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Conquering Krokotopia by Gabriel Deathcaster

They all sat around a full scale map of The Tomb of Storms. Reginald Baxby, the Sergeant Major, Lieutenant Standish, Professor Winthrop, the Great Order of the Fang, and me. I know it sounds weird, what I am doing there. Just to let you know, as an adept Diviner, who helped explore the pyramid of the sun and defeat Krokhotep, I had a lot of business being there.

The Sergeant Major studied the map carefully, then said, “This place is probably crawling with undead Kroks and Krokopatra’s guards.” he rubbed his chin, “So, I think the mander Captain should use his ship to carry most of our troops to the back side of the tomb, where the queen is, then we bombard the area from the ship, which should give the Matthew, the Lieutenant, the Order of the Fang, and Reginald will go through the front and defeat Krokopatra. She’ll be cornered!”

“That’s a good plan mate, count me in.” Reginald Baxby volunteered, “Can’t wait to try me new bullets, shoots out a magical net in mid-air, nothing can escape it.

“I agree with whatever you agree to Sergeant major!” saluted Lieutenant Standish.

Then the Order of the Fang huddled in a circle. They appeared to be voting to the plan. Then Al’ Hazred announced, “The Order thinks the plan will beat even the genius mind of Krokopatra, we agree to it.”

Then, they all turned to me, “Sure, I’ll go with the plan,” is said.

“So, we’re all in agreement.” said the Sergeant Major, “Then we must begin the assault now, the more longer we put this off, the more Krokopatra’s strength grows, Farnsworth, alert the captain, 51st troop, man the cannons, the rest of you, to your assigned stations.

“Yes sir!” saluted all the soldiers in the room, then they ran out to prepare.

The Sergeant Major looked at the rest of us, “This will be biggest war in the history of Marleybone’s Military, good luck to us all!” the Sergeant Major walked out with Standish by his side.

“C’mon, what are we waiting for, let’s go!” I shouted.

As the troops moved out, the Order prepared, and as Reginald loaded his brand new mid-air net bullets in his rifle, I walked over to the pathway that leads to the Tomb of Storms. I sat down and glared at the Tomb. Dark clouds covered the sky above it, thunder boomed, and lighting struck all around it.

This was the true beginning, of Malistaire plan.

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