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Tales from Celestial Bodies (part 4) by Andrew FireRider

As I stepped out of the Spiral Door, I was greeted by Malistaire and Sylvia Drake.

"Hello again! Have you gotten the explosives?" asked Malistaire.

"No, I'm just carrying around this big bag for no reason," I said sarcastically. "Of course I got the explosives!"

"Excellent! Let's head over to the wall of the Chamber of Spirits, and then you can set the explosives off."

We walked toward the edge of the Chamber of Spirits, and we stood a few feet away from the wall.

"Explosives won't harm ghosts like us here, but you better stand a few feet away so you don't kill yourself and end up here in ghost form!" said Sylvia.

"Yes, I was about to do that," I said, as I moved a few feet away.

Many ghosts gathered around. They were so surprised to see a real living soul here, especially one holding explosives in his hand!

I threw one explosive at the wall. KABOOM!!! It made a nice hole in the wall, but not enough.

"The Dark Lord was the one who created the walls of this chamber, and it will take many explosives to knock down the wall," said Malistaire.

"More fun for me!" I said. "Hey, you want to know what I would like to know! How do you know so much about this world if you've only been here for such a short time?"

"First of all, there were ghosts here that have been here since the Dark Lord put up the walls, and I talked to them. Second of all, Sylvia has been here a while also, and she told me a lot. But that's not important. Knock that wall down," said Malistaire.

"Of course! Leave me to all the dirty work," I said as I threw another explosive at the wall.


Eventually there was a huge hole in the wall, and many ghosts crowded around it and went through the hole, happy to be free.

"Wait, if you're a ghost, how come you couldn't just move through the wall?" I asked.

"I told you before. This wall was made by the Dark Lord. It's protected by special magic," said Malistaire.

"Of course! The Dark Lord put magic on the wall so no ghosts can go through it but explosives can destroy it! What type of magic is that!" I asked.

"Do not question the magic of the Dark Lord. His magic and evil is far more powerful than anything you've ever faced," said Malistaire.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Everyone told me the same thing when I fought you," I said.

"Well I am quite honored," said Malistaire.

"Now if you don't mind, what am I supposed to do next?" I asked.

"I believe that the next thing is to find the golden watch, but I am sure that the Dark Lord has put many obstacles in our course," said Sylvia.

"Something just popped into my mind. Won't the Dark Lord realize all the ghosts have gone?" I asked.

"Yes he will, but they will be dispersed throughout all of Celestia and he will never get them all back again," said Malistaire.

"And why did he imprison them in the first place?" I asked.

"Where do you come up with these questions?! said Malistaire. The Dark Lord is a cruel person, and he decided to imprison the ghosts."

We stepped out of the hole, and I was amazed to see how wonderful the world of Celestia was. The air was as pure as Mooshu, and the sky was pure blue. All the roads and buildings were crystal white, just like the color of the walls and floor in the Chamber of Spirits.

A road lay of us straight ahead. It was the only road, so we travelled on it. After a few minutes, many other roads came out of this road, but they all led to different islands, which I realized must be some towns.

"These roads that come out of the main road lead to different towns. We must continue travelling on the main road," said Sylvia.

"And where does the main road lead?" I asked.

In response to that Malistaire said, "You'll see soon enough."

"Oh goody, I love surprises," I said sarcastically.

After a few more minutes of travelling on the main road I saw a large circle, or what appeared to be a roof, with three ghosts on it. However, these ghosts were different. These were the ghosts known as Undead, and not the ghosts of Celesetia. On the roof there was a staircase leading to a lower floor, shaped in a circle also, and then a staircase on that floor leading farther down, and so on. Each floor had more and more fearsome creatures on it.

"Is this the surprise?" I asked.

"It sure is. This is what is known as The Tower of Thrills. You must fight your way through it if you want to get to the Dark Lord's island," Malistaire said.

"Wait. You said that I have to fight. I'm assuming that ghosts can't fight," I said.

"Correct. Only Undead, such as on that roof. But be careful. These are powerful minions, and soon you will be facing wraiths on The Tower of Thrills," said Sylvia.

"Well, I'm about to give them thrills!" I said as I entered the first duel on The Tower of Thrills.

The ghosts on the first floor weren't so difficult, and neither were the ghosts on the second floor. But on the third floor, I met ghosts that were black, unlike the first two floors which had ghosts that were white. After a couple of floors I found myself facing wraiths, and on the last floor I was low on health but I defeated the boss known as Perilaker.

On the last floor, there was a great semicircle coming out of the ground, with a hole in one of the sides. It looked like the teleportation objects in Dragonspyre, where you put crystals into the portal and you are teleported to someplace.

"Great job," said Sylvia. "We now need to go to one of the villages and receive a golden watch."

"Wait a second! Why did we have to come all this way first? Why couldn't we go to the village first?" I asked.

"If you were carrying a golden watch with you, and you lost, one of the ghosts may have taken it, and then you would receive your doom," said Malistaire.

"Oh. I hate doom. Well, to the villages!" I said.

"Yes, let's go right away. Time is of the essence," said Malistaire.

"Um, I basically just said that we are leaving right now, in case you didn't here," I told Malistaire.

"Yes, I just wanted it to sound dramatic," said Malistaire.

"Whatever you say, dear Malistaire," said Sylvia.

And so, we went back onto the road and to the villages.

And the adventure continued again.

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