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The Average Life of the Chosen One (part 6) by Sarah StormDreamer

“Muahahaha!” I heard an evil laugh. Where was I? Wait.. I was.... by Malistaire? How did I get here? “Fool!” the evil man said, reaching out to push me away, “How could you think that my son would even THINK about fighting me? How could you think that he would EVER like you at all? Don't you see? This was my plan! He got to know you, so I would know you, and now, he is gone! How could he ever LIKE you? Muahahaha!” The scene blacked out.

I was screaming, screaming in my sleep. “Sarah, Sarah! Wake up!” Lucas NightBlade was saying. I opened my eyes and stopped screaming, but I was still breathing fast. “Sarah?” Lucas asked. I looked up. His face was, like, five inches away from mine. My stomach felt funny.

“It's okay now, Sarah. It's okay,” he said. I slowly sat up and he stood up. “What was it about?” he asked. I shook my head. It didn't make any sense! It seemed like Malistaire had been talking about... Lucas... but he couldn't be! After all, Lucas wasn't Malistaire's son! He said that his whole family had been myth! And, after all, he didn't even have the same last name! Either way, I didn't want to talk about it. I said this out loud. Lucas shrugged. “Okay, then. So, you talked to Watson last night... right?” I nodded. “Okay, then lets go to Newgate Prison,” he said.

I was surprised. “How did you know?” I asked. “Um...” Lucas said. He sighed and sat down. I was even more surprised by this. He motioned for me to do the same. “I have something to tell you,” he said. “I can.... dream the future...” Well, this kind of made sense to me. After all, he had dreamed that he would be captured, right? So why couldn't he dream that we would go to Newgate prison? “The one exception...” he said, “Is that I only dream bad things.” Uh oh. “What is that supposed to mean?” I asked, “Something bad will happen in Newgate Prison?” Lucas shrugged. “Well, that's the weird thing. I DIDN'T dream about anything bad. To be honest,” he said, “I dreamed about something good. But, well, that was later on. Not in Newgate Prison, but MUCH farther on.” “What was it?” I asked. If I was looking right, which I think I was, I think that Lucas turned a little red. “Um.... nothing. Nothing you need to know now,” he said, which just made me more curious.

Lucas got up. “Let's go,” he said. I also got up and I led the way to Newgate prison. When we got there, I started off into the cells. But when we got there, I stopped in my tracks. “What's the matter?” Lucas asked. I didn't want to admit this, but jail cells scared me a little. I mean, who knows what lurks in them? I was worried that if I said this aloud, Lucas would tease me. I could just picture him saying, “The Chosen One, afraid of JAIL CELLS?!? Gee.... You're not afraid of dangerous bosses and creatures, or even battling them, but you are afraid of harmless JAIL CELLS? Wow....” So, I kept my mouth shut. Well, at least until Lucas persuaded me to open up. “Come on, Sarah! What is the matter?” I sighed. “I'm..... slightly afraid of.....” Lucas followed my gaze. This was it. He would tease me now, and... but what if he didn't? I mean, if he really did like me, he wouldn't tease me to be mean, right?

I was right. “It's okay, Sarah. They're just jail cells, nothing to be afraid of...” Lucas said. Could he read minds, or what? He took my hand (my mind was turning somersaults in my head) and led me to the first one. There were ghosts and ghouls in them. I wasn't afraid of them!

“You aren't afraid of them, Sarah,” Lucas said. (Seriously. Can he read minds?) He led me around them and to the next plank to the next jail cell. “See?” he said. My head was aching. There was so much to think about... “I...” I began. “Oh, no you don't Sarah!” Lucas said, a little alarmed. I had forgotten that below us was a bottomless pit. What a horrible way to die. I didn't want to fall forever, but I was definitely feeling dizzy. I started to fall, and closed my eyes, bracing for nothingness....

I felt a hard tug on my hand as I was jerked back up. Lucas had made sure that it wasn't the end of me. He held me tight, until the dizziness faded. My face felt warm as I pulled away. “I'm okay,” I assured him, “Just.... I don't know what that was.” Lucas grinned. “Well, you are unpredictable,” he said. I couldn't help but laugh.

Lucas led me through the rest of the jail cells, and then we fought enemies. It didn't take us very long to finish anything I had to do; in fact, it was really easy. We completed Newgate Prison even faster than we had Hyde Park, and then Knight's Court too. There was only one thing left to do for Watson; journey into Katzenstein's Lab. “I've heard he is storm,” I said to Lucas, “This'll be HARD for us.” “Not if you call a friend,” Lucas suggested. Well, I suppose it would work. I whispered to Elizabeth GriffonBlood, “Hey, can you help Lucas and I with Katzenstein's Lab?” “Sure,” she replied, and teleported in an instant. Lucas grinned. “I don't believe we've met,” he said to Elizabeth. They shook hands, while I waited impatiently. “Let's go!” I said, and we headed off into the Lab.

It was still quite hard, even with Elizabeth helping us. She kept us alive though, and we advanced quickly. As we were fighting, I received a whisper from none other than Merle Ambrose. “Young wizard, are you busy?” he asked. I whispered back, “Yes, I am, Professor Ambrose. What is it?” “I can't tell you now,” Merle said, “But come to my office when you are finished with whatever you are doing. And bring your friend Lucas, too.” I was curious. What was going on?

When Lucas, Elizabeth, and I arrived at Katzenstein himself, Lucas said, “I'll be right back.” He went off into a corner. “Now that we're alone,” Elizabeth said quietly, “Do you have an answer? He said your name today, right?” “Quite a few times,” I said, “And each time, he said it like you said he would.” Elizabeth grinned. “Well, that's that. He MUST like you then. But, of course, he might be faking.” My face fell. “But I doubt that!” she added, and my smile returned. “For one thing, from what I've noticed from being here, I think he does,” she said. Before I could respond, Lucas returned. “Okay, let's fight!” he said. I grinned. “hiiiiiYa!” I said, and jumped into the battle. Lucas laughed, just like the first time I had done that. “That is still hilarious,” Lucas said, following me, with Elizabeth behind him. “And to think that I made that up in Krokotopia! All the way back then!” I said. Lucas nodded. “We've sure advanced, and grow up too.” “Really? I don't think YOU'VE grown up any!” I said, giggling. Lucas pretended to be surprised. “Hey! I've grown up!” he said. “Yeah, but you don't act like it,” I said, still laughing. Lucas laughed. “Yeah, sure, like you act all mature too!” “Yes, I do!” I said. We were laughing, Elizabeth just watching and shaking her head with a smile on her face. I thought to myself. Yes, this is where I want to be. Battling enemies, laughing with my friends. Especially Lucas.

When we finished Katzenstein's Lab, I headed off to Watson. After we talked, before going somewhere else, I said, “Lucas, Merle Ambrose wants us.” Lucas just nodded. I teleported to the commons, with Lucas right behind me. Then we went through the Spiral Gate to Wizard City, and went to Ambrose's office.

“Hello, my favorite students!” Merle Ambrose said, “To be honest, you really didn't need to be here, but I wanted to see you.” Lucas and I laughed. “You may as well stay to hear my announcement,” he continued, “It will be broadcasted throughout the whole Spiral, so that every student hears.” He pulled up a special sort of megaphone, and then began to speak. “Attention, all students of Ravenwood! Wherever you are, please listen to this message from me, Merle Ambrose!” The commotion from outside silenced. “There will be a special party,” he continued, “Here in Wizard City! It is to celebrate the success of us all, especially the Chosen One and her close friends! I know that you are thinking that you won't attend, but you must to advance in your studies.” Lucas and I grinned at each other. A special party! To celebrate us all, but especially Lucas and I! Merle wasn't finished yet. “You must come with a partner of different gender,” he continued, “It would be good to have a partner of the same school, but it is not required. The party is tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!” With that, Merle put the megaphone down, and said to us, “Have a nice day, and good luck! Be sure to come!” We thanked him, and started to the Spiral Gate.

Lucas and I, with the help of Elizabeth and my other friend, Benjamin DragonFist, completed Counterweight east, Counterweight west, and finally Big Ben. When we completed this, I was allowed to enter Mooshu!

“I'm so excited!” I said. It was dark now, although you couldn't really tell in the always-dark Marleybone sky, and Lucas and I were sitting on the side of the fountain. “Are we gonna go there?” Lucas asked. I shook my head. “I gotta get ready for the party tomorrow! Well, at least pick out my clothes,” I said. Lucas sighed. “Okay, then...” he started. “See ya,” I said, starting off. “Wait,” Lucas said, making me sit down on the fountain again. He looked at me, and....

…..pushed me into the fountain. I gasped and went up for air. I looked at him, grinning evilly. “You will wish you didn't do that,” I said, and, grabbing his arm, pulled him in too. We were both soaked now, and I was glad I wasn't wearing formal clothes. I giggled, and splashed him. “That all you got?” Lucas asked. He made a wave, and aimed it at me. I dodged it, grinning. “Ha, ha!” I said. I then used a gentle tempest, so it wouldn't hurt him, and charged it. I sat on top of it as it went over him, and I landed in his arms. I blushed and tried to escape, but Lucas held me tight. “No escaping,” he growled playfully. He then went under the water. I did a flip and escaped his grasp. The water was the perfect place for us, and we had a wonderful time playing in it.

When we were both tired, and so soaked that there wasn't such a thing that was wetter than we were, we got out of the fountain. My eyes were shinning. “Well, see ya,” I said. But Lucas wouldn't let me leave just yet. He ran to block my path. “Wait,” he said, and then he looked at his feet. “Merle said that everyone needed a partner for the party....” My heart thumped as I saw what he was getting at. “And....I was wondering...” he continued. I could tell he was nervous from the way he spoke. “ would go with me?” he asked, seeming relieved to get it over with. I smiled slightly. “Sure, Lucas, as friends, right?” I said, a little reluctant to say that. Friends? Why did I say that? I wanted us to be more.... Obviously, Lucas was hesitant to speak. Finally, he said, “Sure.” “Okay, see you,” I said a little too quickly. I hurried off to my dorm room in Wizard City, thinking the entire way, “He! He wanted to go!” My heart pounded and raced as I hurried to my home sweet home, lay down on my bed, and my vision blacked out.

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