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The Tale of Destiny Darkblood by Destiny Darkblood

The next day while I was eating my pancakes and eggs, more human food, there was a knock on the door. Headmaster Ambrose came rushing in without a hello or hey or what’s up or whatever it is headmasters say when they enter rooms. “I need to talk to Destiny.” He said with a porpoise not explaining anything. He dragged me up to my room and closed my door. He looked around for a few seconds. Probably not used to such filth. But he soon got over it, apparently remembering what he came to tell me. “Look, Destiny, I need to tell you the truth.” He told me. I was so confused. “The reason I picked you was not only because you casted spells at a young age. It was because you had an encounter with Malistaire when you were 5 years old. He felt you were too powerful to be on our side. He felt he must win you over, can he wouldn’t stop until he did. You were very smart, and knew you had to say no, not even completely understanding what the question was. When he came over to take you away you knew right away, and yet didn’t know at all, to cast some random spells. You casted a wyvern and a heck hound, a stormzilla and lastly when he was down on his knees you gave him a kick in the face and he dropped right down. That’s why he’s coming back so quickly. He feels now that you’re older you would understand the question and you would give a strait up answer. And the answer would be yes, and not a kick in the face as it was when you were younger. Do you understand? He just wants to beat you so you would surrender to his side. Don’t let him kill you, Destiny, You can’t let him kill you. The next wizard is life, a Kaitlyn Daisythorn.” I could tell he was worried. I wanted to a sure him that Malistaire would not win against me but before I could say anything he was out the door. Then I remembered him say “The next wizard is life, a Kaitlyn Daisythorn” a Kaitlyn Daisy thorn! I jumped around and around! Kaitlyn Daisy thorn is my step sister! We don’t live in the same house because my step dad has to much stuff to move into our house and the same thing with us. But she was still my step sister.

I was just about to call her when there was a ring on the phone. It was her! I never understand how she does that. I picked up the phone to a screaming Kaitlyn. “What happened? Why are you screaming?” I asked her trying to scream louder than her.

“I just found this awesome tree house! I found a key yesterday and it fits right into the key hole! I didn’t go in yet, because I wanted to go in with you! Wanna see it?” She told me

“Well, duh” I responded.

I went over to her pace to get the key and then we journeyed on your way to the tree house. Soon I found my self staring at a huge tree house with vines stretching all over it. And there was that huge lock.

We both inserted the key and the door opened by its self. I had a de je vu feeling. I had felt this before. And the feeling got stronger as we entered the room to a loud noise. Then I remembered, Kaitlyn is a seeker, this is the place where she gets awaked. The place was dark but we could still see where we where going. I looked over and Kaitlyn was frightened as can be. But I could see her relax as we heard that the loud noise was the sound of a horse’s neigh. We walked around and we saw that the darkness was slightly going away as we saw a light from the end of the room. We walked toward it was it got lighter and lighter and lighter. Soon we had walked into a completely white room. We just stood there looking around for something, someone, anything, it didn’t matter we just wanted something to do. We stood there for about 30 seconds when out of nowhere a imp fell out of the sky, or the ceiling, and landed on my head. “GET IT OFF OF ME! AAAAAAAAAHHH! GET IT OFF OF ME!” I screamed and screamed until finally I brushed it off of my head. I turned around and Kaitlyn was laughing at me. But then another one fell out of the ceiling and landed on her head and she was the one to scream and I was the one to laugh. The two imps brushed them selves of and played their little flutes and out came the beautiful unicorn. Kaitlyn was a much higher level then me and she was life so she had seen this a million times before. But I was only a beginner and I had only seen the unicorn one time when I was walking on other people’s matches and someone casted a unicorn and it landed right on me. I think the dude did that on porpoise because he certainly did not need healing. The unicorn had walked in and tapped both of us on the head and soon both of our bottles were full! I didn’t think that it was possible to heal someone not in a match, but it was. The unicorn then walked, or um, trotted to an empty space in no where. Turning around, we saw that the exit was no where to be found and we were actually standing in a white nothingness. The unicorn kneeled down and disappeared into thin air. We were scared saying as there was no exit. But we had panicked for nothing. A few seconds later a time traveling portal open for us just like the fire one. But this one was different because we were apparently supposed to walk into this one. We stepped in timidly, still not saying a word, until Kaitlyn’s mom came into view, and slowly more objects and people came into view. Soon we saw that we were standing in the room were Kaitlyn was born, and then I remembered that Kaitlyn’s mom was a death student in her younger days. I was always wondering what her first few moments were like and so now my wish had come true. We stood right there as Ms.Soulbreaker (I know, it’s a very creepy name) was holding her beautiful child in her arms. There were also a few other wizards standing there, gazing at the new born baby.

“So, what are you gonna name her?” said one of the people standing net to the mom, in a weird voice that Kaitlyn and I couldn’t help laughing at.

“Something death like. I just know she’s going to be a death, I mean she’s destined to. Maybe I’ll call her, Judie or Sierra, maybe Jubilee.” Answered Kaitlyn’s mom

“Of course she’s a death! Let’s see if she already knows death pixie!” said the friend in an excited voice. Another friend handed Ms.Soulbreaker a wand. It was very death like. I remember seeing it when we were young. It was weird because everyone knew she was a death yet her first wand had a dark and evil looking skull sitting right on top of it. Kaitlyn took the wand and slowly started to cast a spell. Te friends and her mom watched in awe as a life sign appeared and a pixie appeared, but not a dark fairy as everyone has expected, but a sprite. The friends were disgusted by the fact that they had just realized, Ms.Soulbreaker’s child was not going to be a world famous death student, but a life. But even though the friends walked out on her and her poor different child, Ms.Soulbreaker loved Kaitlyn.

“Is that what happened?” I asked Kaitlyn

“Yeah, I hardly had any friends back then. All the neighbors were all death, and all I had as a friend was you.”

I felt bad for Kaitlyn but she was brave.

We walked out of the portal and found a note lying on the ground

“Congratulation Kaitlyn Daisythorn, you are a seeker of light”

Oh my! Is that what this is all about? Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I can’t believe it I get to fight Malistaire! Are you a seeker too destiny? Oh wow I get to fight Malistaire with my best friend ever! Wow!”

After she screamed like that for about five more minutes, then we remembered we were in the middle of a white blob of nothingness. We panicked and panicked and panicked but when we opened our eyes we found our selves out of the blob and the door right in front of us. Sometimes I don’t get magic.

I was walking home when Merle stopped me. He was on his morning jog.

“Destiny, how nice it is to see you! How’s it going looking for seekers?”

“I found life sir”

“Oh that’s just wonderful! You keep a look out for the next wizard, she’s a storm. See you later, Destiny.” He told me then left before I could even ask him her name.

It was ok though, I had the book, I thought.

I come home and the book was no where to be found. I came inside to find the book burnt in the flames of the fire place. I stood there as it turned to ashes before my very eyes. I saw a familiar face in the smoke. I new this was the cause of Malistaire. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know the next seekers name, or where to find them, and Malistaire was coming quicker then ever.

I sat down at the dining room table staring at the empty can that I just left there for decoration one day when I was six. I kept t for memories.

Then I heard laughter coming from upstairs in my room. Then I smelled smoke, just like from the fire place but more intense. I ran upstairs to see what was going on.


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