I thought long and hard. "Prof. Wethersfield builds up his power with Stat Boosters and then throws it at me full-blast. If I can somehow..." "...build up power of your own, while at the same time, protecting yourself," finished my ever-so-smart Fire Elf. "You can deflect most of his damage and throw some damage of your own." boomed the deep voice of my Fire Dragon. "Sounds like a plan!" I said, now encouraged. I got up and my spirits returned to their cards. I ran off toward the Shopping District, conscious that no other student was warped back yet.

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