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The Tale of Destiny Darkblood by Destiny Darkblood

My name is Destiny. Destiny Darkblood. I had a very rough time as a wizard. And I bet your saying right now, “Ooh another story about a girl who finds out they are a wizard” But no. Seriously be realistic. It’s very rare for a kid to just randomly find out they’re a wizard. So I’m going to speak the truth. Think about it. You guys probably all new you were wizards and just waiting for your time to shine, your time to become a master, your time for the oh so famous Headmaster Merle Ambrose to tell you, you are an amazing wizard. So I’m going to tell you how I first felt.

Well, to start of, I was a kind of rule breaking wizard before I got accepted into Ravenwood. How? You ask? Well as you all should know, you cannot go into Krokotopia or Marleybone or Mooshu or even into Bartleby’s heart to reach the world gate if you don’t have the key. Luckily my mom was also a very rule breaking wizard, yet a very powerful and rich one at that! We lived in a beautiful cottage where she everyday brought home something new that she got on her trips to worlds that haven’t been discovered by even Headmaster Ambrose! And in our beautiful cottage was our very own world gate. And of course there is my mom, with the keys to every world known and not known to wizardkind. And as she is a very mischievous wizard, she lends me the keys. Of course I couldn’t do quests or anything but still, I could go into any world! I mean that’s pretty great.

So every day I go about my daily routine. Take some crowns off the counter where my mom always leaves them because she knows me so well, always asking for cash. I walk through the commons, buy something from that guy, who’s always just standing there with his partner and his tent selling stuff for crowns, go home and check my mail to see if Headmaster has even thought to enroll me to Ravenwood yet, visit Krokotopia, borrow another library book from the library, never returning the old one, then visit Marleybone, talk to that girl who sells tickets, she always gets annoyed because I never actually buy any tickets, go to mooshu, amaze people on how I can walk right into the street and the monsters passing by don’t even give me the time of day! They give it a try and end up fighting a ninja pig or a giant tree by themselves, I then go to dragonspyre and completely chat it up with Mr. Drake, the myth teacher, until he gets so mad he threatens to expel me from Ravenwood. Not that it matters. I’m not even enrolled! And lastly I go home and check my mail again. Hey! It’s not my fault I really want to be a grandmaster! What’s the problem with checking my mail two times a day! Gosh.

One day there was a change in my schedule. In the morning when I checked my mail, I found a mysterious package with a piece of paper strapped to it. The note said,

Welcome to Ravenwood!
-Merle Ambrose

I was so happy I couldn’t breathe I was talking all jittery and mixed together like. It was amazing I was so happy I wanted to tell my mom but she was of fighting Dragons and Cyclops and Charmed slaves oh my! So I SCREAMED!

“OhmygoshIcantbelieveit IreallycantbelieveitIamactuallyenrolledIamactuallyenroled IcantbreatheIreallycannotbreatheohmygoshhelpicannotbreathe”I took a deep breath and continued
“OhmygoshwhereismymomIhavetotellherI havetotellherIreallyreallyreallyreallyhaveto tellherthisissuchgoodnewsbutIcannotbreatheagainohnosomebodyhelp” One more deep breathe would get me through my joy speech
“Ohmygoshcanyoubelieveitbecauseicannot believeitIseriuslycannotbelieveit Iwouldbesurprised ifyoubelieveditbecauseIcertainly cannotbelieveit”One last deep breath

“OK I’m done”
With all that screaming I almost forgot to see what was inside the package. I started to carefully unwrapped the wrapping paper, I wanted to remember this moment, but soon I couldn’t take the suspense, I ripped it open in two seconds. Inside there was a necklace. “A … necklace? What the heck am I supposed to do with a necklace?” But of course there was a message taped to the back of my necklace. This one said “Good luck, seeker of light”

You’re probably wondering “What the heck is a seeker?” A seeker is a wizard that has to defeat Malistaire. Well that’s the short version. You see, there are different types of wizards, Ice, Fire, Life, Death, Balance, Myth, and Storm. There is one wizard of each type is chosen to defeat Malistaire. He is very, very, very, very, very powerful. I couldn’t believe that I was one of them! I didn’t even know what type of wizard I was! I had to get to Merle immediately!

So that day I didn’t go to Krokotopia, and I didn’t go to Marleybone, and I didn’t got to Mooshu, and I didn’t go to Dragonspyre, and I bet that made everyone very happy.

Well I went to Merle and he greeted me like I was an old friend or the Queen of England , of course he didn’t know who the Queen of England was since its, you know, “Earth stuff”

“Destiny, Destiny! How great it is to see you! Oh! Look how much you’ve grown!” It was weird because I was pretty sure I had never actually talked to him before.

“EVERYBODY CLEAR THE ROOM WE HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST AND I NEED TO TALK TO HER PRIVATLY!” Merle screamed at the top of his lungs. It was amazing! The room cleared immediately! Merle turned back to look at me

“So did you get my package? Do you have any questions about it?” He asked

“Um yes Mister Headmaster sir I um well I… I don’t know what type of wizard I am um sir”

“Oh! Why yes you do… I mean didn’t your mom um I thought she told me…” His voice trailed off. “You’ve been casting spells since you were two! You’re an Ice wizard Destiny. Did you not know that? I mean...” And his voice trailed of once again

“What?” I asked in confusion “But I never knew…” This time it was my turn for my voice to trail off
“Well, no matter! You know now so let’s give your new wand a try!” He gave me a wand that looks better and more advanced than all the other level ones’ wands. This reminded me that I was a level one all in all, not ready for fighting Malistaire

“But I’m just a level one” I complained to the Headmaster “Why did you chose me and why didn’t you wait until I was at least a higher level?” I had to know! It was just so confusing!

“Well everyone down in your family al the way down to your great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandma passed the seeker test and so this year I just figured, Why give you the test? Being a seeker runs in the family I could tell and I wasn’t going to waste my time testing you. From the moment I saw you 5 years ago I know you were the one. Casting spells like Ice wyvern and blizzard as a 5 year old I knew you were special. And I didn’t wait because Malistaire is coming quicker than usual so you guys better work quickly. I can’t send a note and a package to every seeker so you must awake them yourself this time. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. The next one is a Fire named Blaze Ashbreaker. Work well young wizard, work well.”

I went home to a smiling mom cooking eggs and bacon and toast. She knows I love human food and she only makes it on special occasions. I guessed she heard about the good news. As soon as I entered the kitchen she picked me up and twirled me around.

“Oh congratulations honey! I’m just so proud of you!” She told me in that awesome southern accent she uses when she’s proud of me

“You got enrolled oh congrats, congrats, congrats!”

“Yah I know, but how come you never told me I was Ice? I love Ice!”

“Well I thought you would figure it out your self. You were always casting spells so I thought you’d just figure but you never casted a spell again. But right now were talking about how proud I am you that you got enrolled!”

“More than just being enrolled ma” I explained to her. Mom’s face got serious then surprised then super excited then questionable then right back to smiley again.

“Oh baby I’m so proud of you!” Mom told me again is that lovely southern accent. So that day I ate human food, called my best friend Danielle Pearlblossom, told her all about my day, and finally casted spells again.

That was the best day of my life but little did I know, my life was just about to get better…

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