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The Final Battle by Christopher IceCrafter

Running across the bridge hanging over a river of molten lava, Sierra WillRunner, Patrick LeafBlade, and I [my name’s Christopher IceCrafter] had to quickly cross it or be obliterated by the scorching lava. After crossing the bridge we stopped to catch our breath. Fighting ghost after skeleton after evil wizard really exhausts a person. Each of us were Masters, almost Grandmasters but not quite there yet. But after this battle, we would be the Saviors of the Spiral.

“I think he is right inside the tower. Once we enter, he should be waiting for us.” observed Patrick, being a Life Wizard, he liked to scan out his surroundings before entering a situation, no matter what it is.

“So this really is it? I can’t believe after all this time, we are actually going to battle him.” said Sierra incredulously, Sierra is a Fire student, she’s a quick thinker and a heck of a wizard.

“Well, believe it. This is it, after all of the battles, all of the victories, all of the hard work, this is it. The final battle.” I told them. I’m a Thaumaturge, or an Ice Wizard. Not that great of a fighter, but I am awesome on the defensive side!

“Well if this really is it, I want to get it over with.” Patrick whimpered.

“Let’s go!” Sierra and I said together.

We walked slowly down the brick path towards the tower where Malistaire was supposedly waiting. Sierra ran up to the gigantic door blocking our entry and blasted it open with a Fire Blast.

“So much for a stealthy entrance.” I joked. I also earned a glare from Sierra.

Running a little ways down a dark hallway, we emerged to find a domed room, walls covered with paintings of dark, rainy days and old, mean-looking people. But the most attention grabbing thing in the room was at its center. Standing in the middle of the room was the dreaded Malistaire, accompanied by three Zombie Wizards.

“So, you finally got the nerve to challenge me, too bad you are going to lose.” Malistaire seethed.

“We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?” I replied.

“So, you’re the leader of the group? All tough and brave? I guess I’m going to have to crush you first!”

“Let’s get him.” I told the others.

I went first, followed by Sierra, Patrick holding up the rear. The battle began. The familiar arena appeared, eight places, four for the good guys and four for the enemies. Luckily we got to go first. I looked at the cards in my hand, so far, nothing too good. I saw a Tower Shield and placed that on Sierra since she has the least health. The other two chose their spells soon after I did. I spun my wand around and a shield surrounded Sierra.

“Thanks, I think I’m going to need this.” She said. Her turn was next, she painted a flame in the air with her wand and a Fire Trap appeared on one of the Zombie Wizards. Our plan was to take out the weaker links so we could go at Malistaire all together. Luckily, Patrick got two power pips thanks to his sword wand. He cast the spell Sanctuary, giving a helping hand to all healing spells.

“I figured this might come I handy later.” He remarked.

Next it was the bad guys’ turn. Malistaire went, moving his staff in a circular motion he put a -80% Life Shield on one of his Zombie Wizards. The Three Zombie Wizards all passed, obviously saving up for something good.

It was back to us. I looked at my cards, seeing an Ice Blade, an Ice Trap, and one of my Ice Colossus’, I decided to set up for a devastating attack. I cast my Ice Blade spell and it appeared right above my head, circulating in a dizzying motion. Sierra gained a power pip this round and now she had three overall. She decided to take a little risk and cast her Helephant card. She spun her wand around creating a flame in the air and she fizzled.

“DARN!!” She screamed.

“Looks like you’re going to have to try harder than that!” Laughed Malistaire, his minions chuckling along with him.

“Don’t worry Sierra, I’ll try and do some harm.” Comforted Patrick. He twirled his wand around and painted a leaf in front him. A glowing ball of Life energy appeared before one of the Zombie Wizards. Once it reached its full size, it shot at the Zombie Wizard and consumed him in an explosion of light and life. The Zombie Wizard crumpled to a heap of tattered cloth.

“You will pay for that you imbecile!” Cried Malistaire.

“Actually you will be the one paying for your crimes against the Spriral!” Replied Patrick with surprising bravery.

Next up was Malistaire. Because Patrick took down one of his minions, I think Malistaire was pretty angry because he went for Patrick that turn. With a flick of his staff, a Vampire appeared before Patrick and sucked a wholesome amount of Patrick’s life right out of him. The Vampire also gave some of the life back to the dead Zombie Wizard. The Wizard sprang to life with renewed anger!

“All of that for nothing!” I cried.

“We’re just going to have to take him down again, along with all the others!” Shouted Sierra.

The two Zombie Wizards who hadn’t had their turns yet cast spells that put Death Traps on both Sierra and I.

A new round started and it was back to us. Since I used an Ice Blade last turn, I decided to use my Ice Trap and placed it on Malistaire. It was Sierra’s turn now and she wasn’t going to take a fizzle and leave! She swirled her wand above her head and summoned a humungous Helephant! A giant warrior of fire, carrying a flaming sword that could obliterate anything it comes into contact with. The Helephant swung his sword and a wave of fire erupted before one of the Zombie Wizards! It was engulfed by the flaming wave and was soon just a pile of smoking ash.

Patrick took down another one of the Zombie Wizards after he summoned a Centaur! The horse-man cam out of thin air and leaped up so he was only on his hind legs. He pulled his bow string back as far as it could go and FLING! The arrow shot out like a missile! It hit one of the two Zombie Wizards straight in the heart and he fell to the floor in an instant!

“Two down, two to go.” I told myself.

“I am going to kill all of you mercilessly because of what you have done! I was going to kill you quick and easy, but now it will be slow and painful!” Malistaire promised.

I looked over and saw a shocked look on Sierra’s face. She was sweating a little bit and she looked really tired. To the right of her, Patrick was shaking like a leaf. He glanced over and saw me staring. He gave me a weak smile and a thumbs up.

“We can do this.” He told us and I believed him, or at least I wanted to.

Malistaire struck his staff to the ground and a Wraith appeared along with a cold, damp fog that chilled me to the bone. His scythe cut threw the air and Sierra was hit for the first time! Her life was being sucked out of her slowly and painfully! She cried out in pain.

“Stop it!” I shrieked.

“No Chris, we all knew there would be sacrifices.” She said quietly, “I guess I was that sacrifice.” She crumpled to the floor.

“No!” I screamed.

“Don’t worry Chris, I can heal her.” Patrick assured me.

The Zombie Wizard was now up. He raised his arms up and moaned creepily. A Banshee appeared right before me and shrieked at the top of her lungs. I was blown away by the sheer force of that scream. I got down on my hands and knees and begged it to be over. After a few seconds of that torture, it ended.

Tears were leaking down my face as I cast my spell. I painted a snowflake in the air with my wand and summoned an Ice Colossus! A large block of ice appeared right in front of Malistaire. A giant ice man broke out carrying a large sword made of the strongest ice you would find. Using my Ice Blade spell and my Ice Trap, the Ice Colossus swung his sword in a wide arc, firing icicles that could cut through rock! They shot at Malistaire and after they went through him, he crumpled to the floor, crying out in agonizing pain. When he went, so did the last Zombie Wizard, disappearing into a cloud of darkness.

Patrick healed Sierra with a summoning of a Satyr and she got up.

“Thanks, Pat. Did we win, did we beat him?” She asked.

“Yes, yes we did thanks to Chris.” Patrick said with awe.

“Naw, I couldn’t have done it without you guys. But it’s nice to know its over, all over. We won the final battle.”

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