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The Tale of Destiny Darkblood (part 2) by Destiny Darkblood

I was so excited! I got enrolled into Ravenwood School for wizards! And I was a seeker! My mom was a seeker and my grandma and my great grandma and my great, great, great, great grandma and the famous Sierra Winterbreeze! She even wrote a book about her troubles and adventures and how fun and complicated being a seeker was! I couldn’t decide whether to start practicing to become a better wizard so I would be a high and trained wizard for fighting Malistaire or to start to look for Blaze Ashbreaker the fire seeker. I thought and thought and finally decided to have a party to celebrate my being enrolled into Ravenwood. I told my mom and she agreed right away. If you’ve read part one you know me and my mom are troublemakers and very good ones at that. My mom allows anything. I invited all of my friends. I invited Sabrina Iceweaver, Danielle Pearlblossom and much, much, much more. And they invited their friends. And they invited their friends. Most of the people there didn’t have a clue why we were celebrating! They were just looking for an excuse to party! Soon the party dimmed down and I was left with only me and my friend Connor. He was a pretty nice dude and that was the day I found out he had a brother.

“Hey you should me meet my brother sometime! I told him how cool you are and he said he would love to meet you! His name is Blaze.” He told me.

“His name is Blaze?” I asked. I mean there are probably, like, a million Blazes in just wizard city alone. It couldn’t possibly be Blaze Ashbreaker, but it was worth a try.

“Yah, would you like to meet him?”

“Well sure of course”

He teleported to Blaze. And then I met Blaze. He was a pretty awesome dude when I got to know him. We talked and talked and I think at some point Connor got annoyed and left. And after about ten minutes, I actually asked him his name. And without even trying I had found the fire seeker!

“Blaze Ashbreaker, what’s yours?”

“B-b-b-blaze A-a-a-ashbreaker?” I asked

“Well, that’s weird! We have the same name!” Blaze exclaimed sarcastically. I had to laugh at that.

“No, my name is Destiny Darkblood” I explained to him “And I need to show you something” I told him while dragging him out of his dorm. I dragged him all the way out of Ravenwood and all the way to Merle’s Office. “Mister Headmaster sir I have found him um sir so um sir what do I uh sir do next… sir?”

“You’ve found Blaze so quickly?!” He asked me “Well did you awaken him?”

“Awaken him?” I asked

“Yes awaken him”

“Um, how do I do that?”

“You didn’t read the book”

“What book?”

“The book I sent you with the necklace and the note yesterday!” the Headmaster told me as Blaze just stood there as Blaze stood there watching our conversation not understanding anything, so confused.

“The book… the book… the book” I said trying to remember opening the package that changed my life and I remembered seeing a book entitled “Rules to seeking and Wizardry of the 21st century TOP SECRET Grandmasters only” but I had hardly realized it, I was screaming to loud and too focused on being a student of Ravenwood and a seeker as well! So I dragged Blaze all the way back to my house and looked for the book as Blaze just stood there and stared at me. “Sorry” I apologized “I’ll be better next time, I’m still a beginner” I found the book and flipped through it. It had all kinds of interesting information on wizardry and being a seeker and tips on PvP matches in the arena and all that sort of stuff that I didn’t give a care about. I flipped right to the part about awakening seekers.

“To awaken a seeker you must take them to find their type of wizard key. You must then take them to the place of their most common wizard type building. Find the new key slot that will appear with a few magic words. Enter the key into the new slot and enter the room that will now look different from the way it looked before the key was entered into the key slot. The most common enemy of the type of wizardry will show up and give more instructions

Fire: Dragon Mouth Cave


I didn’t care about the rest I had all the information I needed. Or at least I thought I did. I was just that type of person. If I’m looking for something I don’t stop until I find it, but when I find it, I need nothing more. I hated that about me but it was a habit. I hurried to dragon mouth cave but it was locked. I thought the book said the door should have a key slot that is usually not there? Or did it? I never understood wizard instruction books. “Man, how are we going to get this open?” “Why do we need the door to be open?” Asked Blaze probably still confused saying as I never explained this to him. “You’ll see! I’ll explain it to you later but now we need the door open!” I said a little bit too loudly. I heard a rattle from inside like something very big had just woken up from my scream.

“W-well I found this k-key lying around in my dorm but I d-don’t think it’ll work and p-personally, I don’t really w-want to open the d-door anyway.” He said sounding frightened. Actually I was a little frightened too but I had to get this done. “Hand me the key” I said “No” he replied “Hand me the key” I asked again “No he told me once again. I knew this wasn’t getting anywhere but I had to keep trying. It was my duty to get this dude seekified or uh something like that.

“Hand me the key”


“Hand me the key”


“Hand me the key”


I had to explain it to him but how would I do it before I run out of time? Malistaire was coming quickly. So I took the key out of his pocket myself, wondering why I hadn’t thought of that before, and stuck it through the slot. The door swung open and I walked right in with Blaze following five feet behind. I looked around for what to do, or something, or anything. Then I heard the huge sound again and looked around for who or what, was making that sound. I looked and looked until I finally saw the cutest little sunbird sitting down so adorably. Blaze stepped up a few feet to look at the cute little bird, and scolded himself for being so afraid of the little thing. But then we both heard the same big noise again and realized the tiny sunbird wasn’t making the noise. It was the big one. A giant sunbird appeared out of nowhere and roared, or maybe tweeted very, very loudly. This time we both tried to run but it was too late. The giant sunbird picked Blaze up with his beak and sat him down in a chair planted on a ledge that I had never seen before. The sunbird flew away and magically a time portal appeared. I watched in awe as suddenly a video of the cutest little kid running around peacefully and adorably showed up in the portal’s wide opening. Blaze seemed worried. He seemed like he had seen this all before. Like this was a flash back he didn’t was to see. But I and he both couldn’t take our eyes off of this video. It was like the sunbird put a spell on us. I couldn’t blink. This was terrifying, amazing and I just couldn’t stop watching it. The little kid was running and running and the mom was staring at him smiling. But, out of no where, a storm was beginning to form. I swear I saw a face in the dark clouds. The face seemed familiar. Like a face that everyone knows, but I had a special encounter with. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was special. The kid hadn’t noticed the storm until a tornado formed from the storm and he heard his mom scream out to him. He looked up to see his mother screaming and being sucked into the tornado. “No.” I heard Blaze whisper from the ledge above me. “No this can’t be it just can’t be.” The mother was trying to tell the little kid something. I could make out two words. I could make out “Kids! You have to defeat him! You have to” The rest was blurred but I understood. Soon another little kid that looked a bit older than the first little kid came out with a worried face. He seemed to have just woken up. He looked like he was still tired but had to see what was going on. “Mommy is gone!” The first little kid yelled sounding sad and worried. The two poor little kids bean to cry. After about a minute of the sob fest the video turned to fuzz and the portal closed. The ledge began to fold into the wall and the chair came falling down next to me. “W-was that you?” I asked Blaze. I could tell he was trying to hold back tears. He was so brave. I would’ve been bawling my eyes out. “Connor and I are adopted. We could never remember the incident so we made something up.” I did remember Connor telling me his mom died of natural causes but I didn’t know a tornado was what he meant. “Blaze, you’re a seeker.” I told him. He seemed like he already knew, like he was just waiting, waiting for his adventure to begin. He smiled. His life was finally about to start. I knew it.

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