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The Tale of Demetrious by Daniel DragonDreamer

Demetrious lived with his mother in a desert , not a very friendly place . His mother was very overprotective of Demetrious her only son and family left . Demetrious' father died in a car accident, since then his mother had been outrageous about safety . They lived in a lonely desert because it, well, was lonely. Nothing to cause an accident and no danger for at least 10 miles , because that where the gas station/food store was . Once in a while his mother might let him out to get the mail , which was in the mail box about 10 feet away from the house. It wasn't much but at-least Demetrious could see what it was like outside. So one day when Demetrious was sent to get the mail, when he was at the mailbox, he looked both ways down the empty road which seemed to stretch on for miles and miles. Demetrious saw something green, maybe an illusion, maybe not . Demetrious looked back at his house door, his mother wasn't waiting for him so he decided to take the opportunity to check the green thing out. Walking closer there was a tiny flower, but only a small stem with a single leaf. Demetrious touched the soft, smooth surface of the leaf. He was amazed, he had never seen anything like it before. He scooped out the ground beneath it, picking it up. He walked back over to his house, he stood outside of it for a moment, wondering what his mother would say. Immediately he thought of his enraged mother telling him to throw it out. But be held it in one hand and went inside holding it behind his back. Being twelve years old he had a big enough hand so no dirt would fall on the carpet . Closing the door to his room he placed it in one of his ceramic pots, the flower glowed and quickly grew bigger and now had three leaves.

Meanwhile in Wizard City

Gamma was looking into the crystal ball in the study room . The orb glowed and showed the picture of Demetrious taking care of the plant. Gamma flew quickly over to the headmaster, Ambrose, " I think I have found a great life student, in the human world though.

Gamma looked doubtfully at the headmaster, "No worries , I shall visit him myself ". The headmaster smiled. Picking up his staff, he whispered the magic words for the magic of teleportation. Then POOF! he was gone. Back at Demetrious' house, Demetrious stared at the plant long and hard, he just loved the color, and just the general nature of it . All together, it was beautiful to him. Demetrious heard a noise outside, he peeked into the hallway, his mother had not heard it, sneaking past the kitchen, where his mom was washing the dishes, Demetrious snuck outside closing the door behind him. When he turned around Demetrious almost let out a yelp of surprise, an old man wearing a starry robe and using a walking staff was right in front of him. "Hello" he smiled , " Are you Demetrious ? " he asked.

Demetrious was amazed, he knew his name, he decided to go along with it. "yes, it is" he looked doubtful back at the door, thinking that his mother might appear at anytime.

"Well young one, you seem to have a great future talent for Life magic", the headmaster looked Demetrious in the eyes.

Demetrious swallowed, he wasn't sure what to say, he didn't know of anything called magic, but he had read about it in one of his books. "Really”? I have only found a single plant so far ." Demetrious bit his lip.

" Ohh, but your passion for saving nature is remarkable", the headmaster stepped back a few steps. "Would you like to come with me to learn at my school ?" The headmaster wasn't quite sure what the answer would be, but he hoped that the child would come along. The school was a bit short of Life students.

Demetrious stepped back himself, "L-L-Learn magic ?" he asked, he had always fantasized about how much he liked the idea of it, but now being offered to learn it, incredible. Demetrious was hesitant about the answer, "Yes ... I suppose". He looked at his house one more time, almost a farewell to his loving mother.

"Step this way please". Ambrose directed him towards the swirling portal which lead to Wizard City. Demetrious took a single step, realizing what this meant, but it was good enough for him, this would be something to do with his life. Stepping through the portal, he felt a strange sensation, it was like he was being filled with new magical energies. He shut his eyes tight, when he felt his feet standing on solid ground he opened them, he was in an office.

" Hello Demetrious, Welcome to Wizard City." Ambrose smiled at him, "Oh, I am Ambrose, your headmaster". Ambrose shook Demetrious' hand. "Where am I ?" Demetrious asked . "You’re in Wizard City". Ambrose smiled at him. "Let me lead you to your teacher". The headmaster walked through a tunnel, Demetrious following not so far behind. The first thing that came to Demetrious' eyes was a big tree, with a face and all. "This way now". Ambrose stepped into a building with a sign of a leaf carved into the door. Demetrious stepped into the building, he looked around inside, it was filled with things bigger, wider or taller than his plant. He liked it, his thoughts were interrupted by Ambrose.

"This is your teacher, Moolinda." He looked at Moolinda. Demetrious was surprised, his teacher, a cow?!?

"Hello" Demetrious' shaky voice was obvious. "Hello young Druid, you've already taken a step toward becoming a full-fledged Life Wizard, you have saved a plant's life", Moolinda stated looking at Demetrious. "Really?" he asked.

"You will need protection out there, there are other evil wizards out there, Therefore you must learn spells of Life to protect yourself” Moolinda inquired.

“ So uhh.. I take classes here?” Demetrious asked.

“ Yes, there are plenty of other students in the school.” Moolinda looked out the window at some of the students walking into different buildings with other carved symbols in them. The headmaster turned to me, " Well, now that you've been introduced to your teacher here is the key to your dorm and a wand. " The headmaster gave me a key, which i slipped into my pocket and then i took the wand, which was a ... stick.

" Are you sure-- " I was cut of by Moolinda.

" It is a wand straight from the magic of nature " she smiled, " With it you will be able to cast your first spells " Moolinda walked back to her desk. " Off you go now, you can head to your dorm and start class tommorow " Moolinda looked up at me.

I left the classroom, my head was swirling with questions and doupts. " Did i make the right choice " he thought.

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