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Tale from Celestial Bodies (part 7) by Andrew FireRider

I was faced with a difficult dilemma. How would I get inside the mountain without the enemy seeing me?

You're probably laughing at me because the answer is so obvious, but when you're on a quest such as this one and your life and everyone else's is at risk, it's hard to think. Nothing seems so simple.

Well, eventually the answer hit me.

"Wait a second… I came out of the mountains from a hole in the side. Not from the top!" I said.

"Aha! I think I catch your drift," said Malistaire.

"What do you think I am going to do?" I asked Malistaire, wanting to know if he actually knew the answer which seemed so difficult to me.

"You're going to go into the hole and then make the mountain erupt!" Malistaire said.

"Um… no. But what is it with you and eruptive mountains?" I asked.

"You mean that wasn't the answer? Well then please tell me the answer Mr. I-can-solve-any-problem-without-making-a-mountain-erupt-because-I'm-so-awesome-and-smart," said Malistaire.

"Well, thank you for that compliment. I'm going to go into the hole in the mountain (known as a vent in science), crawl through the tunnel and into the chamber where the crystal is, and then retrieve the crystal" I said.

"That's a genius plan!" Malistaire said.

Let's face it, Malistaire is really not smart!

It seemed like a simple enough plan. But as I said before, nothing is so simple on an adventure.

I approached the hole and made sure to stay hidden from the trolls and goblins going into the mountain through the top (known as a crater in science).

I ran through the tunnel because I knew that if I was too late, the trolls and goblins would reach the crystal before me. At the time I went into the hole the last of the group entered the mountain.

Time was running out.

I reached the chamber where the crystal was, and saw the brilliant light that was shining from it. There was no one else in the chamber. The crystal was mine!

Ok… that sounded evil.

I approached the crystal but I heard a large, turbulent noise. The whole ground shook and trembled.

You may recall that in the other mountains I climbed down through the top, found a tunnel, found the chamber with the crystal, and then crawled out through another tunnel.

Well, the trolls and goblins came through the first hole I mentioned.

"Garg aah!" said a huge, green, ugly troll that must have been their leader. This troll was a huge, equipped with a large, brown, spiky club. The rest of the trolls were also fearsome.

I never faced a goblin before this, so this was my first encounter with them. They were black, skinny, ugly looking creatures with lots of spiky armor.

I don't know what garg aah meant, but I don't think it meant, "Hello human. We come in peace."

The ruckus that was made was from the stomping of the group's feet as they went through the tunnel. Now I was facing them.

"Dark Lord wants crystal. Dark Lord wants you. Grokalukabok smash you. Grokalukabok deliver you to Dark Lord with crystal," said the leader, who I assumed was called Grokalukabok.

"Oh I don't think so! You will never receive this crystal without a fight! By the way, you may want to see an English teacher to improve your English," I said.

"Garg laa ook ahh!" said Grokalukabok, which was troll for, “I will destroy you and then boil you up with roast chicken and eat you for supper."

Grokalukabok stepped right up to me and we entered the dueling circle.

It was unlucky timing, because at that second there was another loud noise, but this was different. This was coming from the mountain.

I recognized this noise from another place. But from where?

Then I remembered. This was the noise the first mountain made when it erupted. I was fighting in a mountain that was about to erupt.

Grokalukabok also realized this, because he let out a series of shouts and yells.

I was almost done with the duel, I just needed to put some more traps on Grokalukabok and then a helephant would finish him off

But I had to do it before the mountain erupted.

All the trolls and goblins were gathering around this fight, wondering what would happen.

Then a chunk of rock fell off the wall from the eruption. This mountain was about to explode, and things were going to get ugly.

"Say goodbye!" I said.

"If I die in this mountain from the eruption, so will you!" said Grokalukabok.

"I wasn't talking about death from the eruption!" I said.

"So what were you talking about?" asked Grokalukabok.

You probably know already, but trolls are not smart at all.

"I was talking about this!" I said, as I cast the fire symbol to summon helephant.

"Hahahaha! You are defeated!" I said.

Then I fizzled.

"Hahahaha! Your plan backfired!" said Grokalukabok, and then he cast a Minotaur.

It did a lot of damage, but I was still alive.

But I was running out of time.

The next round I summoned helephant, and Grokalukabok was defeated!

"Garg ak laduka nooooooooo!" said Grokalukabok, which is troll for, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

I may have defeated Grokalukabok, but the mountain was about to be destroyed.

Now the trolls and goblins were extremely terrified that their leader was defeated, and they ran away in the first hole.

I knew that's a big mistake, since that's where the eruption was most severe.

If you recall, when the first mountain erupted, I escaped into the hole, but the snow in the mountain flowed through the hole and carried me into the chamber with the crystal.

I knew that any second the snow would come flowing out of the hole, but this time I wasn't scared. I knew it was just snow, and wouldn't harm me that much, even though snow is the opposite of my school.

I started running through the tunnel that I entered the current mountain, and the trembling and shaking was so great. The eruption was taking place right there and then.

As I was running through the tunnel, the snow came.

Huge piles of snow piled on top of each other on layers came rushing towards me. I feared I would be buried inside the snow.

The snow carried me along, but the exit wasn't that far away. If the exit was farther, then maybe the snow would have engulfed me.

When the snow and I came out of the tunnel, the snow went in all different directions, so I was able to move freely and not be carried by snow.

I met up with Malistaire and Sylvia again. If Malistaire says one more thing about me exploding a mountain, I will become so frustrated!

"What happened? This time I am certain that you exploded the mountain!" said Malistaire.

Oh boy! Here we go again.

"Garg ak laduka nooooooooo" I said, imitating Grokalukabok.

"What in the Spiral does that mean?" asked Sylvia.

I explained to them everything that happened, and they were impressed.

"This will definitely go down in the story and history books," Sylvia said.

"Only if the adventure is a success," I said.

"It will be," Sylvia stated.

I sure hoped!

We headed towards the other side of the island where we saw the next teleportation ring.

I put in the golden watch, and three crystals, and I was about to put in the fourth one, when out of the snow came two Colossuses.

"Uch I don't want to fight anymore!" I said.

I guess I sounded a little bit like a baby, but after all I've done, I wasn't in the mood to fight!

"Do not fear! We are not here to hurt you," one of them said.

"We saw you come here the first time, but we did not say anything. We thought you would go away," the other one said.

"And why is that?" I asked.

"Because you didn't have the necessary crystals to go through the teleportation ring," the first one said.

"That's a good reason," I said, not knowing what they were going to say next

"Now that you have the necessary crystals, we must warn you," the second one said.

"Warn me of what?" I asked.

"The danger you will face next," the first one said.

"When I came here, I knew I would face danger. This is no surprise to me," I said.

"The next place you will be going is a place known as the Treacherous Forest," the second one said.

"It's exactly what it sounds like. It's a treacherous forest," the first one said.

"The forest is alive. The trees move, and paths in the forest are constantly changing. The forest is infested with all types of creatures, and you must be careful," the second one said.

"Are you ready to take on what faces you next?" asked the first one.

"Not really, but I must do it for the Spiral," I said.

"Then place the fourth crystal into the teleportation ring, and go to the Treacherous Forest," the second one said.

I put the fourth crystal in, and the blue substance filled up the teleportation ring.

"You are now leaving Thaumaturge Island. Your destination is the Treacherous Forest. Hope you make it alive!" the fire one said.

And with that pleasant and cheery statement, I stepped through the teleportation ring and into the forest.

And the adventure continued…

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