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The Chosen One (part 1) by Saffron LotusBlood

Chapter 1: Wizardly Beginnings
By Saffron Lotusblood

Weird things always happen to me. For instance, once I bumped into the school bully while walking into school, and she said, “You better watch it, wimp!”

All I can remember is having this intense feeling of anger, and then a gigantic creature appeared in front of me. It looked like a Cyclops from Greek mythology. It brought its hammer up in the air and brought down hard on the ground, which started cracking. The crack went up to the bully’s legs, and she screamed and ran away. The Cyclops turned to me. “Umm…thanks?” was all I could say. The Cyclops bowed.

“You are welcome, conjurer!” And it vanished, along with the crack. Well, I never got bullied again, but everyone thought I was weird and stayed away from me. I guess they were afraid I’d summon a Cyclops to split them in half. Another time, it started to rain, and I almost got struck by lightning! I saw the lightning and I knew it was going to hit me. There wasn’t enough time to get out of the way! But my skin just absorbed it! I didn’t even feel anything! I couldn’t think of why these things happened to me. But one day, as I was walking on my driveway, I felt a strange tingling sensation and fell down. I must have fainted, because next thing I knew, I was on the floor in a strange room I had never seen before. In it was an old man in a starry robe and hat and an owl. I knew I must have been dreaming, because the owl had glasses and what looked like a graduation cap on.

“Aha! The spell is working!” cried the man.

“Really?” said the owl.

“Wait a minute… did that owl just talk?” I asked the man.

“I have a name, you know,” said the owl sternly.

“Sorry. Umm… where am I?”

“Oh, where are my manners?” said the man. “You are in Wizard City.”

“Wizard City?”

“Yes. Oh, sorry, I forgot that you live in a world that doesn’t believe in magic. Imagine that, Gamma!”

“Hoooooo!” chuckled Gamma the owl.

“Anyway, Wizard City is the home of the Ravenwood School of Magic.”

“Wait… so magic and wizards and all that are real?”

“Of course! And you are one of them!”

“Me… a wizard? You must have the wrong person!”

“But you are Saffron, correct?”

“Yes, but-“

“Then you are a wizard! Your new name is Saffron Lotusblood!”

“I still don’t think-“

“Haven’t strange things ever happened to you that you can’t explain?”

“Well, I summoned a Cyclops once, but…”

“Cyclops? I think we know what school she will be in, Gamma! Nevertheless, we shall give you the test!” He handed me an aged book and said, “Answer these questions!” I answered the questionnaire inside the book. The questions were mostly about my favorite things, what I thought was most powerful, etc. When I was done, the questions faded and this word appeared in golden letters:


“Aha! Just as I expected! We have a new conjurer on our hands!

“Conjurer? That’s what the Cyclops called me! It all makes sense now! Except… once I got struck by lightning. Why didn’t it hurt me?”

“Myth wizards are especially resistant to Storm. Now, it’s getting late, and you have to get a good night’s sleep. Your classes start tomorrow.”

“But I have so many questions…”

“Well, all right. Ask me anything you want to know.”

I asked him about everything. I learned that there had been a death school, but the teacher, Malistaire, became evil and disappeared along with it. Now a student named Malorn Ashthorn teaches it. I also learned that I can spend Training Points at another school, called my secondary school. An evil teacher? A school disappearing? I had no doubt about which school I would choose. I also learned that the man’s name was Headmaster Ambrose. “Now, if you don’t mind, please come with me.” I followed him outside and we went through a tunnel that said “Golem Court” on the sign. We walked into an open space with a huge tower in the middle. Suddenly, the sky turned dark and cloudy and we saw a shadow in the shape of a man in the tower. The headmaster gasped and whispered, “No…it can’t be…could it be him?” He turned to me and said, “There is trouble in Golem Tower. Follow me!” I followed him into the tower. Inside was a sneering man with dark hair and a mustache. Beside him were two scary-looking creatures.

“Malistaire!” said Headmaster Ambrose.

“Ambrose!” said Malistaire. “Your newest student, I presume? Well, let’s just see how strong she is!”

“Saffron, go and fight the monsters. I will tell you what to do. Meanwhile, I will deal with Malistaire himself!” I walked up to the monsters and started to fight them. The headmaster told me which attacks to use and what each one did. I almost died, but Headmaster Ambrose showed me how to heal myself. Finally, I defeated them. The headmaster said, “Now we’ve got you, Malistaire!”

Malistaire sneered and said, “Perhaps another time, old man!” He vanished.

“Well, I must congratulate you, Saffron. You did a great job! But I still need to give you the Ravenwood tour. Go and talk to all of the teachers. When you are done, come to me.” I went to Ravenwood. It had a gigantic tree in the middle and many smaller trees by each school.

All of the teachers were pretty nice except for Professor Drake. When I talked to him, he said, “Can’t they send some adept students for once?” I realized that he would be my teacher. I was determined to show him that I was better than he thought I was.

When I came back to Headmaster Ambrose, he handed me a Training Point and told me to go pick my secondary school. I ran to Malorn Ashthorn and spent it on the Dark Sprite spell. Then I went to Professor Drake and learned the Blood Bat spell. Finally, I went to the headmaster, who showed me to my dorm room and told me to rest so I could wake up for class. I went to sleep, dreaming about tomorrow.

The next day, I woke up late because I had no alarm clock. I rushed to the Myth School, hoping nobody would notice, but the minute I walked in, Professor Drake said, “Late for your first day of class? How pathetic. However, I expected nothing more of you. Sit, Saffron.” I sat down, embarrassed. We learned how to cast a blood bat, and of course, I was the last one to get it right. When class was over, I picked up my wand and was about to leave when a girl walked up to me.

“Hi. Your name’s Saffron, right?”


“I’m Autumn ThunderTamer. I just wanted to say that I know how you feel. I woke up late on my first day, too. Professor Drake isn’t exactly that forgiving. So don’t feel bad.”

“Thanks, Autumn. Well, see you later.”

“Bye. Oh, and if you ever need any help on a quest or anything, just ask me!”

“Okay. Thanks!” I couldn’t believe my luck. It was my first day and I had already made a friend. I got my first quest in Unicorn Way and defeated Lost Souls. For the rest of the day I did quests. At the end of the day, I sank into my bed, tired. But I was proud of myself. I had managed to become the Hero of Unicorn Way. I had gotten a badge for it. I closed my eyes. My first day of being a wizard was over.

Not far away, in the headmaster’s tower, Headmaster Ambrose and Gamma were discussing me. “Do you think she is the Chosen One? The one destined to stop Malistaire?”

“I feel a powerful strength coming from her. She has to be the Chosen One, Gamma. I know she is!”

“You said the same thing about five other students, but every one of them joined Malistaire when they met him.”

“Saffron is strong-minded. She will surely resist his brainwashing. I am certain she is the one. Besides, those five other students came before I found out that it had to be a Myth wizard, like Malistaire’s brother Cyrus. He didn’t listen when Malistaire tried to convince him to be a spy for him. Only Myth wizards can resist the temptation that comes from the promises he makes to his followers. Myth wizards, and me. When Saffron has become powerful enough, I will send her to fight him and end his reign of terror.”

Gamma started to say something, but then decided that was enough arguing for one night.

Far away, in Dragonspyre, Malistaire watched the scene in his lair through the eye he had stolen from Bartleby. “Interesting. What would you say, Meowiarty?”

The thieving cat grinned. “I think the headmaster is just rambling. No one can defeat you, Master.” Malistaire smirked. “But…”

“Yes, Meowiarty?”


“Spit it out, filthy servant!”

“Well, there is the matter of the girl, master. Even if she can’t defeat you, she could be a problem if she interferes in your plans.”

“You underestimate me, Meowiarty. She will be taken care of soon enough. I will give her the choice to join me, or become my prisoner. If she still resists me, I will use her to bargain with Ambrose.”

“Of course, Master.”

“Now send a message to our spy in Ravenwood. I have plans for her.”

“Yes, Master.” Malistaire sneered as he imagined how pathetic Saffron would look as she was captured.

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