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Tales from Celestial Bodies (part 3) by Andrew FireRider

I stepped out of the Spiral Chamber and into Marleybone. I saw many dogs gaping at me that I came back, and they appeared extemely happy. I decided to pay a visit to my good friend, Sherlock Bones, on Barker Street.

Sherlock Bones was so amazed to see me again! "You just couldn't resist coming back to our wonderful world, eh? The Royal Police Force can use your help, but first you must tell us why you are here."

"There is another dark wizard, named the Dark Lord, who wishes to take over the Spiral. Have you heard the tale of when I defeated Malistaire?" I asked.

"Of course I heard what events happened to you after you left! And I am so happy that Malistaire has turned good. But if you wish to only warn us of the Dark Lord, I think you have wasted your time. If you tell this to the dogs of Marleybone, they will become frightened!" said Sherlock Bones.

"That is not why I am currently here, but I may have to eventually tell them. Do you have any fireworks or explosives I can borrow?" I asked.

"Why, Andrew Firerider, you always come just at the nick of time! There is currently a powerful O'Leary gang that has captured some explosives and they plan on using it to destroy the cells of Newgate Prison and release all the prisoners! The Royal Police Force can sure use your help," said Sherlock.

"Piece of cake. I've already been to Newgate Prison one time, and I have seen those cells. Do you have any idea of where this O'Leary gang is located?" I asked.

"My detective squad is currently trying to figure that out. Please have dinner with us here. I will invite the Mayor, and you will have rest for some while," said Sherlock Bones.

"Ok, but then I must continue with my quest," I said.

It wasn't long before the dogs of Marleybone heard that I was here. There was a whole parade, and everyone was cheering. Well, not everyone. The cats were immensely dissapointed that I came back, and I believe that I struck terror into their hearts, which is good for me, because it will be easier for me to obtain the explosives.

The Mayor came to where Sherlock Bones and I were, and we had supper together. We talked, and I explained about my journey, and I heard something that I couldn't believe! Here is what happened:

"You know, Sherlock Bones, there is a fictional character back on Earth where I am from named Sherlock Holmes," I said.

"Oh really? Is he a dog like me?" Sherlock Holmes asked.

"No, he's a human, but he is fake. A man named Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put him in his stories. And you know what else? Sherlock Holmes solves mysteries like you!" I said.

"It is not surprising. I don't suppose that he lives on Barker Street also?" said Sherlock Bones.

"Not surprising? What do you mean? And he doesn't live on Barker Street. Instead, he lives on Baker Street. I didn't think that it was just an ordinary coincidence when I first met you," I said.

"It is not a coincidence at all. I one time travelled to Earth and met Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I see that he decided to put me in his books. But this has nothing to do with your tale," said Sherlock Bones.

"No it doesn't. And speaking of my tale, has your detective squad figured out where this O'Leary gang is situated?" I asked.

"Have you seen anyone besides the Mayor come here? How would I know if they figured it out?" asked Sherlock Bones.

Call it irony, but at that same moment a bunch of dogs came into the room, and whispered something into Sherlock Bones' ear.

"Well, what do you know! They found out," said Sherlock Bones. "The leader of this O'Leary gang is a fearsome cat named Purrtafear. His tower is located at the end of Newgate Prison, near the place you faced the Agony Wraith on your last adventure."

"I hope to see you soon," I said as I rushed out the door to Newgate Prison.

I went all the way to the end of the prison and found many buildings. This certainly didn't help. However, I saw a few cats entering one building, so I decided that must be the one where Purrtafear is.

I was correct, and I entered the building.

"Well hello, Andrew Firerider. I have heard of you from those weak gangs of cats. I assure you, I am much tougher than they are, and I will destroy you," said Purrtafear.

"Yeah yeah yeah. That's what they all said. Listen, you're in Marleybone, and I defeated dragons from Dragonspyre, you can't be that difficult. Oh, and have you ever though about changing your name? It is extremely odd," I said.

" Have you ever though about changing your name? It is extremely odd," he mimicked me. "Well too bad. Live with it! Or I should say, DIE WITH IT!"

At that second the battle began. Just like I expected, it was an easy battle. That wasn't what shocked me. What shocked me was what came next.


"Wow that sounds really familiar to what happened in the Ironworks! The boss said that he already began the raid, but I was able to stop it, so we will see who wins," I said.

I was pretty confident that I would stop the gang in time, but then I heard an extremely loud sound that shook the roof I was walking on. The gang already began using the explosives! I rushed to the cells of the prison, and couldn't believe it. For once in my life, I was too late!

But then another side of me came out. "You are Andrew Firerider. You have defeated Malistaire, and you will defeat the Dark Lord! Have courage, you can do this," I said to myself.

I saw many cats in front of me. There was a large bag full of explosives next to them. They had already destroyed Cell 1, and freed the prisoner there, and now they were working on Cell 2. But here's the good thing about Newgate Prison. Each cell is situated on a piece of land that comes out of the floor. Therefore, between each cell there is a dark abyss. I simply used some of my moves that I learnt from Earth. I pushed the cats off the cells and into the dark abyss. Cell 2 was almost destroyed, and I knew that the prisoner would escape. I therefore chased him into Cell 3, where he couldn't escape. Then I went back to the first prisoner that escaped, and did the same thing. Now the prisoners were all locked up. I took the bag of explosives, and went back to Sherlock Bones.

"Congratulations! You have done it," said Sherlock Bones.

"It wasn't that difficult," I said. I decided not to tell him about the two broken cells they would have to fix. Let them figure that out on their own!

"Well, I must be going back to Celestia. Good luck with the cats!" I said.

And with that, I travelled to Celestia, realizing I still had a long journey ahead of me.

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