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Dragonspyre: The Last of the Worlds by Jason RoseHaven

one day andrea wildheart justin nigtcloud and i were doing quests and suddenly andrea stopped froze in her steps in front of jade death plaque and fire oni! we did not know what to do cause all of them together ... unstopable ! and at the time i was lvl 14 andrea was bout lvl 43 and justin was lvl 15 . such low lvls on such big onis! andrea used some wave move justin used ghoul and i used sunbird. whitch was weak against them but we was doing our best... moments later two were down then andrea used phoenix and killed one justin used wraith (treasure card) and i used helephant (treasure card) and they were defeated andrea said phew justin said o my gosh that was hard and i said glad thats over and fell and in the corner of my eyes... headmaster ambrose! i said and he said well done young wizards well done and gave us each a potion and we healed and headed for the world gate and then i ported to ravenwood and my friends were there wow! vanessa darkdreamer ,destiny frost scarlet emerald it was a party! well thats the end of my story and if it gets sent up thnx for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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