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Tales from Celestial Bodies (part 6) by Andrew FireRider

"Oh, it sure is cold here," I said.

"You're a fire wizard. You can heat yourself up," said Sylvia.

“I am, but it takes a little energy. What about you ghosts? Do you feel heat or cold?" I asked.

"We don't feel either of those. We are quite comfortable here," said Malistaire.

"What's the deal with you ghosts being able to move through objects, but also being able to carry those bags?" I asked.

I forgot to mention this before, but when we received the golden watch from Daniel, he also gave us food, blankets, and other supplies for the journey. It was very generous of him, but I don't blame him wanting to be free of the Dark Lord living in his home world.

"Well, ghosts are able to move through walls or other objects if they like, but can also pick up or touch objects if they want to. All they need to do is think about it and it works. It's very cool," Malistaire said.

"Yeah, but I think more people would prefer being alive than being a ghost," Sylvia said.

Soon the mountains ahead were becoming closer and closer. I now saw them much better than before. They were not short, but not tall, and were covered with snow all over. It appeared to me that the first one's top was covered with frozen ice!

"I think we better take a look around this place," said Malistaire. "See if we can find anything valuable to get to the next place."

We went past the four mountains, and it took a while. Each mountain wasn't right next to each other, but we were able to get past them.

Then we saw a teleportation ring, but much different than the previous one. This one had five slots - one for the golden watch, but we couldn't figure out what the other four were for.

"Hmm," said Malistaire, “I think we will need to conduct a little investigating in the mountains."

"I like how you said we. Knowing my luck, it's probably going to be just me.

"Well, I'm sorry; I was just trying to make you feel better until we got there!" Malistaire said.

We went back to the first mountain, and we headed towards the icy top.

"How do you plan on breaking the ice?" asked Sylvia.

"You see! It's always up to me!" I said. "I will heat up the middle of the ice, melt it, and then climb down through that. It will take too much energy to heat and melt the whole thing.

"All right. We will be waiting right here for you," said Malistaire.

"Oh, that's so kind and generous of you," I said sarcastically.

I melted the middle of the ice, and then started climbing down into the mountain. Far below was a huge pile of snow, and I had no clue how long it went on for.

I climbed down the mountain by hanging onto the edges, and trust me, I'm no mountain climber. It was not easy.

All of a sudden the mountain started shaking. The snow started moving. I was about to witness a snow mountain explode. Similar to a volcano, but snow. This was not good.

I was losing my grip on the wall, and I fell down towards the snow. But then I saw a huge hole in the ground - a passageway in the mountain.

Before I fell past it, I gripped onto the hole, and then climbed through. Then the mountain exploded. Tons and tons and tons and tons and pounds of snow exploded through the volcano. I wonder what Malistaire and Sylvia were thinking.

Well I’ll tell you what they were thinking.

"I knew that boy would do it! He has gotten us what we need, by making the mountain explode! I knew we can trust it to that boy," said Sylvia.

"Yes, normally I would think a mountain exploding is bad, but knowing that Andrew Firerider is down there, it must have been because of him for a good purpose," said Malistaire.

The sad part is that they were being serious!

So now I was safe and secure in my hole. Well, not really. As the snow was erupting out of the mountain, it was also coming into my hole.

I started running through the hole to avoid the snow, but the snow was so fast. I knew it would catch up and sweep me away.

But then again, it's only snow. It's not like it was magma.

Then I turned around to see how close it was to me, and instead of snow, I saw magma.

No, I'm just kidding. I still saw snow. I turned back, and saw that the hole ended soon, but it wasn't a dead end. There was a floor underneath where the hole ended.

Then the snow caught up with me. I expected it to be the opposite of a volcano - freezing cold snow that can freeze you instantly. I guess I have a big imagination.

It wasn't anything like that. It was regular snow, but still, a pyromancer doesn't like snow too much. The snow swept me through the hole, and out onto the floor underneath.

And in the center of that room, was a shining, bright blue pedestal. And on top of the pedestal was a glowing, magnificent, luminous, blue crystal.

It gave off such a light that I had to shield my eyes at first. I realized that the four slots in the teleportation rings were four slots to put crystals in. There must be a crystal in each mountain!

I took the crystal off the pedestal, expecting some booby trap to kill me. As I said before, I have an over reactive imagination.

Nothing happened. At the other end of the room was another hole. I climbed up to the hole, and the hole led me out of the mountain. I was on the opposite side of where Malistaire and Sylvia were, but that was all right. I can walk.

The mountain was covered with snow because of the eruption. It reminded me of the exact opposite of a volcano. Instead of lava, there was snow!

I went to Malistaire and Sylvia, showed them the crystal, and explained my hypothesis.

"Wait, so the mountain erupting wasn't because of you?" asked Sylvia.

"Um, no. Why would I make a mountain erupt?" I asked.

"Um…no reason," said Sylvia.

"I don't believe you, but I don't really care," I said. "I need to get the crystals from the other mountains."

"Ha! You said I," Malistaire said.

"Oh grow up and be quiet!" I said.

We headed to the second mountain, and I saw the top frozen again. I melted the middle, climbed down, and was very careful, because I expected the mountain to erupt any second.

But it never did. I thought that the first mountain might have erupted as a trap, but I realized it was just unlucky timing.

I saw the hole in the mountain, climbed through it, went out the other end, took the crystal, and then went out the mountain.

"Well that was certainly much easier than the first one!" I said.

And the third mountain went the same way.

"All right! It looks like we will have the fourth crystal in no time!" Sylvia said.

Oh yeah, I wish!

As we approached the fourth mountain, we saw a large group of trolls and goblins heading towards the top. They looked tougher than any other troll I have fought. I never fought a goblin before, but they looked tough!

"Oh boy! I knew this wasn't going to be easy!" I said.

"The Dark Lord must have sent them to take the crystals away so you can't reach him," Malistaire said.

"So the Dark Lord knows about me? How?" I asked.

"Either special magic or spies," Malistaire said. "Whichever one, you still can't get into the mountain from the top. You will need to find another way in, and fast - before the trolls and goblins reach the crystal," said Malistaire.

"Yeah! Sounds like fun," I said sarcastically.

The adventure continued…

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