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Tales from Celestial Bodies (part 2) by Andrew FireRider

As I stepped out of the Spiral door, the first thing that I saw was an enormous room in front of me. The room was so enormous that I couldn't even see how far it stretched out. The room was pure white. Next I saw ghosts. But these were not the ghosts that many wizards find themselves dealing in battles, known as Undead. These were the ghosts of the afterlife, and each ghost looked like the person did in the regular life, except ghostly. That means they were transparent and all that stuff.

I walked through the room, feeling uncomfortable between all the ghosts. I then saw two familiar figures.

"Well what do you know! It seems like Andrew Firerider just couldn't resist seeing us!" said Malistaire Drake as I approached him.

"My dear Malistaire, please remember that he is your friend now, and we must be kind to him," said Sylvia Drake.

"Of course, my precious Sylvia! Andrew, what brings you to the Chamber of Spirits?" asked Malistaire.

"The Chamber of Spirits? I supposed that is what this room is called?" I asked.

"Yes. This is the Chamber of Spirits, where the afterlife go. You are in the world Celestia, home of the first golden watch. " said Malistaire.

"Yes, I have heard about this golden watch. What is so special about it?" I asked.

"Celestia is inhabited by people other than ghosts of the afterlife. They created the first watch, and it was golden, but did more than just tell time. You may recall the teleportation stones of Dragonspyre. These are similar. The golden watches were used to tell time and also to teleport from place to place. Other functions were created in their golden watches as well, such as giving the ability to boost one's powers if he wears it," said Sylvia Drake.

"Wow! That sounds amazing! Do they still have these golden watches today?" I asked.

"Yes they do. There are special craftsmen who are capable of making them. They live in the villages of Celestia. It is said, however, that the first golden watch has special abilities beyond any other watches that were made, and can be found somewhere in Celestia, but no one knows where," said Malistaire Drake.

"Anyway, why you are here? Was it only the curiosity of golden watches that made you come here?" asked Sylvia Drake.

"No. Do you know anyone named the Dark Lord?" I asked.

"The Dark Lord! Why would a young wizard like you want to know about him?" asked Sylvia Drake.

"Sylvia, this young wizard is the same wizard who defeated me. I think we can tell him about the Dark Lord," said Malistaire Drake.

"Very well then. The Dark Lord is a powerful evil person, who set up his fortress and army in Celestia. He is the one who keeps all of us ghosts inside the Chamber of Spirits, and we hate him for it, because we want to leave and experience the rest of Celestia!" said Sylvia Drake.

"Wait a second! His name sounds familiar" I said.

A memory came back to me. I had just defeated Krokopatra, and before she faded she said that the Dark Lord awakened her, and the Dark Lord will rule. I thought she was referring to Malistaire, but I see how wrong I was. I told this to Malistaire and Sylvia.

"I don't know why the Dark Lord has done this, but perhaps he wanted the Krokonomicon just like me," Malistaire said.

"He sure did!" I said to them. I then told them about my encounter with the ghosts in the library.

"Oh dear! I fear that the Dark Lord wants the Krokonomicon to rule the Spiral!" said Malistaire.

"Wow this is sounding just like your tale!" I said.

"This is no time for jokes. You must defeat the Dark Lord and his army before he takes over the Spiral!" said Malistaire.

"I have done this too many times. One more time can't hurt. Tell me where to begin," I said.

"This may be your hardest adventure yet. The Dark Lord is situated on a large island in Celestia, which can only be reached by the golden watch's teleportation ability," said Malistaire.

"Why can't I just fly to the island on my Drake?" I asked.

"The island is too far away, and the Drake would be too tired. It will also be very difficult to get a Drake through the Spiral Door. And, there is a force field around the island created by the Dark Lord's magic which prevents anything from reaching the island. The only way is to teleport there," said Malistaire.

"But first you will have to find a way out of the Chamber of Spirits. You will need to go to Marleybone, and bring back some fireworks or explosives to destroy the wall of the Chamber of Spirits. It is the Dark Lord who set up the chamber, but I believe that fireworks or explosives can destroy the wall" said Sylvia Drake.

"Great! I'm on my way," I said.

I then travelled to Marleybone to try and find some fireworks or explosives. I didn't think it would be too difficult.

Oh, I was extremely wrong!

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