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The Tale of Cyclops Lane by Gabriel DeathCaster

I woke up one morning in the middle of August, in my family’s home on Cyclops Lane. Since General Akilles and his Cyclopes drove most of the ravage trolls away, it’s been a lot quieter.

I went down to the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast when my brother came running in the house shouting, “The Cyclopes are attacking, I don’t know why!”

“What happened?” I asked.

“They kidnapped three students and took them back to General Akilles castle, and then they destroyed Festival Park!”

“This is serious” I said, “That you would ruin my breakfast by running in shouting a lie.”

“But.” my brother said, “I’m serious they turned evil.”

“Okay fine we’ll look outside.” I said.

I opened the window and saw a group of people running away from a band of Cyclopes. One Cyclops saw me looking through the window and came charging towards the house. I closed the windows.

‘It’s official” I said, “That we are all dead!” I grabbed my brother and ran down the stairs to the basement, my mom told me to go down there in case the trolls break into our house. I this case, it was the Cyclopes. My mom was at the bazaar selling goods and my dad was patrolling Unicorn Way, so, no one could save us.

I heard the Cyclops break down the front door. I looked around the room to find something to defend me and my brother with. Then I spotted a leather case at the end of the room sitting on our emergency table (We go under their if there’s an earthquake.). I opened the case and found a wand, about a foot and a half long with a sapphire at the top of it.

I took it out and turned around just in time to see the Cyclops pick up my brother and head up stairs with him.

“No!” I shouted running after the Cyclops. The Cyclops walked right out the door as if I were a small fly chasing after him. I heard my brother screaming for help. I had to use the wand, but didn’t know how.

I waved it around and nothing happened. I waved it around more, and then I started making shapes in the air with the wand. POOF! A blast shot out of the wand and hit a Cyclops commander eating an apple right in the back.

“HEY!” he shouted. He picked up a massive bronze hammer and charged after me with five other Cyclopes following him. I kept making the shape and ice blasts shot from the wand and hit multiple Cyclopes at once. By now about forty of them were surrounding me.

I made the shape again, and again, until nothing happened. I still kept waving it until I saw the sapphire on the wand glow. Then the ground shook, and ice covered half the street. And I saw a massive Frost Giant rise from the ground.

“AHHHHHH!” it shouted, swinging his hammer. He hit the ground with his huge hammer and every Cyclopes turned to ice. Then, the giant, his hammer, and the ice just disappeared.

“That doesn’t happen very often” I said. Then I remembered, my brother! I ran down the street, listening to his screaming. I finally reached Akilles great castle. I saw the Cyclops holding my brother walk in. The heavy doors shut behind him muffling his cries.

I ran up to the castle and tried to break down the door. It was useless; I didn’t know why I thought I could break down the door. Then I thought of an idea.

I backed up. Leaving plenty of space between me and the door. I made the shape again with the wand, thinking of a powerful ice creature that could break down the massive door. Then I saw the sapphire flow again, then the ground turned into ice, and then an Ice Colossus sprung from the ground.

“GRAHHHH!” it shouted, and then turned to me.

“I need you to break down the door” I said, “Please?”

He raised one fist in the air and bashed it right into the door, nothing happened. I waited to hear the Colossus excuse when the door turned to thin ice. Then it shattered to the ground.

The Colossus disappeared like the Frost giant did. With the door broken down, I was staring in the gigantic eye, of General Akilles.

“Wow, you broke down the door?” he asked, “That’s impressive, you would fit perfect in my army. Too bad I will have to crush you!” He picked up a king sized hammer and threw it at me. I hurried and ducked before it hit me in the face.

I stood back up and made the same shape with the wand, this time, instead of monsters or ice blast coming from the wand, I froze general Akilles.

“Wow, it was that easy.” I said. Then I saw ten Cyclopes stare at me.

I knew exactly what to do. I made the same shape again and summoned a snow man this time.

“Don’t hurt us! Please?” screamed the Cyclopes running out the archway that used to hold the door.

“I got the power!” I shouted, and then I looked at the wand, “Sorry, I mean you got the power.”

I looked around for my brother and spotted him and three other people in a cage in the corner of the room.

“Mr., Snowman, can you cut the bars?” I asked the snowman.

It nodded and sliced the bars in half with its knife.

“Thanks for saving us.” one girl said walking out. The other two wizards thanked me and walked out to. I helped my brother out of the cage.

“That was so cool!” he said, “The way you broke down the door, and froze the general guy, and scared off the Cyclopes.”

“Thanks” I said.

We walked out of the castle to find Merle Ambrose, headmaster of the Ravenwood School on Magic, standing in front with the Ice Professor Lydia Greyose with him.

‘”Congratulations young wizard, you saved all of Cyclops Lane.” Merle Ambrose said.

“Young Wizard?” I asked, “I just live here on Cyclops Lane, I just used the wand to save my brother, and the wizards trapped in Akilles castle.”

“Well, you are a wizard now.” Lydia Greyose said, “Seeing your performance using Ice magic, we would be grateful if you would enroll in the Ravenwood School of Magic.”

“Really.” I asked.

“Yes.” Merle Ambrose said.

“Of course I’ll join.” I said, “I always wanted to be a wizard.

“Excellent.” Merle Ambrose said, “You will begin tomorrow, go straight to the School of Ice for your first lessons in Ice magic.”

The headmaster and Lydia greyose teleported back to Ravenwood. I stood there, shocked, that I was finally gonna be a wizard.

“Yay!” my brother shouted, “Your gonna be the best.”

“I can’t wait.” I said, staring down Cyclops Lane, “I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

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