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The Story of the Death Realm by James Goldsmith

I was walking home to my cottage in Ravenwood and stumbled upon a black feather and torn piece of black robe. I picked them up and looked at them. I could barely see them for It was dark out. I then saw the shadow before me. I saw wings on it and i saw it had some kind of walking stick, i looked up and saw the horror before me it was a wraith. I was scared for a second but when i saw he wasn't going to hurt me i calmed down and stood up with dignity. i opened my mouth to speak but the wraith beat me to it, "who are you?" asked the wraith. i got scared again and started shaking, "Ja- Ja- James Gol- Goldsmith" i was still shaking. "No need to be scared", replied the wraith, "I won't bit ya". He said it in a accent like he was from Marlybone or some thing. "ya but you'll probably slice me in half with your staff" I said to myself. "what's that?" he said back,"ya got your self a sense of humor don't ya?" "I guess" I said. "Why are you here?" said the wraith. "I'm walking home" I replied "why are you here?". "I was getting back to the realm of death" said the wraith. "Huh? what's that" I asked puzzled.

"You don't know what the realm of death is!?" the wraith said surprised.

"Nope" I said, "can you tell me?" "I could" said the wraith in a slow voice as if he was thinking, he brought his hand up to his chin and looked up. "Hmmm..." he said as he brought his hand away from his chin, "I could tell you but why tell you" he paused "when i can show you!". He said it fast and suddenly and made me jump. right after he said it he grabbed my hand and said,"ready?". no! i thought. about to say it out loud but it was to late there was a swirl of smoke and a flash of light and the next thing i knew we were in a large hallway. It looked as if it was in dragonspyre I looked around in amazement it was beautiful and scary at the same time, I liked it. I saw a large door open at the end of the hall way and a scarecrow glided out of the door. It wasn't just any scarecrow like the one I could summon with my magic, this one was different. This one had a crown that was jeweled and instead of the regular rags you could find on a scarecrow this one had a large cape on, it was also jeweled. Then i got it he was a king! I saw the wraith bow at the scarecrow then he said to me in a whisper "bow" so I did. "ah you have brought me a child Peter have you not?" said the scarecrow. "my lord with all do respected" said Peter the wraith, him shaking this time,"I brought the here to show him around and" "Silence!" screeched the king "for I am the emperor of the death realm!" "my lord please don't eat my friend" begged Peter "he is only but a skinny child!" "Wait eat!?" I yelled "Eat me!?" "I said Silence!" yelled the emperor "you have insulted I for the last time!" said the emperor as his eyes grew red with anger. "Goodbye" said Peter as he gulped and closed his eyes or his eye sockets in this case. then the emperor laughed "ha ha ha you fool ha ha ha!" then there was a flash of red light and the next thing I knew there was a pile of burnt bones next to me along with a flaming staff and burnt pieces of robe some pieces still on fire a bit. Peter was dead, again! "As for you" said the emperor with a chuckle, "you'll make a great snack, and guess what I like my snacks cooked!"

I gulped and then gathered up all of my courage, "n- n- not today emperor!" I replied. with a fast motion I drew my wand and my deck of cards I casted a wraith but it fizzled then i tried a kraken it worked and struck the emperor hard, I waited for the smoke to clear as I waited with suspense I herd a laugh "ha ha ha wizard fool!" said the emperor unhurt and still selfish "your spells are weak and sloppy compared to me and my spells ha ha ha!" there was a burst of smoke and a flash of light as it cleared I heard a familiar voice say "maybe so but my spells aren't" I saw a huge flash of darkness and a burst of smoke hit the emperor. He moaned and screeched and was vaporized into the darkness. there was smoke everywhere and I started coughing the it cleared and I saw the man who had saved my life and there he was ME! only taller, with better clothing on,he had a staff made of gold and dragon scales, and was a bit more hansom. He said hey mini me keep training and you'll learn that spell and many more then he winked at me and in a burst of smoke and a flash of light was gone. Then I remembered I could of teleported home the whole time! I was very forgetful, but this time I remembered and in a burst of smoke and a flash of light I was gone too. when I got back it was morning, I met up with headmaster Merle Ambrose and told him everything, he believed me and said I could go get some sleep and believe me I did. the next day when I woke up everyone was asking the same question what were you doing last night and everyone got the same answer... oh it was just like every other night. and believed me when you live in wizard city it is!

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