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The Chosen Pyromancer (part 2) by Autumn Leaf

I was racing back to headmaster Ambrose's tower,i had just finished my first "quest" as Moolinda Wu ,my second class teacher called it.As i raced back to the tower to see what to do next,i saw a familiar face.It was Andrew Songrider,the life student and my best friend...sort of.We don't exactly know each other THAT well but hes the only person i know other than the teachers and the Headmaster.I walked over to say hi,but when i got there he was GONE! I thought about how he was right there and how its impossible to just disappear,but then again,I had disappeared from earth and came here to Wizard City!Then i remembered that Headmaster Ambrose said that a wizard can teleport to different places and friends.So i forgot about how astounded i was and went back to going to the tower.Than i realized that i was running!I was so EXITED! "I'm a wizard!" i thought to myself, "like Harry Potter!I can cast spells and everything!" Then i thought that real wizards would be allot different than Harry Potter,and Ravenwood would be different than Hogwarts.Then i realized that i was already at the tower! "I must have been running pretty fast!" I said to no one in particular.When i walked in the old man with his starry hat rose and said, "Well done,i believe its time to see your house." "I have a house!?" i said,i was so used to having a room in an orphanage or living on the streets! "Well i suppose its yours,your parents,and your brothers house."he answered. "Parents?Brother?" This was making no sense. "I have no parents or siblings!" I told him , "I'm an orphan,my parents died in a car accident!" "At least that's what the people in the orphanage told me." "Oh that?" The headmaster said, "you don't seriously think that those were your REAL parents do you?" "Well,yeah." I replied,wondering what he meant. "No dear,your real parents are alive and well."He said in a calming voice. "Now,lets go and meet them."And at that i heard a sound exactly like the one i heard when i came to Wizard City from Earth.When we were at the place we were going to,i saw a large house made entirely out of tree-bark."This is your home," Headmaster Ambrose explained. "Lets go inside and get you moved in." We walked up the pass way(and no NOT driveway)and when we reached the door,i reached to knock on it,but someone on the other side had already opened it! The person who had opened the door was a beautiful woman in yellow and blue robes and had deep,dark,black hair that almost matched her dark purple eyes. "Hello,Headmaster Ambrose,has John gotten into more trouble?"The woman had a worried look on her face,apparently,this John has already been in lots of trouble and she doesn't want him in any more than he is already. "No,actually John's been quite good lately." The headmaster replied,"Actually I'm here for a totally different reason.It seems,Jamie, that we have found your daughter,Autumn Leaf."My mother looked at me with tears in her eye's. "Autumn?" she said as if she wanted my word for it. "Um..yeah."I replied,what else was i going to say?My moms eyes lit up,"Jack!John!Come quick,they've found Autumn at last!" I heard footsteps,very quick footsteps,and then a tall man with red hair and red and orange robes that almost matched his hair in the doorway.His eyes were forest green and they looked at me with almost overbearing happiness."H-h-hi!" i said,nervous.These people were my parents!I had been alone for so long,i had been a freak!But now i had a friend and a house with a family.I lived in a place were i fit in!I was so happy i almost burst into tears!Then a boy allot older than me in a black outfit walked up to the door."John look,they've found Autumn!" My mom explained in an exited voice.But my brother looked allot less than happy.He looked at me in a plain,almost disgusted look.And i took allot of offense by that."Hi" i said trying to see if his face would soften,but it didn't.And he didn't talk to me either just stared with that disgusted look that i so much hated.Mom broke the silence."Hello Autumn,I'm Jamie Goldsmith,I'm a balance wizard."I was relived when she said that because she was wearing the colors of a myth wizard,which i hated.Then my father said,"I'm Jack Fireseeker,a fire wizard,and it looks like you are to!" "Um,well,yeah.I guess i am." I said,i was so nervous! Then i realized something,"Why don't we have the same name?" i asked. Jack,or i guess my dad,said. "In Wizard City,most families don't have the same last name.We each get our own!" "Then my last name is leaf!Ha,that's a funny last name for someone whose first name is Autumn!"I said to no one really."Yes i suppose it is!" Jack,i mean my dad, said."this is going to take some time getting used to.' i said to myself. "Oh!Sorry!" my father said as if he forgot something. "Come in,come in, you'll catch a cold.Thank you headmaster for finally finding her!"

"Oh it was nothing really,goodbye! The headmaster said,and then he was gone.I walked in and saw a little ball of glowing light next to the fireplace,actually more like in the fireplace!Then the ball of light got up,came out of the fireplace,and came over to me!I then realized that the ball of light was the firecat that i had summoned when Malistare had showed up!It had never turned back into the card!Or,whatever they do after you use them."Oh yes,he showed up right before you showed up,it seems to know you,why don't you keep him as a pet." My mother said. "Really!" i said,they didn't let me have pets in the orphanage. "Oh,of course you can!"my mother said,"You'll have to name him though."I tried to think of a good name that i liked when i came up with, "Midnight!"i said so loud it was almost a yell. "Alright then!" my mother said in an also loud voice."Now get to bed,you have school tomorrow,good thing you came now!School will be just starting tomorrow!" -By Autumn Leaf

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