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The Tales Of A Conjurer Named For A Season by Autumn SummerThief

My brown eyes wandered the crowded sidewalks of Ravenwood, my brain still trying to process everything I had seen that day. Malistaire, the one I had never heard of, was now much too familiar with me. Now, despite my exhaustion from the first battle, Master Ambrose has sent me on yet another quest. To find my school. This was probably the most important quest of all.

Trying to hide my eyes beneath the shadows of my cloak, I began my weaving through the other students. I crashed into an unsuspecting student every once in a while, scurrying away like a frightened mouse before they could react. I knew I shouldn't do this, Master Ambrose would think me cowardly. But he couldn't see me, could he?

I thought of my name, the only think that seemed familiar to me at the moment. My new black and light green robed were swishing about me, something I had never worn before, my hood shadowing my eyes, something unfamiliar but oddly handy. My boots splashed the damp ground, the remains of storm clouds threatening to recollect and start another storm.

My name was a season, my favorite season. It may be my favorite season because of my name, or just because it was a nice season. My last name went well with it, and made sense. Summerthief. Autumn was a Summer thief, since it was the season afterward, and stole away the bright yellow sun and warmth of summer. This made me snicker, for I had gone over this about a million times in my head.

I was brought back to earth by another young wizard crashing into me. I wasn't quick enough to run away this time.

"Hey!" The student said, his voice obviously a boy's. I looked up, but then quickly hid my face. I didn't respond, quickly going back to routine and scurrying away. But he grabbed my arm quickly. What was his problem? I turned to him, staring at his face. Soft features, but a strong build.

"What was that for?" He said angrily. He seemed to have a temper. His thick brown eyebrows were furrowed, his forehead creased. He looked faintly, fleetingly familiar.

"A-accident..." Was all I could whisper. I tugged my arm away from his hand, and walked quickly away, weaving my way through another group, losing sight of him. I felt his angry stare boring into my back. Maybe he had been having a bad day.

I took a quick turn left at the square, avoiding the huge eyes of the Great Tree, Bartleby. Having anyone's eyes on me did not seem like a welcoming experience at the moment. I spotted the first school, pulling my hood away from my eyes slightly. There were lightning bolts surrounding its interior edge. It seemed a proper Storm School. I had heard of this one, my brother had long ago been a Storm Wizard. I quickly pulled my mind away from thoughts of my brother. He had also died in a battle against a Boss.

Making a beeline towards the large wooden double-door, I was not the only one. Other new wizards were scattered around me, heading in the general same direction for the door. There was a sign of a cloud with a lighting bolt shooting out of it, with a purple background. I was sure this was the Storm School.

Pushing open the heavy door, with a bit of a struggle, I pulled myself into the class. There was a green frog in a purple and yellow suit atop the desk. He had a broad, welcoming smile across his thick, green lips. He was leaning on a cane, which he seemed not to absolutely require. He dipped his purple top hat at the entering students, his happy voice echoing through the class. He gave his normal welcoming speech, which he seemed to have spoken a million times. I could tell in his tone, but he covered it up well with a joyful, welcoming tone.

After the speech, I exited the class, and back out onto the cold streets. It was drizzling once again, the sky dark with clouds. But thankfully, the clouds weren't as dark as they had been. I sighed in relief. This was why I was glad I was not a Storm Wizard. I wouldn't like to be able to create a storm. I had no idea why my brother would want to do that.

I headed slowly to the next school, in the same fashion I had. Weaving through crowds, scurrying from anyone I hit. A freezing, but oddly welcoming chill came over me as a snow-covered tree came into view. Here was the Ice School. I entered, to see a rather plump, smiling blue-clad fairy floating in front of a desk. Going through the same speech the Storm Instructor had, it was done quickly. I exited, and found myself quickly at the next tree and school. Fire. A flaming tree was planted next to the school, which I found fascinating but a bit disturbing. I wouldn't want a forever-flaming tree in my backyard. I went through the same routine once again, seeing a tall, elegant woman with flaming orange hair and dress. I left quickly, her beckoning voice not what I wanted to hear. I was in such a hurry, I forgot to check out the next school.

Then I went back down the street, heading towards the square. I was now heading towards the street on the right, where my school was located. The Myth School. I was fascinated my Myth, because you could summon minions to help you in battle. That would come in handy more than once in my life. But before I found the Myth School, I saw a very green school, with a flowering tree. I smiled, because that seemed to be what the whole aura of the school wanted me to do. But I didn't go in there, I couldn't waste my time. I wanted to get to my own school now.

I found my school, where, instead of lighting bolts, gold snakes were intertwined to make a sort of rope around the interior of the school.

There was a threatening aura around the school. It made me feel unwanted. But I wanted to get into the school more than it wanted me out. I rushed towards it, bumping into a few people in my hurrying. My hood fell off my red, spiky hair, but I ignored the cold now engulfing my head. I shoved open the door with a golden snake on the circular sign, and entered the Myth School.

This man standing in front of the desk reminded me curiously of Malistaire. I did not want to be reminded of him. How could Master Ambrose have made a brand new student battle the worst, but most famous death wizard of them all. But for some odd reason, he was a teacher here.

His arms were crossed, his face utterly bored. It seemed as if he was being forced to teach here. I stood in the back of the gathering students. He began his speech, but it was different. It was very doubtful. He introduced himself as Cyrus Drake. At the end, he claimed that if we wished to attempt some Myth spells we were to come back. This confused me. Why was he a teacher if he had this attitude?

But my thoughts were violently interrupted by a earsplitting crack. The whole school as shaken, and I was thrown to the ground, as were many other students. Instictually, recently having learned of its used, I clutched my wand in my robes. Cyrus Drake was thrown against his desk, which he was holding steady with his pale fingers. His face flickered with fear, but quickly resumed its normal, bored expression. I looked around, brown eyes wide, the earthquake had ceased, leaving everyone in a quiet confusion. There were murmurs throughout the room, and no one moved.

"Oh no." I heard Cyrus Drake murmur. It was so quiet I was shocked I could hear it. His words contrasted with his face, which seemed to be forced into the calm bored expression.

He rushed from the platform where his desk sat, and through the students. He passed me, almost stepping on top of my hand, but I pulled it out of the way just in time. He threw open the door, and rushed out into the cold. The door slammed, but I heard no steps fading into the distance. Had he stopped?

I pulled myself out of the sitting position, but I was not the first. Others stood slowly as well, curiosity overpowering them.

Pushing my palm on the wooden door, it slowly creaked open. I leaned my body into it, my hand already straining. Cyrus Drake was frozen there, his face broken into utter shock and fear. I knew this was probably the only time I would see him like this. There were more shocked murmurs in the classroom. I shut the door quietly behind me, and the professor did not react. His eyes were staring to the left of him. Where I assumed the next school would be. I followed his eyes, and what I saw made my mouth fall open.

The Death School was gone.

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