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Tales from Celestial Bodies (part 5) by Andrew FireRider

We went back to the cobblestone street, and chose one of the side streets. It looked bigger than the rest and had more people, so we figured it must be the main village.

It definitely was the main village! It was huge! Not as big as the Chamber of Spirits, but it was large for a village!

The homes were amazingly created; each one had a different design than the other. However, each one stood on white tall pillars. Each home were painted white and looked pure, as if only good people live in this village.

And in fact, ONLY good people lived in that village!

"Excuse me kind sir, where can we find a golden watch?" asked Sylvia, to someone on the street.

"Holy ghost! How did you escape from the Chamber of Spirits?" asked the boy. "If the Dark Lord finds out, we will be all doomed."

"Why does everyone say the word doom? It brings such a negative feeling!" I said.

"Do not fear, for Malistaire is here!" said Malistaire.

"Malistaire! Oh no! I heard about you! You tried to conquer the Spiral! Step away from me, fiend!" said the boy.

"Perhaps you should let me handle this," I said

"Yes. I feel more comfortable talking to a living soul," said the boy.

"Hey!" said Malistaire, taken aback by this statement.

"No offense," said the boy.

"Oh sure! Just say no offense and I’m supposed to forgive you," said Malistaire.

"Yeah, that's basically why I just said no offense," the boy said.

"Incompetent little fool!" said Malistaire.

"Silence! Stop using lines that only bad guys use. Next thing you know you will be talking to us about how glorious and powerful you are, as all the bad guys do. We must accomplish our mission! So where can we find a golden watch?" I asked.

"In the shopping center of course!" said the boy.

"And where is the shopping center?" I asked.

"It's located in the middle of the town - can't miss it! It's between Celestia Avenue and Shopping Avenue," said the boy.

"That really helps me!" I said sarcastically. "As you can see, I am not from around here. Can you show me the way?" I asked.

"Of course! As long as the fiend doesn't bite!" the boy said.

"Hey! And don't say no offense!" said Malistaire.

"No offense. I always thought Malistaire would be much tougher than this," said the boy.

"There's no use arguing Malistaire. Just let it be," said Sylvia.

"You're lucky I have a nice enough wife like Sylvia to stop me," said Malistaire.

And so we went together to the shopping center.

The shopping center was huge! It was composed of so many shops, and I had no clue how we would find which shop we needed! The shops were painte gold, and they varied in size. Some were small while others were the size of factories!

"Follow me, and you will find the golden watch store," said the boy.

We followed him for a while through the Shopping District, gaping at it's marvelence. There were food stands (without pretzels or hot dogs!), souvenir shops, clothing outlets and the list went on and on. If my mom or sister was here, they would feel as if they were in heaven!

Finally we arrived at our destination.

It was a shop painted bright gold, more gold than all the others. It had only one floor, but it was huge. The shelves were painted bright white, and it's contents consisted of bright golden watches. There must have been a thousand watches in that store! How were we ever going to find the correct watch.

There were grand white steps leading up to the shop. There was a pillar on each of the four corners of the shop, painted gold. It was a sight to behold!

"Well, I have done my job. I better be off now," said the boy as he hurried away. "Make sure to be careful with the fiend," he added.

"I AM NOT A FIEND!" said an infuriated Malistaire.

"Well I don't expect you to admit it!" said the boy, and then he disappeared among the throng of people.

"Don't worry, he only knew you by your past self. Not your present self," said Sylvia, trying to comfort Malistaire.

"Well he's only a boy. I don't mind that much," said Malistaire, still with a red face and looking as if steam might pop out of his head any second!

"Anyway, let's take a look at this shop," I said.

As we approached the shop, I saw a sign that said "Daniel's Golden Watch Shop - New and Old, They're All Here!"

We went into the shop and gazed around the many shelves in the room. Some of the watches looked fairly simple, some looked like a watch from Earth, and some looked extremely complex.

"May I help you with anything?" said a voice behind me.

"Yes, we need a powerful golden watch," I said.

"Ah. I will help you. I am Daniel, the owner of this store. What do you need a powerful watch for?" he asked.

"To take down the Dark Lord once and for all," I said.

"Oh. Many brave warriors have said that, but there are no tales that they have brought back, and that is because they never came back. But I cannot turn a customer down. You need the golden watch for the teleportation rings I assume," said Daniel.

"Yes, we need one that can power it," I said.

"I figured that if you want to reach the Dark Lord, you were going to use the teleportation rings. As far as I know, there is no other way in order to reach him," said Daniel.

"Does that mean that you have a watch suitable for us?" I asked.

"Unfortunatley, no. I know nothing of the kind, nor do I have anything so powerful. As far as the residents of Celestia are concerned, those types of watches are only myths. Perhaps they existed before our time, but I regret that I have nothing for you," said Daniel.

"Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly," I asked.

"I don't know. What did you hear?" asked Daniel.

"I heard that you don't have any watches that I can use. But didn't you say that people tried defeating the Dark Lord?" I asked.

"When did I say that?" asked Daniel.

"When you told me that brave warriors tried to defeat the Dark Lord but there are no tales about them because they never came back," I said.

"Oh yes, now I remember. Those were only tales told before our time. As I said before, maybe there really was such a watch before, so maybe people tried defeating the Dark Lord a long time ago. However, presently, we know nothing about it, and they are only tales and myths in our culture," said Daniel.

"Oh," I said, feeling downcast. I should've known that this adventure would not be so easy.

"However, your cause is a good one, and I respect that. I most sincerely wish that you are successful. I will give you my most powerful golden watch for free because of that," said Daniel.

"Thank you so much, because we don't even have Celestian money!" I said.

Daniel gave me his most powerful golden watch, and it gleamed in the afternoon sun as I took it outside. It was a large watch, and had many buttons on the side. I didn't know how to set it to tell time, but I didn't need the watch to do that!

"What do you plan on doing with this?" asked Malistaire.

"I'm going to Dragonspyre to get myself a crystal to bring more energy to the watch, then I will have a scientist from Marleybone hook the watch up with the crystal so the crystal will transfer its energy to the watch, and then I will see what happens next," I said.

In case you have never been to Dragonspyre, Dragonspyre is famous for the Dragon Titan and for its powerful crystals. Marleybone is a world of technology, scientists, and cat thugs.

I went to Dragonspyre, and headed towards the Crystal Grove. Sure enough, I found a large enough crystal that I thought would be able to power the watch enough. I then brought it to Marleybone.

"Back again! Why are you here this time?" asked Sherlock Bones, as he saw me stepping out of the Spiral Chamber.

"I couldn't resist seeing this world again," I said.

"Really?" asked Sherlock.

"No! I need to speak with your best scientist," I said.

"Well that would have to be C.H. Waggs!" said Sherlock, not releasing any sign of gloom from my previous statement. "You can find him by Kensington Park. After you got all those horrible clockwork golems out of Kensington Park, he enjoys hanging around there," said Sherlock.

In case you don't know, Kensington Park is a side quest in Marleybone in which a Clockwork Golem named Stoker takes control and tries to conquer all of Marleybone using other Clockwork Golems. C.H. Waggs created Stoker, but it malfunctioned and caused that whole problem.

I went to Kensington Park, and sure enough I found C.H. Waggs.

"Hello again, Andrew Firerider. Thank you for rescuing me from those Clockwork Golems that took advantage of me!," said C.H. Waggs.

"You're quite welcome. I was told you are the best scientist in Marleybone. Please tell me if you can hook this crystal to this golden watch so that the energy from the crystal will transfer into the golden watch," I said.

"I can, but it may take a while. I will need to make the golden watch be able to accept the energy without exploding, but I will do it as quickly as I can," he said. "Imagine what would happen if all of a sudden a burst of energy was transferred into the watch! You would have some explosion!"

"Thank you so much, but you can take your time. I'd rather that it works than it explodes!" I said.

And so, C.H. Waggs took apart the watch and added something to it in order that it will accept the new energy transfer. I'm no mechanic, so don't even ask me what it was. I probably wouldn't know even if I was a mechanic, because this was Marleybone technology.

As C.H. Waggs was doing all this, I told him my tale. At the end, I had a brilliant shining golden watch with a large red crystal on top of it. It looked almost comic.

"In order to transfer the energy from the crystal into the golden watch, you will need to hook up the watch to a great energy source," said C.H. Waggs.

"Thank you so much! I hope I have the honor to speak with you one day for a longer time while you are relaxing," I said.

"Please, Andrew Firerider, the honor is mine," said C.H. Waggs, as I departed from the Ironworks.

I knew exactly what my energy source would be. The teleportation ring!

I went back to Celestia and towards the Tower of Thrills. There were no more monsters on this tower to attack me, and I quickly went towards the last floor where the teleportation ring is.

"Let's hope this works!" I said, as I put the golden watch into the hole where it went.

There was a great noise, and the whole ground shook. First I saw the crystal lighting up, and I realized it must have been transfering energy to the watch. Then the golden watch started to light up and gave off an incredible luminous light. Then static appeared across the teleportation ring, and eventually the hole was filled with what I can only describe as a bright blue substance.

Then all of a sudden, the crystal stopped glowing, and the golden watch also stopped shining. The portal hole was still there.

"Do you think it's safe to take out the watch?" I asked.

"I am not sure. The worst thing that would happen is the portal hole would close, but I believe that the portal hole was designed to stay open for a few minutes, so give it your best shot!" said Sylvia.

"Ok, here I go. And if I get electrocuted, please tell my family that I love them, and please remember that you will all be doomed now that no one can stop the Dark Lord," I said sarcastically.

"Well that's a very nice encouraging thought!" said Sylvia.

I pulled out the golden watch from the hole, and braced myself for electricity to surge throughout my body and have to live with frizzy mad scientist hair for the rest of my life.

Ok, maybe that's a little too much to think about! But none of that happpened. Like Sylvia said, the portal hole stayed open.

"Ok, the portal is open, now to the Dark Lord's island!" I said, charging at the portal hole as if I was in a movie or story. I went through the portal and was teleportated someplace extremely cold, with four mountains, covered with ice at the top, looming up in the distance.

"Do you think he will be upset once he finds out there are many more obstacles and adventures before he reaches the Dark Lord?" asked Sylvia.

"A little," said Malistaire.

And then Malistaire and Sylvia stepped through the portal also.

That's what really fascinated me. A ghost, which can move through objects, can travel through a teleportation ring! Beats me!

Anyway, there we all were standing by the teleportation ring we just exited from, gaping at the four mountains ahead of us.

"Is that the Dark Lord's fortress?" I asked.

"I didn't tell you this yet, but we still have many more places to go and adventures to face before we reach the Dark Lord," said Malistaire.

"You're kidding, right?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, no," said Malistaire.

And so, the adventure continued…

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