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Dawn of the Dragon by Emma DawnRider

Part 1: Told from the Eye’s of Emma Dawnrider
The Unknown Incident

I looked around. I was not in the orphanage anymore. In fact, I don’t even think I was on earth. The brutal planet that had ruined my life for 13 years.

I was standing in a court yard. Completely deserted. A light mist was swirling around in different patterns. I looked around.

I could make out a high stone wall. A few trees and shrubbery and a single wooden bench.

Coming here had happened so quickly.

I was being bored in my room when this same mist had enveloped me like a blanket. I had thrashed and struggled with all my might in fear.

Being lifted off the ground is scary. Then I felt as though I were being crushed with a thousand pounds.

Then, I was here. In this court yard.

My name is Emma. Emma Dawnrider.

Then, a sing song voice sounded.

“You are in the yard of peril
Which is sometimes mentioned in Christmas carols.
Beware, your life is short
So you may save it with this fort…”

At first I didn’t recognize the voice. But when it mentioned that my life was short, I connected it with my mothers. My mother who had perished in a fire.

“What fort?” I asked.

“Fort Majia Lacaia

The soul of the Spiral!”

I looked all around me in confusion trying to locate the voice.

Then something really heavy dropped on my foot.

“OW!!!” I yelled out in pain and started hopping up and down on one foot while holding the other and sucking my lips in like I had just eaten a lemon.

I finally recovered enough to look at the book that had mysteriously fallen from the sky.

On the cover was a triangle with a circle inside of it. It looked to be a very old book that had been handled many times.

I gently opened the cover to find a multiple question.

‘Do you like to be by yourself or with others?’

I lightly brushed my middle and fore finger against the words, ‘by myself…’

Then magically, the page turned and revealed a different question. I answered 10 of these multiple choice questions. When I reached the last page and it said that I was in a School of Storm.

“What the…?” I exclaimed in confusion.

But I didn’t finish. A very thick mist was starting to revolve around me. And that same crushing feeling and being lifted off the ground came back.

I didn’t thrash around like last time, I simply closed my eyes and waited for it to stop.

When it did, I could tell I was in a dimly lit room.

I opened my eyes to see I was sitting, yes sitting, under I huge spiral. It was sort of misty looking, like it wasn’t solid. And the very height of the spiral was a diamond shaped amethyst. It was rotating at a pretty good speed.

“Hello Emma. Glade to see you’ve arrived,” said a rough voice behind me, I turned my head to see and old man with a very long, white beard. He also had on something that looked like a bathrobe. If it was a bathrobe, it was very fancy indeed. It was dark purple with gold trimming around the waist, sleeves and bottom. And it was embodied with many silver stars.

“Excuse me?” I said.

“Emma, you really need to start your classes now. You will start with the other first year wizards. You may go and gather with them in Ravenwood School. Then you will have classes in all 7 schools, then choose your secondary school, and those will be your only two schools that learn from. Questions?”

I was completely baffled. “What’s my school that’s not my secondary school?” I asked.

“You are in the School of Storm.”

All of a sudden, a bell rang out.

“Oh my! Its time for school! Go on! Shoo!” the old man yelled at me. I had no other choice but to do as I was told.

Even though it was a short visit to this old man’s house and I didn’t even know his name, he still explained a lot that got me started.

I had no idea where Ravenwood was, so I just followed all the other people my age into a tunnel.

When I came out of the tunnel, I was Flabbergasted!!!

Before me stood a huge tree, maybe the size of the Empire State Building!!!

But certainly a lot wider.

“ALL FIRST YEAR WIZARDS FOLLOW ME PLEASE!!!” a booming voice yelled out.

Hadn’t that old man told me I was a first year something? Well I knew I was a first year, so I just followed a bunch of nervous looking people about my age toward a dog walking on two legs in circles.

He looked very agitated.

I herd him muttering to himself; “Young wizards, never on time these days!”

Something caught my eye a few yards away. I turned to look at what it was, maybe the dog wouldn’t notice if I slipped away for a few seconds.

I slowly tip toed away towards the edge of a tower.

There, laying on the ground was a glittering bronze necklace. I picked it up to see that it was a locket. Very beautifully hand crafted. And in the center of the heart on the chain was a tiny amethyst.

I quickly slipped it over my head. It was a perfect fit, almost as if it had been made just for me. I looked over my shoulder just in time to hear the dog yell; “Time for the school tour! Everyone gather ’round!” I jumped up and ran to catch up with other students that were all heading into a large building.

Really, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before. Every so-called wizard here was dressed differently. Some were dressed like me with jeans and a sweater, some had shorts and a t-shirt on. And at least 2 people had bathing suits on. But there were also some persons dressed in more fancy bathrobes or nightgowns. But they were wearing hats that matched perfectly except the colors.

“Everyone find a seat and sit down please!”

I hadn’t even noticed we were in a building, so I quickly did as I was told and found a seat in the way back of the class room type room. I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now. A frog is standing on the table dressed in a coat and wearing a top hat!!!

“My name is Halston Balestorm, professor of Storm magic!”

All I could do, was stare. 8-O

Then the locket around my neck started to feel somewhat heavy. Like it was warning me about something. But what?

But my mind was pulled away from the idea when Professor Balestorm said; “We are going to practice the storm symbol now. May the storm wizards please come up to get your wands, all other wizards please go to Arthur Wethersfield for your school’s wand.”

The old guy had told me that I was a storm wizard, so I went up to the frog and collected my wand. Then returned to my desk.

Once every one was settled Professor Balestorm continued with instructions on how to make the symbol.

By now my necklace was terrible heavy that I had to take it off. But as soon as I did my vision got blurry around the edges. I tried my best to take no notice of it, but soon the blurriness was spreading until it covered all my eye sight.

“Once you’ve succeeded in making the symbol as shown on the black board behind me…” I heard Professor Balestorm say.

Blackness was swirling before everything I saw. Blackening out my sight.

“Are you okay?” a voice said softly beside me. I could just barely shake my head no.

Then the same voice called out; “Professor Balestorm!!! I think the girl next to me is sick!!!”

“I’m not sick!” I wanted to call out. But my voice wouldn’t allow it as if it had dried up.

The last thing I remember were footsteps and a loud scream. Then everything around me was blackness, I hit the floor, and fainted.
Part 2: Told from the eyes of Sophia Roseblossom
A First Friend in Unicorn Way

It was so scary!

I asked her if she was alright and she shook her head no. So I called out to the Professor and he came running over just as she fell from her chair in a faint.

Professor Balestorm immediately said class was dismissed and ran as fast as he could to the other schools.

Before we left, I picked up the locket the girl had put on her desk. It was the most dazzling necklace I had ever seen. It was pure bronze with a glittering amethyst in the center of the heart on the end of the chain. Then I was pulled into the crowed and hustled out the big wooden doors.

We waited outside the building for about 4 minutes. The girl was still in the school lying on the floor.

Then a booming voice sounded from all around. It sounded like the headmasters voice.


My dormitory was still pretty boring since I had just gotten it. So the last place I wanted to be was there. I opened my spell book to see if I had any quests I could work on nearby.

I had to talk to Lady Oriel. When I walked into the Commons, I found it absolutely deserted. Not a soul to be found.

The guard at Unicorn Way tunnel wasn’t there either. So I had easy passage through. As I walked into bright daylight on the other side of the tunnel, I saw it was deserted too. Ceren Nightchant was not in front of the gazebo, nether was the peddler nor anyone else. Not even the guard at the bridge. Every place was deserted.

As I rounded the corner of the gazebo, I found that the Lost Souls were still roaming the streets. And further down I saw the Pirate Skeletons and Dark Fairies.

What startled me most when I got to the end of Unicorn Way was that a boy was dueling 4 Faire queens at once.

Almost at once when he saw me, he called out. “Help!!!” I guessed he was a life wizard along with me since he was dressed all in green.

I joined the battle and we conquered the evil little things.

“Thank so much! I don’t know why it happens. But I always end up in a battle with the 4 most powerful creatures,” the boy said. Then added more calmly, “My name’s Daniel. Just Daniel, what’s yours?”

“Your welcome. And my name is Sophia Roseblossom,” I answered.

Daniel smiled at me.

“I see you’re a beginner wizard too,” I stated.

“Yeah. Did you see that girl who fainted? She just sort-a collapsed!”

“I know! I was sitting next to her. I was the one who called out.”

We looked at each other for a minute or 2. Then I realized we were still standing in the middle of the street.

“Hey, you want to…” But I spoke too late. Another Faire Queen ran right into Daniel. Soon I was standing in the middle of a dueling circle. So I ran over and got the second spot in the circle.

This battle lasted a little longer. But I showed Daniel the bronze locket I had picked up from the fainted girl’s desk.

He was amazed and said he wanted something just as beautiful. “I do too,” I added while casting Fire Cat. As we continued to talk, we decided to go talk to the peddler who sold amulets in the Shopping District.

But by the time we finished battling the Faire Queens, we saw that it was almost 6:00. We decided the trip would have to wait till tomorrow.

We bid each other farewell and teleported to our dormitories.

After I changed into my nightgown, I laid the locket carefully in the bedside table that just so happened to not be next to my bed.

All of a sudden I had a strong urge to take a walk through the Commons. It sort of startled me. But something inside me said I should take the walk and bring the bronze locket.

I was about to put the beautiful necklace over my head when a great wind arose in my room. I held on tightly to my small bronze chain and clutched it to my chest now with no intention of putting it on. The wind immediately died down and was soon not there at all.

I didn’t want the wind to come back, so I simply put the locket in my robe pocket.

I walked out the door into the slowly setting sun and the quiet Ravenwood. I made my way through the tunnel in the Commons.

I could see Prospector Zeke shutting up his small shop. I really thought he should get his own shop in the Shopping District. But he had said how would he travel all over the spiral then. So I had slowly walked away while he got busy with another customer.

I walked towards the bridge that was next to Rainbow Falls. It got its name from the rainbow that always glittered in the falling water.

Then something caught my eye in the setting sun. It was in the water. A greenish glow.

I finished crossing the bridge and waded into the icy cold water.

“O my gosh,” I chattered.

I knew my hand would go completely numb when I plunged it into the water.

When I did, I bit my tongue so hard I drew blood. I could taste it in my mouth. But I still successfully got the item I was reaching for. It was a necklace. Just like the one I had in my robe pocket. Except this one was made out of some sort of would with mysterious carvings instead of bronze. And it had a emerald in the center of the heart instead of an amethyst.

It was the most precious thing I had ever encountered.

I tried putting it around my neck, and no wind came up.

It was mine.

I took it off again and held it in the palm of my hand. I don’t know how long I stood there staring at the beautiful locket. But by the time I tore away my sight to look around, I saw that the sun had set. It must be around 9:30.

I still didn’t think my walk was yet to be over, so I went and sat on the pond’s edge.

I continued to sit there when I heard someone walking behind me. I turned just in time to see a girl coming down the library steps.

She continued walking straight towards me. I recognized her as the girl who had fainted.

She came right up and sat down next right next to me. She just sat there looking at the moon for about 3 minutes. I needed to break the silence.

“Ah, hi,” I said.

She turned her head. “Hi. Have you seen a bronze locket with an amethyst in the center. The locket is…”

I didn’t let her finish. I was already pulling out the same locket she was talking about.

She stared in wonder at me as I placed it in her hand laying open on her lap.

“Thank you sooo much! I thought I’d lost it forever!”

“You’re welcome. And by the way, what’s your name?” I responded.

“My name is Emma Dawnrider. What’s your’s?”

“Sophia Roseblossom.”

We sat in silence for a while.

“I found a locket just like yours,” I said as I broke the stillness.

“Really?” Emma said. She looked amazed.

“Yeah. I found it in the water right next to the bridge. Mine’s wooden though, and it has a emerald instead of a amethyst.

“Wow! That’s really cool.”

“Me and my other friend, Daniel, were going to go the Amulet Shop to get it inspected tomorrow. Want to come?” I asked.

“Sure,” Emma replied.

Then we randomly got up and started walking around Wizard City in places we could go.

I feel I explained much to Emma. Seeing she’s never been here before. She told me that she had lived on Earth for her whole life in the Cohagen Orphanage. She said an orphanage is a place where children who have no family go to.

We continued to talk and walk for a long time after that too.
Part 3: Told from the eye’s of Daniel
The Finding of the Ring

That girl Sophia is really nice. For some reason evil is attracted to me. Which isn’t entirely unmoral. I mean., I am a life wizard after all. And anything evil is death. My weakness. She really is a lot of help. We’re even friends now. Which is really exciting.

After Sophia left, I was really bored. I didn’t know what to do.

I went into Ravenwood and walk up to the entrance to the Spiral Chamber. I opened the door. And I had a big surprise. It said I could go to Mooshu! The place I always dreamed about. It was open! Without thinking I go through the door and emerge in the Jade Palace. It was night so no one was around to wreck my first time here.

Everything was so calming. The water falls looked like transparent blue silk curtains in a never ending roll and the moon shown like a diamond through the windows.

I step outside into the silent night. The Samurai stood guard and the villagers were turning off lights.

I continue my tour and walk through the tall arched gate into the other side of the Jade Palace. And almost immediately, something shiny catches my eye. I turn to my right where I saw it.

And there, under a healthy green tree is a ring. And it doesn’t look a ring you would find in a store. This one was made all out of wood. And in the center was a emerald. The Life school gem. And I felt somehow connected to it. Like it was mine. Mine. I repeat the word over in my head. I had never found something so precious and have it be mine. Mine.

Then the most unexpected thing happened.

Kaitlyn Wind Spoke me. Wind Speaking is when someone talks to you through your mind. You could be in Dragonspyer and have a conversation with a person in Firecat Ally.

And what made it even more surprising is that Kaitlyn almost never Wind Speaks me because she is my sister.

“I’m having a slumber party, want to come? Bring friends.”

“What?” I text chatted back. I was still getting used to Wind Speaking.

Kaitlyn repeated what she had just said.

“Yeah. Sure.” I would bring Sophia. “Yo Sophia! Kaitlyn’s having a slumber party, want to come?”

“Who you bringing?” Kaitlyn said suddenly.

“Don’t surprise me!” I shot back.

“Okay, sorry. Just wondering!” she argued.




“Shut up.”

“Who are you bringing?” Kaitlyn said randomly.


“OOOHHH!!! Are guys going out!?”

“AM NOT! I JUST MET HER TODAY!” I yelled at her.

“Shut up.”

“You shut up.”

“No, YOU shut up.”

“Shut up.”

“What?” It was Sophia.

“Sorry,” I said back and repeated the question. So now you know how things are at my house. Me and Kaitlyn yelling at each other until someone interrupts us.

It took Sophia a while to reply. “Sure. Can I bring a friend?”

I Wind Spoke the question to Kaitlyn.

“She said sure,” I responded. “Who are you bringing?”

“Emma Dawnrider. She’s the girl who fainted.” Sophia replied.

I was a little disappointed, but who cared, why not be friends. I teleported to Kaitlyn in her dorm. Also with her was my even littler sibling. Jacob. He was 6 and not old enough to start school. He wanted to fire wizard. It looked like any other dorm. Except she had put up her Ravenwood banner. And there were 2 mattresses on the floor. And Kaitlyn was just pulling out a third. No question but for Emma.

“Who is Sophia bringing anyway?” she asked.

“Emma Dawnrider. The girl who fainted in class.”

Kaitlyn nodded. Finally pulling out the mattress and setting it on the floor next to the other ones.

Just then there was a crack like pop and Sophia and Emma stood there.

“I’m bored!” Jacob complained.

“Hi!” Sophia said cheerfully. Emma smiled next to her.

“Hey Sophia, can I talk to you for a minute maybe? Emma needs to get to know Kaitlyn anyway.”

“Yeah sure,” Sophia replied. We stepped out the door.

“You know the locket that you showed me in Unicorn Way?”

“Yeah. I need to tell you something about that too.”

“I’ll continue though. Well I was roaming in a place I shouldn’t be in yet, and I found a ring. All wood and it has an emerald in the center.” I finished.

“Same here! I found something sort-a like that. Only mines a locket like Emma’s. Its made of some sort of wood and has a emerald in the center.”

I was baffled. “You found one too?”

“Yeah. You got a problem with that?” Sophia said a little hotly.

“Let’s go back inside, I’m cold.” I said changing the subject.

“Me too,” Sophia agreed.

As we waked through the door, we found Kaitlyn and Emma on the floor laughing their hearts out. I think they were crying also.

“What’s so funny?” I asked starting to giggle just looking at them.

“Emma just told the funniest joke I have ever heard!!!” laughed Kaitlyn.

Then they burst out into knew sets of giggles.

When me and Sophia finally got them calmed down, Emma told her apparently funny joke.

“Okay. Its called a knock - Knock joke. I say ’Knock - Knock’ then you say ’Who’s there?’ and I say a word or sentence. And you say what I said plus ‘Who?’ Then I make a joke out of it. Got it?”

“Yeah,” me and Sophia said

“Okay. Knock - Knock.”

Who’s there?”


(Kaitlyn is now laughing hysterically on the floor again.)

“Lettuce who?”

Lettuce in its cold out side!!” Emma finished. Now we’re all rolling around on the floor.

It was about 15 minutes until we were done laughing and getting ready for bed. “You know? I think something odd is gonna happen tomorrow,” Sophia stated.

“I feel ignored,” Jacob stated. Kaitlyn went over to him to help him ready for bed.

A pecking at Kaitlyn’s window made us silent. It was Gamma. The Headmaster’s owl.

“Girl’s, gentlemen, its 10:32. You need to get to sleep. You are keeping up the other young wizards,” he said in his old voice. Then he flew away.

“Oops,” I whispered.

We silently giggles.

Kaitlyn clapped and the lights that mysteriously lit the room were out. Then she went over and lit a single candle and set it on the desk.

Then we all climbed into bed. (Or mattress.)

“Goodnight,” Kaitlyn yawned.

We didn’t need to answer. Her breathing was already slow and heavy. She was in a deep sleep.

“You know what?” Sophia said.

“What?” me and Emma said.

“I think something unexpected is gonna happen.”

“Me too,” Emma yawned.

Then all our breathing became slow and heavy.

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