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The Fantastic Adventures of Erica Moonsword by Eric Moonsword

I stared at the Ice Giant before me.

“There are seven of The Protectors of the Keep.” The Ice Giant boomed, his loud voice knocking me off my feet. I stared. I didn’t understand. “You Erica, are the Ice protector. Find the others. One you’ve known, one you’ve met, and those are the first two. They are the Myth Protector, and the Life Protector. The other four will come in time.” Then, the Ice giant hit the ground with his fist, the ground crumbled beneath me. I couldn’t will myself to scream. I fell, a horrible sight flashing before me…

I woke up with a startle. I was breathing hard, clutching my heart. I looked around my dorm room. It was nothing. Nothing but a dream. A dream that’s been repeating for the past month. Tears were dripping down my cheeks. I wiped sweat from my brow. I don’t know why I’m so afraid by something I’ve seen all before. It was morning in Ravenwood Academy, and my younger brother, Kyle Breeze, a Myth wizard, and I have been here for what feels like centuries, but it’s only been a month. Kyle was already level 20, with a fancy castle. While I was level 12. Kyle was more of a fighter. I was not. But level only mattered for training, not age, so I wasn’t embarrassed, but I was glad I kept to myself, and schoolwork. I crept out of bed, and got dressed for thaumaturgy class. I crept out the door, rubbing sleep out of my eyes. And ran into someone.

“Oof!” The two of us said, I realized I ran into a life wizard. Not just any plain old Life wizard, but my best friend, Chelsea Skytalon.

“Hi Chelsea!” I said happily. Chelsea frowned.

“Erica! Hi! Um.. Is.. Is that a sand tube?” She asked, her eyes widening. Before I could turn to see what she meant, we were swirled into the sand tube. It all happened so fast. It was like, attack of the sandstorm. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I was scared. When the sand cleared, we were in a white room with silver torches and seven statues. It was elegant, entrancing, and familiar…

“This place is like my dream!” Kyle exclaimed. Whoa. I have no idea how Kyle got here.

“Mine too!” Chelsea said. Now I remembered. This was the place where the Ice giant told me about the Protectors of the Keep-over and over again. But it looked more beautiful now than ever before. Because it was real, like in the beginning of the month.

We were all blinded by a bright light. Three of the statues lit up brilliantly- Ice Giant, Cyclops, and Unicorn. Then the words hit me like a rock. One you’ve known, one you’ve met .A Myth protector, and a Life Protector. My own brother and my best friend were the others? What does the prophecy even mean? I was too smart to jump to conclusions. Maybe Headmaster Ambrose set this up to test us. Another light shined, and the three statues spoke. Yes, they spoke real words. That’s when I started thinking differently.

“Who dares disturb the wrath of the Giants?” The ice giant said.

“Oh shut up, brother! They’re only children! Protectors at that!” the unicorn said.

The two argued for quite some time, Only the Cyclops kept quite. I stared at him. He was… different. He was shy, like…me. I stared at him for a long time. Then he noticed.

“Yes, little Ice wizard?” the Cyclops said. I nudged to the other two, and then the Cyclopes nodded and separated the two. They kept silent. The room went quiet. Then they spoke again.

“Anyway,” the three statues said together, “Next is the death wizard. His name is Andrew.”

Andrew wasn’t very helpful information.

“What’s his last name?” I asked.

“It would be best if you don’t know. We don’t wish to worry you.” The unicorn said. Then, the three statues froze again, leaving Chelsea, Kyle, and I the only living things in the large room. Was that all they tell us? Who the next protector was? There was an eerie silence.

“Let’s leave!” Kyle said, noticing the silence.

“Right ahead of you!” Chelsea said, getting ready to teleport.

“Uh… Me too guys! Wait up!” I said, after seeing them both teleport. I teleported. And I was free falling about 2,000 feet in the air, down to Wizard City. I screamed. And landed on a building. Sliding down to a horrible doom. I rolled over, waving my wand so I can teleport. Fizzle. I had about 20 seconds before I reached the bottom. Fizzle. 15 seconds….Fizzle. 8 seconds. Fizzle. Oh no. I concentrated hard. 3 seconds….2…1.

I teleported in time.

And landed on top of Chelsea, who groaned when I was fully teleported. She was in her dorm. Oops. Bad timing. I stepped off her back, and sat on her bed.

“Why me? Why not Kyle?” Chelsea asked, staring at me.

“It was on the brink of life and death.” I said.

“I could’ve healed you.”

“Okay. When?”

“When did you plan to fall?”

“About a minute ago.”

“Okay. Let’s go back in time, then you fall, then I save you.”

“Ha-ha. Very funny, Chelsea.”

Chelsea smiled at me, and then she perked up, and smiled bigger.

“Guess what Erica?” she said, smiling from ear to ear.

“What?” I asked her.

“I found the most gorgeous ring! Look at it! There was something about the protectors in it too. And- Hey! You got a pretty ring too! Mine is the Jade of Bravery. That means yours is the Sapphire of Hope. Right? Oh yeah, I found this about a week ago, don’t worry.” She said, smiling even bigger, which I think is impossible, since that was the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. She held out her hand, and I saw a pretty little Jade ring.

“That means Kyle must have the Peridot of Power by now!” I exclaimed. Before Chelsea could say anything else, I teleported to Kyle. I still have no idea why I was excited about this. I was frightened still, but not as much now as before.

I landed on him with a loud thump.

“Hey watch it sis!” He said.

“I’m sorry, okay? But who cares?! Did you get The Peridot of Power?” I asked him.

Kyle nodded and showed me the ring. It was really pretty. Except it was kind of dull, since it was covered with dirt. I said goodbye to him, but I automatically felt hungry. I asked my three best friends, Chelsea Skytalon, a level 11 life wizard, and Kayla Dawnshade, a level 37 death wizard if they wanted to get lunch. I know they are all opposites from each other, but still, best friends. I smiled, knowing we’ll meet in front of the waterfall, which concealed the death school from the world. We sat down, and started eating. Then, out of nowhere, we teleported into Mooshu.

“How did we get here?” I asked out loud.

“I don’t know, but, being on Mooshu and all, I have never seen this part of it before.” Kayla replied, cautiously. We look around. We were in a bamboo forest, and what I knew about Mooshu, there wasn’t a bamboo forest we can actually get stuck in.

“Well, were here now, let’s just make the most of it. Let’s teleport to Jade Palace.” Chelsea said, trying to teleport. We tried, but nothing happened.

“Well, Chelsea, your secondary school is storm, so, can you try to blow the bamboo away, so we can at least move two feet?” I asked, looking at Chelsea. Chelsea tried, and thankfully it made enough room for us to sit. We sat, not sure what to do.

“So, now I can never level and get to Dragonspyre! And now Erica can’t even make it to Krokotopia! We’ll be stuck in this forest forever! Then we’ll die out and never live a normal, happy, wizard life!” Kayla cried. I stared blankly at her.

“Shush! I hear something!” Chelsea said, lifting up her head. I strained to hear, and eventually I heard whispering. I picked up bits and pieces.

“Malistaire…Protectors…storm…Andrew…” voices were saying. I pushed away some bamboo and I saw two draconian. What were they doing in Mooshu? And how can they talk? They said something about the protectors…and Andrew. They also said storm. Andrew isn’t the storm protector. Then, again, we’ve never met Andrew, so I can’t be sure. But the statues said he was death. But, for some reason, I think there is a connection between Malistaire and Andrew. But what was the connection? I strained to hear more. Nothing. Then, the draconian teleported away.

“What were they? Wizards? Samoori? Headmaster?” Chelsea asked, hopefully.

“If they were, Erica would have asked to get us out of here, Chelsea.” Kayla said. I shook my head.

“No, they…they…were…um…” I stuttered.

“Come on Erica! Say it!” Kayla said.

“Draconian.” I was able to manage. It didn’t surprise me when they gasped.

“Erica? ERICA?!? Please come out! This isn’t funny!” A familiar voice said. It was Kyle! But there was urgency in his voice. He sounded… scared.

“Kyle! We’re over here! Kyle!” I yelped. I would be so happy to see him! The bamboo was separated, and what I saw wasn’t just Kyle… Malistaire was holding him by his arm.

I stood up bravely.

“Let him go.” I said, my voice quavering a bit. Malistaire snickered. Then, we were flooded in a black light. I can’t describe it any other way. It was, indeed, a pitch, black light. I fell backwards, stunned by the change in events. Then, Kayla, Chelsea, and I were in the commons again. I fell to my knees, crying. Kyle, my little brother, was gone. Gone forever.

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