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The Tale of Emily WillowSong (part 2) by Emily Willowsong

Emily listened to Professor Falmea talk about the powers of the Phoenix as she clutched her stone. Alex Starhunter, who sat two rows ahead of Emily, texted her friend. A silent speck of silver flashed and the message sent itself. Alex smiled and concentrated on texting. Her broom leaned against her desk. Suddenly, Emily heard a tap two rows ahead.

" Alex," Prof. Falmea said, " Why is your Text-Chat out?" Alex gasped and shoved it into her pocket as Emily watched. Alex looked at her with begging eyes and then glanced up at the tall, fiery figure looming over her desk. She grinned sheepishly. " Heh, it isn't?" Alex gulped. Emily took out her wand quietly and waved it through the air. A flash of gold quivered in the air, and vanished before anyone could notice it. Alex's Text-Chatter was now floating up against the ceiling. It quickly rested on a wooden support beam and Professor Falmea's gold-polished fingers tapped loudly against the top of the desk. " Empty your pockets." Her fingers rat-a-tatted on the desk more loudly than before, and her eyebrow slowly raised in suspiciousness. Alex dug a lollipop, her wand, and her best deck of cards out onto the desk. More things poured out and onto the desk, and, after ten minutes, Alex's pockets and backpack were empty. " No Text-Chatter," she said, grinning.

Professor Falmea looked at Alex. Her eyes narrowed, and little sparks danced in her hair.

"Very well. Moving along, class." Alex smiled over at Emily. " I'll get it back to you after class," Emily whispered, and, sliding her wand back into her pocket, she directed her attention toward the professor once more.

Emily and Alex had been best friends for a long time. Both pyromancers, and both unbelievably alike, the two were a perfect match. After school, Emily silently mouthed a spell as she leaned against the back wall of the outside of the fire school. All her classmates had gone, and the whole of Ravenwood was practically empty. In her hand appeared a brightly-colored Text-Chatter, and she tucked it in her pocket to give to Alex later. The wintry air blew around her. She looked up the wall at the top of the school. A bird twittered for a moment, and suddenly flew away, alarmed. Emily's eyes widened. In her experience, only the most terrified of birds flew like that. She edged along the wall until she got to a place where she could look around the corner. Her gold-flecked eyes searched for a sign of danger, and she fell silent. One hand went into her pocket and grabbed her wand, and her other hand reached in and fished for her lucky stone. The stone felt cool and calmed her as she clutched it. She was feeling okay, except for the fact it was 35 degrees outside and that something was breathing down her neck.

She stopped.

Breathing down her neck?!

She turned to face a giant, furry Meowodon gazing at her. Its crystalline eyes shimmered and flashed with excitement. A sapphire set in silver dangled from its neck. Emily backed up against a tree and shivered. The meowodon leaned in, so close she could smell its breath, and its upper lip curled into a growl. Emily winced and closed her eyes as it came centimeters away from her.

Then it licked her.

A wet tongue came up over her face, and she smiled. "You aren't dangerous at all, huh?" It hunched to the groud before leaping up and growling in happiness. It crouched low and turned its head a bit to look at her. The meowodon's eyes searched for an answer in Emily, and she reached out and stroked it. The black stripes on its white coat shimmered as it purred and rubbed up against her. She slowly got on its back. The meowodon gently and softly meowed at her, and Emily smiled. She reached forward and lifted up the big cat's sapphire pendant. The inscription read:



Emily sighed. Someone named Lise Silvermoon was probably missing this big, furry ball of love, and so she patted the side of the cat and it lumbered quickly out of Ravenwood and into the Commons.

Emily sat Sapphire down in an empty space beside Ambrose's house and tied her by her sapphire pendant to a lamp-post. "Stay here, Sapphire, I'll be right back." Emily walked inside.

Sitting at his desk and mulling over some papers, Ambrose stroked his beard before looking up at her. " Emily Willowsong," he exclaimed, getting up and coming over to look at her. "I haven't seen you since you became a journeyman pyromancer! How are things?"

Emily looked at her feet. " I found a meowodon in Ravenwood, one that belongs to a ... Lise Silvermoon? Yeah, that's it." She looked back up.

The old wizard's mouth opened slightly, and he put one hand on her shoulder.

"Emily...," he said,"Lise Silvermoon hasn't been seen since she left for Malistaire's lair over four centuries ago."

Emily looked into his eyes, and she saw fear in them. An old and almost-forgotten fear.

"Then why would that meowodon out there still be alive?" She looked out the window. Sapphire's front paws were pressed up against the windowpane, and she breathed fog onto the glass. Her nose smushed up against it.

"Her meowodon, Sapphire, was taken into a cave in Dragonspyre, and blessed with immortality by Fira, the Fire Queen, just before she went to defeat Malistaire. Sapphire was left outside." Emily listened, and when the wizard finished, she stared down at her feet.

"Can I at least keep her? She's so sweet."

"She's all yours, as long as you never let her wear her sapphire pendant on a night with a full moon." The old wizard smiled.

"Thank you!" She grinned a goodbye and ran out the door. Merle scratched his head and looked over at Gamma, who had been sitting on the back of the velvet chair behind the desk the whole time. " This is not good. This young and unaware wizard is about to meddle in affairs long past, affairs she need not worry about! At least she has the Stone to help her. At least she has some courage..."

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