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The Day I Became by Sierra Iceflame

One day I was getting the mail when I found an invitation to a wizard school for me. I decided to hide it in my pocket just in case my mom wanted to read it. I gave my mom the mail and went up to my room and it read:

Dear Sierra,
You have been accepted to Ravenwood school in Wizard City where you will study Ice magic as a Thaumaturge. You will make many friends and battle many people. Your real mom will be there tomorrow to pick you up at 11:00. Pack your trunk tonight. Tell your mom. Your dorm will be ready for you when you get here. I will give you your first quest when you meet me in the morning. You will be given a wand, magic book, and map. You will where your Novice robes and have a great time.

Good Luck,
Headmaster Ambrose

"wow," I said as I was blown away.

I knew I was adopted but didn't know I was a Wizard! I packed my trunk with everything I needed and went to bed. I couldn't wait until tomorrow!

I got up the next morning and went to breakfast. My mom was there! "YES!" I yelled. Everyone was shocked. Oops. I forgot to tell my mom that my mom was going to be here. I told her then. "Mom," I said. "I forgot to tell you that my mom is going to be here so I can go to Ravenwood school in Wizard City." Ding-Dong. I ran to the door and hugged my mom. "Mom! What is your real name?" "My name is Amy Frostrider and I am here to pick you up."

"Wow. Your a Wizard, Sierra?" Said my adopted mom. "I never knew." I said. "Lets go Sierra." said my mom.

"OK." I said. I ran to hug my adopting mom and left.

I arrived at Ravenwood and met the Headmaster and he told me to go to Ravenwood and meet my teacher Professor Greyrose. She is very nice.I defeated a few bosses and went up a few levels. i was blown away at how I got here and how I was in my life. As long as Malistaire stays out of my way and stays away from my family I will be fine.

To this day I have finished two worlds and am now in Marleybone. I have defeated harder bosses than I have ever dreamed I would have ever imagined. I have bought a castle and have found a boy. I have a pet Evil Snowman and he likes to smoke pipes. I can put on my own plays and have enjoyed every bit of life I have. My wizard skills have been great and my life perfect and I have every bit of my friends to help me along the hard life.

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