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The Chosen One (part 2) by Saffron LotusBlood

“No!” I yelled as I ran from the girl.

“Don’t try to run, silly girl! It’s no use!” What was she talking about? I was way ahead of her. But as I looked behind me, I realized she had reason to be cocky. She was summoning hundreds of Death monsters, which were chasing after me. They were too fast for me. Suddenly, I tripped. “We’ve got you now!” cried the girl. I screamed.

I woke up in my dorm in Ravenwood. That was the scariest dream I had ever had. And it all seemed so real! I looked over at the wooden clock on the wall and realized it was time to wake up, anyway. I got out of bed, changed into my wizard robes, grabbed my wand, and headed to the Myth School. I met my friend Autumn ThunderTamer on the way. “Hi!” I said.
“Oh, hi. How was your first night here?”
“Pretty good, except I had a really bad dream.”
“Really? Well, hopefully that won’t happen again.”
“I hope not.” We walked to the Myth School. There was a pop quiz on the history of myth magic, which we had learned about yesterday. I was about halfway through it when I felt a burning pain. I called, “Professor Dr…” But that was all I could say before I blacked out. I saw flashes of what was happening…students rushing to see what happened, Professor Drake running out of the building, and then everything went black again. I heard an evil laugh, and then I saw Malistaire.
“Chosen One, my foot!” he said. “As if anyone could defeat me!” I opened my eyes and saw Moolinda Wu, the Life professor, standing over me, muttering a spell.
“Aha! The spell is working!” she said. Déjà vu, I thought. I got up and noticed there was no one in the classroom except Professor Wu, Professor Drake, and my friend Autumn.
“Are you okay, Saffron?” she asked with a worried look on her face.
“Yeah, I’m fine. What happened? How long have I been unconscious?”
“Three hours.”
“Yeah. What happened?”
“I don’t know, I just felt this burning pain, and then everything went black.” I decided not to tell anyone about seeing Malistaire.
“That’s weird. Well, you should probably go home and rest.”
“Yeah, I think I should. Bye!”

I walked back to my dorm and took a long nap. I had that same dream again about the girl chasing me. But this time, I heard an evil laugh right before I woke up. What is wrong with me? I asked myself. I got up and made my bed, then walked outside. I was just thinking about what to do for the rest of the day when Fallon OgreBreeze, a death wizard I sometimes saw training with Malorn Ashthorn, walked up to me. “Hi, Saffron,” she said.
“I was wondering if you wanted to come fight some monsters in Triton Avenue with me.”
“Sure.” I said. I went with her and climbed up to the top of Triton Avenue. We fought Rotting Fodders and Scarlet Screamers until we were all out of mana. We were exhausted, so we bought some food from a street vendor and ate it while sitting down near the waterfall. “So what quest are you working on?” I said.
“Well, there’s this secret quest that not many people can get. Right now, I’m the only one who has it.” I noticed that she had a strange smile on her face as she said this.
“Really? What is it?”
She sneered, and I realized that it was a big mistake coming with her. “My quest…is to destroy you!” She got up and said, “Master will be delighted when I bring you to him!” I began running, and I realized she was the same girl I had seen in my dream. She chased after me, laughing evilly. This was just like my dream. So my dream…was actually a vision of the future. That meant any minute now, she would start summoning monsters. I looked behind me, and sure enough, there were death pixies, ghouls, banshees, and many other Death creatures chasing me. I kept running as fast as I could when I suddenly tripped. I remembered tripping in my dream. “We’ve got you now!” yelled Fallon. The last thing I remember is being the angriest I’ve ever been in my life. Then I fell unconscious. I remember seeing Autumn ThunderTamer screaming, probably from seeing the monsters. Then I blacked out. I woke up exactly where I had fallen, with Autumn splashing water on me.
“Stop that!” I said.
“Oh, you’re awake.”
“What happened? Where did all the monsters go?”
“Well, right before you fainted, you must have used whatever power you had left in you to cast a spell. You summoned this gigantic troll, and it destroyed all the monsters. It knocked out Fallon, too. Now that you’re awake, we should probably take her to Headmaster Ambrose. I took her wand so she can’t attack anyone.”
“Wait...why were you here?”
“I was doing quests for Blad Raveneye. When I looked over, I saw you running away from Fallon. Now come on, let’s go to the headmaster.”
I went over to Fallon, who had her hands tied together, and said, “Come on. We’re going to turn you in.” She looked pretty mad. I said to Autumn, “Teleport to the commons. I’ll bring her with me.” I grabbed one of Fallon’s hands and teleported. Autumn appeared a second later. I’ll go tell Headmaster Ambrose. You wait here,” I said. She nodded and I walked into the headmaster’s house.

“Yes, Saffron? Enjoying life in Wizard City?” he said cheerfully.
“Um, yeah. Actually, I came to tell you something, but it’s kind of private, so is there somewhere with less people?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact there is.”
“Good. I’ll go get Autumn.”
“Come through the door on the side of my house.”
“Right.” I walked out and told Autumn, “He said to go through this door.” I pointed to it.
“Okay.” She said. We walked inside a tower. This was the room where I was when I found out I was a wizard! Now I knew where it was.
“Oh, dear,” said Headmaster Ambrose when he saw Fallon.
“She’s a spy. I don’t know who she’s working for, but she said she was going to bring me to him.”
“Fallon OgreBreeze? You are one of the best students here. I am disappointed in you.”
“I don’t regret a thing, old man,” said Fallon. “You’ll see who wins in the end.”
“Well, I will now have to confiscate your wand, Fallon.” Autumn handed the wand to him and he broke it in half. Sparks of magic flew out of it and fizzled as they touched the ground. “Now, be gone! You are banished from Wizard City!” He pointed her wand at her, and she vanished.

“Where did you send her?” I asked.
“I sent her to a chamber in Krokotopia. Hopefully the monsters there will hold her off for a while. Now you should both go. It’s getting late,” he said, and we left. I went straight to my dorm and slept. I was tired after all that running. It was my second day and I had already been attacked. What a day!

Back in the headmaster’s tower, Gamma and Headmaster Ambrose were having another conversation. “But how did Malistaire knoooow about Saffron already?” said Gamma.
“He must have looked through the eye he stole from Bartleby.”
“When should we tell Saffron that she is the Chosen One?”
“Well, we certainly can’t tell her right now! She may think that since she is destined to defeat Malistaire, she is ready to do it now! No, we will have to wait until she is ready. She may become suspicious, but we cannot let her know.” Gamma nodded, even though he disagreed.
In his lair in Dragonspyre, Malistaire watched the two discuss Saffron. “So, Fallon was unsuccessful. She will be punished for this!” he screamed, and Meowiarty shrank back in fear.
“Master, the spy has come back,” he announced.
“Send her in!” Meowiarty left the room for a minute, and then came back in with Fallon, who was cowering as she saw Malistaire’s face. “Leave us, Meowiarty.” When he had left the room, Malistaire yelled, “How dare you! It was a simple task! All you had to do was bring the girl to me! I even bewitched your wand so that it could cast spells that you were not skilled enough to cast! And yet you still failed me! Idiot girl!”
“M...master, she was too strong for me, she summoned a gigantic Cyclops, and it killed all the monsters, please forgive me, it won’t happen again...”
“You’d better believe it won’t happen again!” he screamed. “Get out of my sight!”
“But, Master, where will I go? I’ve been banished from Wizard City; I have no magic, please...”
“I don’t care where you go, as long as it’s far away from here! Now, get out of here before I turn you into a health wisp!” Fallon hurried away. Malistaire called, “Meowiarty!” and the cat appeared. “Go deliver a message to the Nirinis! I have a job for them!”
“Right away, Master!” Meowiarty rushed off. Malistaire smiled. This new plan would never fail...

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