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The Chosen Pyromancer by Autumn Leaf

It was a cold day on earth,it was almost bone-chilling.I never liked the cold.I loved it warm,heck,i loved it blazing!My name is Autumn.I never knew my last name till one very strange day,but that's farther into this story.I was an orphan,i ran away from the orphanage a long time ago.You should have seen it!It was horrible!They even treated us badly!I never had a friend there,they all hated me,thought i was a freak.And the worst thing was that i believed them!And to make matters worse,when we were on a field trip(,which was VERY rare,) and we past by a large puddle.I bent down to touch the puddle to see if it had tadpoles,and when i touched it,it evaporated!After that,everybody avoided me even more!

As i said,i ran away,they probably don't even remember me,much less care that I'm gone!I'm not sure exactly where I'm at.I just ran,ran away from the orphanage and its mean residents,ran away to a place where no one knew where i was.I didn't want anyone to know where i was.I was alright with being alone,although it tended to get lonely.Until the day something very strange happened.It was warm,the first warm day i could remember in the town i called ghost-town.I called it that because nobody was ever there,ever.I was eating breakfast when a note appeared right in front of me.It had a seal with a big A on it.I opened it and it read,"To Autumn Leaf,(i thought it was a joke because of the leaf part),"you have been accepted to the Raven-wood school of magical arts."(now it's sounding like Harry Potter!),"please,if you will,come as soon as possible."-Headmaster Merle Ambrose.(headmaster!? now it was REALLY starting to sound like Harry Potter!)At the bottom of the letter it read,P.S.-To get to the school just say all the attributes out loud."Pyromancy,Myth,Life,Death,Balance,Ice,and Lightning,"For some reason i could not say,i did.There was a sound like a page of a book turning and a flash,then i was NOT in ghost-town.I was in a crowded office,an old man with a long beard saw me,waved his hand,and everybody left.The headmaster said,"Hello Autumn,my name is Merle Ambrose,you can call me professor Ambrose"Do you teach?"I quickly interrupted,i knew it was rude to interrupted people like that,so i just as quickly apologised."I'm sorry," The professor just laughed and said"Its quite alright,and no i don't teach,you can meet the teachers later,after you take this test"He pointed to a large book on a pedestal.I walked over to it,it looked old and over used.The pedestal it lay upon wasn't new either.I took the test with all sorts of questions that didn't make sense and some yes-or-no-questions.After i was done,all the words an the page gathered together to make one word,Fire. I of course didn't know what it meant but the professor smiled and said "you ll be in Falmea's class"As he said that i was still wondering what "Fire" meant."Where is Falmea?I asked when it occurred to me that i still had NO IDEA where i was.So he told me that all i ha to do was go down the road and take the first left i see.So i started to walk out the door and follow his directions when there was a sudden BOOM!All of a sudden a man in a black robe and held a tall staff looking thing(i was still new to wizard city as the professor said it was called)anyway,the man had sent a large swarm of what looked like little people,i later found out they where dark fairies,at me.They were holding me down and i couldn't move.The tall man spoke in a terribly evil voice,"Give me the new student!"It was then i realized that professor Ambrose was in front of me,protecting me from the evil man."NO!"Ambrose exclaimed,"YOU WILL NOT USE HER IN YOUR EVIL SCHEMES!" "Who's going to stop me, you?ha!" " I'm not afraid of you anymore!"The evil man was getting a wide grin on his face. "Now hand over the girl and nobody gets hurt!" "No Malistare! I wont!" I was panicking at that time,i didn't know how to protect myself against these dark little people,i didn't even know where i was,why i was here,or how i got here!I noticed a bunch of cards laying on the ground and a golden stick with a red handle.I picked up the stick and realized it was more than a stick,it was a wand!I then picked up one of the cards and saw a large,red cat on it.It had a picture of a flame on it and remembered that the book had said Fire,so maybe it relates.(I apparently was doing allot of hard work because the dark fairies were trying to hold me down.)But as their little hands touched my skin,they shrieked with pain,and their hands where scorched!I felt heat all over me,i thought that i was on fire,then i saw that I was the source of the heat!I took the card,put it in front of me,i didn't know why i was doing this, but it felt right,i took the wand and traced the flame symbol on the card in the air.Then a flame came out of the card!After that the flame turned into the fire-cat i had seen on the card,YES the card turned to a cat that was on fire!Or was the cat made of fire?Either way,the cat sent a large ball of fire at me!I closed my eyes,waiting for the pain to stop,but it didn't come.There was fire all around me but none of it touched me,or perhaps it was the fire was on me,but it just didn't hurt.Yes that was it,she felt the heat but she didn't feel pain,she almost liked it!Then i realized that the attack was not at me,but at the fairies around me rubbing there burned hands! then the fire cat turned to the evil man,Malistare,who was looking jaw-droped at me in disbelief.And instead of sending a fireball,the animal jumped at him,claws ready, and swiped at him.Malistare then yelled in pain because the fire cat turned out to be extremely strong.Then Malistare was gone,i turned to the headmaster and found that he was staring at me with the same disbelief Malistare had.He finally jumped back to reality and said"W-w-w-wow,oh i almost forgot your robes!" He handed me a red and gold "robe"that matched the wand which apparently he was also going to give me.He also handed me a hat,boots,a blade,a ring,and a deck of cards that were all red-and-gold.He also handed me a neckless that was beautiful beond belief!He said it was called "eye of the fiery feline".Apparently every piece of clothing he gave me had a name,and they could all,except for the hat,only be worn by a pyromancer!Her favorite,aside from the necklace,was the blade.It was called Ruined Blade.It was silver all except for the hilt,which had little patterns that where red.I don't even know how to use it!But after that he told me to follow his directions and go to Ravenwood and meet all the teachers like i was going to before Malistare had showed up.So i did.First i met a dog in a tux,at that point i wasn't surprised by anything.So i talked to him and he said his name was Aurthur Withesfield and he taught balance magic.Next i met the lightning professor,Halstrom Balestron.Next up was the ice professor,Lydia Greyrose.She didn't talk to me allot,just said hi and went back to what she was doing.I was worried that i had interrupted something important,but got over it.Next was the fire school or,pyromancy school. I was nervous as i slowly walked over to the door of the flame-decorated building.As i walked in i ran into someone that was leaving,throwing the other person to the ground."I'm SO sorry!"I said as i helped the person up."It wasn't your fault,"The other person said,"No harm done,I'm Andrew SongRider,a life student." "Hi!" i replied "my name is Autumn Leaf...i suppose" "i suppose?" Andrew replied,"whats that supposed to mean?"he looked at me strangely,"your the new kid!"he said matter-of-factly."yes," I replied,"and when i said i suppose,i meant i only just found out my last name,I'm from Earth."Now why did i say that?"Earth?" Andrew asked,"whats Earth?" I was shocked he didn't know what Earth was,but,why should he?He was from a different planet."Earth is another planet,"I explained."One that doesn't believe in magic" "doesn't believe in magic,wow!" he said,amazed. "Well i should go now,i have to meet the rest of the teachers"I said,wanting to break the conversation. "OK" he said,"i should be going to." "Bye!" We both said at the same time.I blushed and rushed into the building of the fire school.There i met the fire professor and she smiled and said "I'm delighted to have such a special wizard as my student!"I guess i had a puzzled look on my face because she said "you don't know?" "well i suppose you'll learn when time comes."She said that her name was Dalia Falmea. "Bye,see you in class!" i yelled as i rushed out of the building," I have such a nice teacher!" I said in my mind as i raced to the next school.

But there was no next school,just a gaping hole and a kid no more than my age in black clothes and a staff almost exactly like the one Malistare had.For a sudden moment i felt pity,then i remembered that Malistare was a death class professor and all the pity was gone.I talked with the kid in black robes that was standing in front of what was the death class.He said that his name was Malorn Ashthorn and that he was the star student of the death school.(I decided that Malorn never learned a thing about modesty.)I passed the hole and went to the myth school.The professors name was Cyrus Drake.I did not like him at all!Not his attitude,not his methods of teaching and NOT any of his spells!They where all trolls,and giants,and centaurs.All the things you hear in farie tales on earth!None of them were special like fire cat or ice beetle.I decided to move on to the last school.

The last school i had to go to was the life school.The life teacher was a green robed lady,or should i say cow,that had what looked like a red fan.Her name was Moolinda Wu.I decided to use my training point for the life class.Which meant that she would take that class as well as fire.Moolinda asked me why i was going to use life as my second class and i said "Its because before when i accidentally used fire magic when i didn't know i was a wizard i hurt allot of trees,grass,flowers,and not to mention tadpoles!" "Well then," she said "We'll make it so you can heal all that life."

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