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Descendant of the DawnRivers (Part 4) by Destiny DawnRiver

“Geez, why is the name DawnRiver so famous around here?” I panted. I looked around. We were standing by a high tower, maybe five or six stories high. Around it was a path. There was a stork in a suit taking notes in a big book next to us, too busy to look up. A little bit down the path to our left, there was a girl writing something down with a quill in a book.
I heard the echoes of footsteps in the tunnel. I turned to Forest. “Looks like we’re heading into the tower.”
Before he could stop me, I ran through the door. Forest followed.
I stopped and stared. I was in a round room. A wooden mannequin was across the room from me. It was holding a staff of some sort.

Meanwhile, outside in Golem Court, Headmaster Ambrose, Jasmine and Sarai had arrived. A dark cloud passed overhead. There was a flash of red light, and then there was the same man who had been in my home at the top of the tower. He simply smiled and stepped inside Golem Tower.
Inside, the small party heard a terrified scream.

That screaming was me. I had walked slowly to the puppet thing and reached out a hand to touch it. Its head jerked upward, its faceless head glaring at me. Then, without warning, it lifted its staff and spun it. Sparks flew out and hit me square in the chest. I hit the wall.
The door sprang open and Ambrose, Jasmine (we’ll call her Jazz for short) and Sarai ran in. “You girls have your decks and wands already. Help Destiny!” Ambrose yelled. “I’ll take care of Malistare.”
But before he’d gone two steps, a deep rumbling voice filled the tower. “I don’t want you, Ambrose,” it sneered. “I’ll deal with you later. Oh, Destiny, won’t you come to me?”
I felt a pulling force heaving me up the stairs, and then I was facing the man apparently known as Malistare.
I tried to back up, but the door had shut. I heard it lock.
I eyed the balcony doors behind Malistare. If I got around him, maybe I could escape. But then what? Even a wizard couldn’t survive a five-story jump!
My feet were disobeying me. They were walking forward toward the evil wizard. Just as I was close enough to touch him, the floor glowed and I felt myself being carried to the other side of the room. My heart swelled with joy, until I realized I couldn’t move! My feet were not running away, they didn’t move outside the perimeter of the circle I was standing in!
Then the ceiling exploded. There were two Draconians, like the one that had released me and my brother. But these Draconians settled into two circles in front of me.
Then the door crashed open. Ambrose, Forest, Jazz and Sarai ran in. But Ambrose stopped them from going any further.
“Do you want to get sucked into the duel circle as well?” he yelled. Then he turned to me and threw me some cards. “Use these!” he shouted.
I kept calm, though I felt like panicking. “What am I supposed to do? Entertain these Draconians with magic tricks?” Then I looked at the cards again. They were shiny but seemed old, since they were written on parchment. I pulled out two cards and somehow knew what to do. I cast an Ice Beetle card at the first Draconian. But I got flustered and the spell fizzled.
“Try a Firecat!” Ambrose yelled.
I focused on the spell and projected it toward the first Draconian again. This time it worked and a Firecat fell from the heavens. It stared at the Draconian for a few seconds, reared up, and threw its claws forward. For about five seconds, the Draconian was nothing but wings, puke-green robes and fire. When the Firecat vanished, the Draconian looked murderous.
I continued to pull up level one cards until I drew a level zero card called BalanceBlade. I casted it and suddenly it materialized above my head. Then I drew one card from the deck. It was a level three card called Unicorn. “Cast it!” Ambrose advised. I did, and a unicorn appeared in front of me. Only then did I realize how weak I felt. The unicorn bowed and pointed her horn at me, and then I was immersed in a rainbow. When it disappeared, I felt strong and able to continue. Then I cast a level four spell called Meteor Strike. It was gray. I tried to cast it, but nothing happened. I looked at Ambrose helplessly.
“I guess I can help this one time,” he said, and raised his staff. Only then did I notice a small ball of light in front of me at my feet. When Ambrose brought his staff down, there were four balls of light. I looked at the card. It was red. I cast it.
BOOM! BOOM! Great chunks of rock hurtled from blue portals opening up in the sky. One hit Draconian One. BAM! It coughed and collapsed. One hit Draconian Two. BAM! It did the same.
“PWNED!” shouted Forest. “You just got pwned by my sister!”
Malistare’s eyes narrowed as Ambrose advanced. “Out of the way, old man,” he muttered. He brought his staff across his chest. Ambrose seemed to know what he was doing, because he immediately leapt out of the way. Malistare swung his staff, something sharp whizzed through the air, and a sharp pain hit me in the chest and threw me backward. I crashed into the wall.
“Des!” cried my brother. He ran forward and knelt by my side. He turned to face Malistare, but the wizard had faded from view, disappearing.
Everything went fuzzy. I struggled to hold on to my consciousness.
Ambrose’s voice sounded far away. “We have to get her to the hospital wing. Nurse Andrea will help her.”
The last thing I said before I blacked out was “Mom.”

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