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Tales from Celecstial Bodies (part 9) by Andrew FireRider

"Ohhhhhhh" I groaned, as I woke up in a state of exhaustion.

I was exhausted, and I didn't know where I was. I looked around at the room I was in. It appeared to be a large tent, with much furniture.

Perhaps you can describe it as a "modern tent."

Still, I didn't know if I was safe or in enemy boundaries.

I was on a comfortable bed, with leaves that were sewed amazingly together as a blanket. I realized that I must be in friendly territory, or I was dreaming.

Or it was reverse psychology.

I groaned a second time from the thoughts of reverse psychology and from my exhaustion. My fight with the tree took a lot out of me.

Someone must have heard my groan, because the door of the tent opened up, and in walked a magestic satyr, flute and all.

In case you don't know, a satyr is a hybrid between a goat and a man+. It is also a life spell.

"Hello," the satyr announced. "Welcome to Satyr Island - a place of rebirth, healing, and friendship. We found you come out of the teleportation ring, just as you collapsed and drifted into unconsciousness."

"Well I'm happy that I didn't end up in enemy hands," I replied with relief.

"You have slept all day and night," the satyr continued speaking. "During that time my friends and I have healed you. Do you not feel better?"

"I'm still tired, but my back is healed," I answered. "I have suffered through much, including a live tree that attacked me and threw me onto the ground, causing great pain in my back."

"But you are better now. Your fatigue should wear away soon. All of us fellow satyrs are waiting to hear your tale, and where you came from. Of course, those two ghosts told us a lot, but we are waiting for your account."

"I'm sure that whatever those two ghosts have said is the truth. But I will gladly tell you my tale, and then I must be off," I declared.

The satyr led me out of the tent, and into the village, where it was broad daylight. The sun was shining cheefully in the sky, as if the Spiral wasn't in danger of the Dark Lord.

Many satyrs were travelling upon the roads, and tents were set up alongside the roads.

We reached a place in the town were many chairs were set up, along with a huge statue of a satyr. I realized this was the town center.

There were many satyrs sitting down on the chairs. They were chatting with each other, eating, and relaxing.

Malistaire and Sylvia were there also. But what amazed me was someone else sitting down in the town center.

A wizard, dressed in diviner robes.

These satyrs saw me approaching, and welcomed me in.

"Please, tell us your tale," one of the satyrs begged.

"All right, I will. But first, I would like to know who that storm wizard is, and how you got here," I answered, tilting my head in the direction of the diviner.

"Oh me? Well I am on the same adventure as you, but how I got here is a different story than yours, I assume. My name is Shanna the great and awesome diviner," the diviner named Shanna announced proudly.

"That's an interesting title. Please proceed with your story," I said.

"One ordinary day, I woke up in the morning and went down to have breakfast and a cup of coffee. All of a sudden, I heard a chair being pulled back, and I lifted up my eyes to find two Colossuses sitting down opposite me."

"I know those two colossuses! I met them on Thaumaturge Island," I exclaimed with delight.

"I was shocked when I saw these two colossuses at my table. What in the Spiral were they doing here? I was so taken aback with shock that I spilled my coffee on the table!"

"Oh no!" I shrieked. "I can imagine the result of coffee being spilled near two colossuses, who belong to the school of ice."

"The two colossuses shouted in fear, stood up, and ran to the edge of the room. I was also yelling at the fact that there were two colossuses in my room!

Basically, we were both yelling.

'Who are you?' I yelled.

'Mystical guardians, sent to inform you about an adventure you will soon be going on. We mean you no harm!' the colossuses yelled back.

'I don't mean you any harm either. What is this adventure you speak about?' I said more calmly.

'An adventure of strength, courage, and will. There is an evil person, known as the Dark Lord, who has set up his fortress in Celestia. There is a man named Andrew Firerider who is currently on this quest, but he can't do it alone.'

'Count me in! I've always been waiting for an adventure. It is time that Shanna the great and awesome diviner is known to the world!'

'And so, the two colossuses warned me of the danger I would be facing, and I agreed to go on the quest, and then all of a sudden I was teleported to this place. I realize now it must have been because you too were also here, since I found out that you came out of the teleportation ring, and the satyrs were healing you.'

'Well that's my story. Now please tell me yours,'" Shanna requested of me.

"Ok. I will. And I am most happy to find out that I have a new companion on this journey," I began, and then I told my adventure.

When I was finished, the satyrs and Shanna gave me a respected look, knowing all that I went through.

"Well, we must be off. Time is of the essence, as I like to say," I concluded.

"Ok, and thanks for the visit. Let us show you the way to the teleportation ring," one of the satyrs announced.

"We will greatly miss you and your tale. Make sure to come back when you are done to tell us all about it!" another one proclaimed.

That's very nice, but I need to make sure to make it through this adventure before I can come back!

And so, the satyrs led the way to a great tree, about the size of Bartleby, but in the female form.

I remembered Bartleby telling me of his sister, the Great Raven.

"Are you the Great Raven?" I asked this great tree.

"Yes I am. I assume you know my brother, Bartleby," the Great Raven answered

"Yes I do. He is a great tree. You should be proud to be his sister," I told the Great Raven.

At that the Great Raven smiled, probably recalling some happy memories.

"I am. Inside of me, you will find the teleportation ring. Put the golden watch in it, and you will be teleported to a great desert. I don't know much about it, but I do have one clue that I heard to find the next teleportation ring: X marks the spot."

"Ok! Thank you so much! I will send Bartleby my regards," I announced.

I was very optimistic to think I would make it through the adventure.

Malistaire, Sylvia, Shanna, and I went inside the Great Raven, found the teleportation ring, put the golden watch into the teleportation ring, and then teleported.

The terrain was just as the Great Raven described: a harsh, empty, barren desert.

It was awfully hot in this desert, but nonetheless we traveled on, drinking our canteens when we were thirsty, and resting when we were tired.

We traveled on a little bit more, until eventually we saw the sand moving. But it wasn't from the wind - this was moving on its own, forming many shapes.

Then I saw what it formed. Eight sand colossuses stood in front of me, blocking my path.

A sand colossus is similar to a regular colossus, but is made out of sand.

"I think we will have to fight," I told Shanna as I entered a battle against four of them.

I was expecting Shanna to attack the other four, but instead I heard a loud thunder sound.

I turned my head around to see four sand colossuses dead in their tracks - they were struck by lightning from Shanna!

I finished my battle, and then said to Shanna in awe, "You can do that?"

"Yes," Shanna replied. "They don't call me Shanna the great and awesome diviner for no reason!"

"Um, who exactly calls you that?" I inquired.

"Me, myself, and I."


Anyway, I was still amazed by the lightning. What a powerful wizard! Makes for a good companion.

I'm not going to bore you with the boring details of our travels in this desert. The main thing is that after a while we reached a place in the ground with a big X on it.

"Well that was simple enough! I guess the teleportation ring is buried here under all this sand!" I declared happily.

We dug under the sand a little, only to find a small box. We opened it, and the result was catastrophic.

Out of the box came a spinning whirlpool, with shapes that seemed to be Undead in it. Evil laughter was coming from them, and the landscape was changing also.

I now found myself in a dark graveyard, surrounded by Undead who were laughing evilly and creeping me out.

"Oh come on!" I yelled.

We traveled through the cemetery, with the Undead all around us, fearing for our lives. Their laughter now shrieked to a hyena's laugh.

We approached what seemed to be a large, black tower in the middle of the cemetery, with a fearsome looking ghoul in front of its doorway.

"You want to approach the tower, eh? Well I won't let you!" the ghoul said.

I didn't know what was in the tower, and I didn't say anything. If the ghoul wants to fight, then let it. Shanna and I will surely defeat it!

"My name is Dung. FEAR ME!!!" shrieked Dung.

"Why? Because you smell?" I sneered.

At that, Dung became very angry, and formed the battle circle.

And so, Shanna and I fought Dung, and defeated him. I was quite impressed by Shanna's storm strength.

When Dung was defeated, all the Undead gave a loud cry, and yelled in the air greatly. My ears hurt from the shrieking.

Then the Undead started to surround Shanna, Malistaire, Sylvia, and I, and put chains around our hands. They must have been special chains, because they were able to go onto Malistaire and Sylvia's ghost hands.

The Undead carried us away to a black building nearby, where there were many rooms. In those rooms were cells.

They put Shanna in one cell, and I memorized where that was. They put Malistaire and Sylvia in another cell, and I again memorized where that was.

Now it was just me and a few Undead. I remembered what Shanna did to those Sand Colossuses. I planned on doing something similar.

Here was the problem - I never did something like that before.

This was a spur of the moment type of spell. I never practiced this spell; I didn't even know if it existed!

You see, you can make up spells, but you have to be a powerful wizard to do that.

I took Shanna's idea, but made it a little different, as you will see.

I focused all my energy into this spell, and then my version of the spell I created worked! A flame erupted from inside each of the Undead, and they gave a large cry as the fire spread throughout their spectral bodies.

The Undead collapsed on the floor dead.

"There goes the Un from Undead. Now you're just Dead," I remarked.

I rushed to Malistaire and Sylvia's cell, which was the closest, to free them.

What I found there were two Undead chanting an incantation from a spell book, while Malistaire and Sylvia were tied to the wall with chains.

It didn't look as if the Undead were saying a spell to help Malistaire and Sylvia.

Malistaire and Sylvia were happy to see me, by the look on their face. They knew I would rescue them.

The Undead saw a change on the faces of Malistaire and Sylvia, and turned ar ound and saw me.

"How are ya?" I comically asked the Undead.

I caused the fire to erupt from within the Undead, and they gave a large shout before they died.

This spell made me exhausted, and I was probably too weak to do it again in Shanna's cell, but I went there anyway. I had to do the best I could.

On the way, I asked Malistaire and Sylvia what the two Undead were doing to them.

"They were trying to turn us into Undead like them. And trust me, we didn't want that to happen. Luckily you came to save us just in time."

"That's me. Everyone's savior," I sighed.

Maybe I should've been a little bit nicer. I mean, how were two ghosts supposed to free themselves. It's just that I was exhausted.

We rushed to Shanna's room, and found her locked up, but there were no Undead in the room. They probably went off to do some errand.

Shanna was locked up behind metal bars that kept her prisoner, and acted as a cell.

I was thinking of putting my hands on fire and melting the metal bars that kept her prisoner, but I was too exhausted. I would never have been able to pull of a spell like that.

Luckily for me, these Undead weren't too smart, and left the key to Shanna's cell on a table by the cell. They probably left it there thinking no one would break in.

They apparently didn't know me.

"Over there! The key!" Shanna pointed out to me.

I grabbed the key, and unlocked Shanna's cell. We rushed out towards the hall, to find two Undead patrolling the corridor.

You know me already. Nothing is simple on an adventure.

Especially if I'm on it.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?!" yelled one of the Undead.

"Alert! Alert! We have a prisoner escape in process! Alert! Alert!" shouted the Undead.

But it was too late for them! Lo and behold, Shanna caused the lighting that she summoned earlier to attack them, and in an instant they were gone!

All that remained of them were tiny ashes. That's some spell that Shanna knows!

"Quickly! The rest of the Undead here must have heard the alarm!" warned Sylvia.

We rushed out of the building into the graveyard. We ran down the path in the graveyard and into the tower.

In the tower, we found a long stairway leading up.

"Wait here," warned Malistaire. "Let Sylvia and I investigate the top floor, so you know what you are getting yourself into."

"All right," I agreed.

Malistaire and Sylvia went up the stairs, and hid behind the railing before the last floor.

"There is a teleportation ring here. But it is guarded by so many Undead, that I can't count them," said a voice sounding like Malistaire in my head.

Head text is a thing known to even beginning wizards. It is a way to communicate with people, whether they are an inch away, or a galaxy away!

But I didn't know that ghosts could do that!

"We will distract the Undead by chasing them around. These Undead are ghosts, so they can fly. We will make them fly away from the building, and then you can enter the teleportation ring," said Sylvia in my head.

"Sounds like a plan to me!" I responded.

I told the plan to Shanna, and she agreed to follow the plan.

Malistaire and Sylvia made their appearance to the Undead, and I heard a large yell from the Undead. These Undead were amazed that someone other than themselves were at the top floor, and didn't know what to do.

"Come up the stairs, and go into the teleportation ring. Quickly! Let's not wait for the grass to grow," said Malistaire in my head this time.

I wanted to tell Malistaire to relax, and I was coming; he just had to give me a chance. No reason to put in that part about the grass growing.

Shanna and I ran up the stairs, to find Undead flying frantically around outside, being chased by Malistaire and Sylvia.

It was a ghost chase! A pretty comic sight if you ask me.

I put the golden watch inside the teleportation ring, and the blue substance filled up the teleportation ring.

Malistaire and Sylvia rushed at me to enter the teleportation ring, so I ran through, followed by Shanna.

My new surroundings consisted of the ocean shore and the ocean nearby, with ferocious sharks in the water.

Another adventure I would soon experience.

Right before the teleportation ring closed, Malistaire and Sylvia came through.

But they weren't alone. A few Undead managed to go through with them.

And the adventure still continued…

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