Game Fan Fiction

The Tales of Celestial Bodies Part 13 by Andrew FireRider

After their little encounter with Ryan Mythlord, Bob and Merle continued in their wizard studies.

After one year, Bob and Merle rose to level 25. After one year, the normal wizard rises to level 18.

But no one was shocked anymore. They were all used to this.

"You will be placed in the next class - Necromancy Level II," Professor Anthony Deathshard told Bob one day.

Bob was delighted to hear the good news.

"Which books do I need for this class?" Bob asked.

"You will need the book Necromancy Level II. You can easily find it in the Wizard City Library."

Bob was again full of joy that he was rising quickly through wizardry. In a few years he would be more powerful than all of the teachers!!!

Or so he wished. Hey, he was a boy with big dreams.

"Thank you so much Professor Deathshard!"

Bob headed towards the Wizard City Library, where he found the librarian, Harold Argleston, at his desk.

"I need the book Necromancy Level II."

"Ah, yes, I have heard of your great powers," Harold Argleston replied. "Just give me a moment to find the book."

Bob waited as Librarian Argleston went to one of the shelves and picked out a book.

"AH!!!!" Harold Argleston gave a loud cry.

"What happened?" said a worried Bob.

Bob thought it was a dark lord. Now Bob can finally prove his powers by defeating a dark lord!!!

"Nothing, I just tripped. I might've broken a few ribs and my skull. Nothing too terrible," Harold Argleston explained.

Librarian Argleston looked around a little longer for the book.

"Here you go! Necromancy Level II. Good luck in your studies!"

Bob proceeded to go outside to the Commons, when he found Merle entering the library.

"Merle, I just rose to Necromancy Level II!"

"No kidding!" Merle answered. "I just rose to Theurgy Level II!"

"That's amazing! Now we're on the same level as each other."

"Just wait here while I go get my book, then we can talk."

Merle received the book Theurgy Level II from Harold Argleston, and Bob and Merle went outside to the Commons.

There was a chilly breeze moving through the air, and all the trees were swaying from the wind. Just a moment ago it was sunny!

"This is strange," Bob commented. "An air of gloom is in the Commons."

"I suspect a new Dark Lord," Merle guessed.

Merle was correct. A large ice meteor came flying through the air and hit the ground. Tiny ice shards went flying through the air, breaking windows and glass.

A man was in the ice meteor, cloaked in the color blue. He had a large staff, which was also blue.

Little bits of snow were in a constant spinning motion around him.

This man was an ice wizard; a thaumaturge.

The man's head was facing the ground, but he lifted it up, and everyone was able to see his face. He stared at everyone, and then began to speak.

"Hey everyone, how are ya?" the man asked. "My name is Kane Icestorm, and I am the new Dark Lord. Fear me Wizard City, for I shall terrorize you for the next few years!"

"This guy doesn't seem too evil," Bob whispered to Merle.

Kane Icestorm gave an evil laugh, and then formed the ice symbol with his wand.

"Brace yourself for my first act!!!" Kane announced.

"Oh, so now he's a magician!" Bob whispered again to Merle.

All eyes were fixed upon Kane, wondering what he was about to do.

The wand hit the ice symbol, and five large Colossuses appeared out of thin air, and surrounded Kane Icestorm.

"Until next time, Wizard City!"

Kane grabbed onto the end of his cloak, and swung it around his body. He vanished in an instant, and all that was left were five Colossuses, that were ready to destroy the Commons.

The Colossuses gave a loud yell, and one picked up a tree that was in the Commons. He swung it around his head, and threw it at Headmaster Stormblood's tower.

The other Colossuses ran towards the headmaster's tower, and picked up large chunks of stone from the pavement and from the fence around the tower. They threw the stone and iron fence around the doorway so that Headmaster Duncan Stormblood could not exit.

"Merle, we have to do something!" Bob shrieked.

"Yes, but it's too many for a duel," Merle answered. "We will have to summon creatures and use wand spells. We will prove that we are mighty wizards!"

They approached the Colossuses from behind, and hid behind a tree.

"One, two, three!" Bob whispered to Merle.

They spun around and faced the Colossuses. Bob made the death symbol in the air, and struck it with his wand. A vampire came out, and attacked one of the Colossuses.

Merle did the same, except he summoned a leprechaun. The vampire attacked one Colossus and started draining its life away, while the leprechaun threw gold at the Colossus, which hurt the Colossus greatly.

The Colossus gave a loud shriek.

One colossus down, four more to go.

But now the Colossuses saw what was going on. They were preparing themselves also.

One of them moved towards Bob and Merle, and swung its sword at them.

Bob and Merle ducked, and the sword missed them by an inch.

Bob and Merle both attacked that Colossus using their wand spell, but it wasn't even close to strong enough.

By that time, the teachers in Ravenwood had heard what had happened, and rushed to Bob's and Merle's aid.

"Quickly! We must dispose of these Colossuses!" the storm professor stated.

The storm professor sent lightning from the sky to hit the Colossuses, while the fire professor made a fire burn inside each of the Colossuses.

From just a few spells, the Colossuses soon collapsed to the floor, and melted away.

Bob and Merle gave a loud sigh, because they knew that they weren't going to be heroes from this battle.

"We must remove these rocks that are blocking Headmaster Stormblood's tower," Professor Anthony Deathshard announced.

"Yes, of course. Let me handle this," said the myth professor, Professor Christopher Mythblood.

He summoned a strong Minotaur, which picked up each of the rocks and threw it to the side.

"Now let's see how Headmaster Stormblood is," Professor Lifewater proclaimed.

They entered the headmaster's tower, to find Headmaster Stormblood perfectly fine.

"Oh, thank goodness!" Headmaster Stormblood told them. "I heard a loud commotion outside, and I tried to leave this building, but the entrance was blocked!"

"Why didn't you try teleporting?" Professor Mythblood asked.

Headmaster Stormblood's face grew red. "I can't believe I didn't even think of this!"

Actually, he did think of that, but he was too lazy for a fight.

"Anyway, what exactly happened?" Headmaster Stormblood asked.

"Truthfully, headmaster, we honestly don't know. You better ask Bob and Merle; they were there before us," Professor Mythblood said.

"Bob, Merle, what happened?"

And so, Bob and Merle told Headmaster Stormblood how there was a new Dark Lord on the loose.

"By Bartleby! Now we have another Dark Lord to take care of!" Headmaster Stormblood groaned. "No matter, we will solve this issue. You two go back to your studies."

Bob and Merle did as they were commanded, and quickly advanced through their wizard studies.

Soon they got to adventure through the different worlds. They saw Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Grizzleheim, Candy Land, Kent, Bigrol, Kafdsfagafsdg, and more!

Soon Bob and Merle reached Level 120, and they were ready to graduate. It had been seven years since their first day at Ravenwood; they were now 17 years old.

The normal wizard must go to school for 13 years before they can graduate.

But Kane Icestorm was still terrorizing Wizard City, and was still the Dark Lord. More than once had he tried to eliminate Bob and Merle, but he never succeeded.

"Bob, you are an extraordinary wizard," Professor Deathshard told Bob one day after class. "It is time that you graduate with Merle from Ravenwood this year."

"No way!" Bob replied. "I can't believe this! This is so amazing!"

"Yes, it is true. At the end of this year, you and Merle will graduate with the graduating class of 4302. You are expected to write a speech and represent the school of necromancy, of course, since you are a powerful wizard."

"This is unbelievable! It will be hard leaving my studies. The excitement of learning a new spell is such a great feeling!" Bob said.

"Who ever said anything about leaving your studies?" Professor Deathshard asked. "There are still so many powerful spells which you have not yet learnt. You can always pick up a powerful necromancy book from the library, and learn some spells. And perhaps you will even be the next death teacher."

"You're right!" Bob exclaimed. "I would love to be the death teacher. But only after you, of course!"

"Or what about headmaster? Perhaps you will be the next headmaster!" Professor Deathshard suggested.

Bob pondered over this; it was a tough decision. But he didn’t need to worry about it now! He was graduating.

Bob met with Merle outside, who received the same message from Professor Samuel Lifewater.

"So I guess this is it! After seven years of friendship, we finally graduate," Merle told Bob.

"Yes, but we will stick together. After we graduate we will become heroes, and we will show the whole Spiral who we are!"

"Bob, the Spiral already knows who we are!"

Bob chuckled at the joke Merle made.

Graduation day finally came. It was the beginning of summer, and Bob and Merle were graduating with the class of 4302.

Both Bob and Merle gave a speech, and were greeted by a loud applause from the audience.

They talked about the makings of a powerful wizard, their friendship together, and other wizardly stuff.

I would love to include their speech, but that is not what this story is about. It is not significant in any way to the plot of this tale.

"And now, I would like to congratulate the class of 4302, who has come far in their wizard studies, and who are graduating today," Headmaster Duncan Stormblood began.

"As you all know, we at Ravenwood are quite honored to have two amazing students, Bob Deathrider, and Merle Ambrose. Their wizard studies have taken them far, and they will surely fight and defeat evil."

A loud cheer erupted from the audience, and wizards made leprechauns appear out of nowhere and sing little Irish songs.

Balloons magically appeared, and confetti dropped out of the skies. A dazzling array of fireworks created a pyrotechnic display.

Headmaster Stormblood waited for the cheering to quiet down.

"As I was saying, we are extremely honored to have them with us. It feels like yesterday that I first watched them in their first fight at Unicorn Way, in which a terrible disaster occurred. A dark lord, Ryan Mythlord, came down on a cloud and attacked Unicorn Way. The area of the destruction was filled with life, and is today known as Hedgemaze.

Bob and Merle were disappointed that they did not receive the chance to fight Ryan Mythlord. But as I told them, they were too young.

But now they are older and powerful wizards. They can surely fight evil and survive.

But it is not only them that are powerful. It is all of the graduates. They have all come a long way, and are now powerful wizards. 13 long years they spent at Ravenwood, and now they finally graduate.

It doesn't matter whether you are a theurgist, or a necromancer. Or whether you're a diviner or a conjurer. Or whether you're a pyromancer and a thaumaturge.

What matters is your personality, and how you use it. What matters is whether you do something for the good of society. What matters is how you use your life.

I gaze around the room today and I see a room full of graduates that are ready for the real world. It's a room full of graduates that are anxious to fight evil. But even if there are wizards that don't want to fight evil, they will contribute to society. I see potential in everyone in this room today.

Let's face it, not everyone wants to live a life of fighting evil. It is not a glamorous life. It is very risky. But no matter what you become, you must use your expertise or talent for good.

Take your life and your potential, and do the best you can, and see where it takes you. Because I know that it will take you down a good path.

And I can rest assured that this graduating class will do only good."

An even louder cheer and applause rose from the audience. Not only were leprechauns spreading joy, but imps were appearing, and so were magical seraphs. Satyrs were playing their instruments, and a storm lord descended from the sky to add to the spectacle. Two dragons flew down from the sky also; one to the right of the stage, and one to the left. A frost giant towered high above the back of the stage, while an Orthrus was playing fetch with a goblin's head. Peaceful wraiths, if any wraiths can be peaceful, were lurking behind the bushes.

Ice wizards were using their powers to make icicles dangle off the curtains of the stage, while fire wizards made a great bonfire that burned bright in the sky.

All types of wizards were using their powers to add to the wonderful display.

A great celebration party soon followed, and everyone was happy.

It was a happy day, but it was destined for doom.

Some of Bob's and Merle's friends were having a private party to celebrate their graduation. Bob and Merle both went, and returned home late at night.

They both went right to sleep, not realizing that their entire family was missing.

Bob Deathrider woke up the next morning to find no one at his house. His entire family was missing.

Bob was torn with grief. How could such a thing occur?

He went down to the kitchen, where he found a note on the table:

Dear Bob Deathrider,

I believe that we have encountered one another many times in the past. You have always escaped my grasp, but now I have more power than ever before!

I have a large army of minions, and a great prison camp. I have taken your entire family hostage.

If you ever want to see them again, come to me in Celestia.

From your worst enemy/nemesis/nightmare/opponent/adversary

The Dark Lord

A.K.A. Kane Icestorm

P.S. I did the same to Merle Ambrose. You better make sure he's with you, or he won't be a happy bean!

"Happy bean?" Bob thought to himself.

But there were more important issues than dark lords using horrible phrases. Both his and Merle's families were missing.

"Merle! Are you there?" he asked Merle in his brain.

"Yes, but I can't talk now," Merle responded. "My family is missing. I have to go hunt down Kane Icestorm."

"Yes, I know that your family is missing. So is mine. Sweet as honey will be revenge when we crush that Kane Icestorm. We will be heroes, and no one will mess with us. I'm coming over to your house."

And then, Bob Deathrider burst out in tears. His entire family was missing. His mom and dad, who waited seventy years until he was born. His cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, who were always so kind to him.

And now they were gone. What if he didn't save them? Bob Deathrider couldn't bear the thought.

He was a 17 year old wizard, and already had to face evil people who enjoy nothing besides watching the world burn.

There are some people that are evil for a reason. Perhaps they want to take revenge on someone. Then there are others who are evil for the simple reason that all they care about is watching the world burn to a crisp. Whether it be actually destroying a world, or whether it be assembling a group of minions to wreck havoc and damage the core of society.

Kane Icestorm belonged to the second group. Bob Deathrider continued to cry.

Bob Deathrider felt one of his tears being lifted away from his face. He looked down, and saw a dark sprite next to him.

Another dark sprite popped out of the air, and soon another, and another, until the whole room was filled with dark sprites.

A life wizard would be terrified, but Bob Deathrider was a death wizard. He enjoyed the company of the dark sprites.

"I see the spirits of death are with me," Bob said. "They have come to bring me luck. My journey will be successful. I will crush Kane Icestorm and melt his world!"

Bob Deathrider rushed outdoors, where he was met by a cool breeze.

"Spirits of death, I call upon you at this time! Accompany me on my journey, and allow me to ride through the air on the wings of death!"

This was a very powerful incantation, which allowed Bob Deathrider to fly through the air on what appeared to be "wind." But in fact, they were spirits of death.

If a wizard who is not a necromancer is met by the spirits of death, he better panic! But if a necromancer is met by the spirits of death, it brings him no harm.

Unless he's about to die. Then he should panic.

Bob Deathrider felt the wind beating against his face as he rode from Sunken City to Unicorn Way. He heard the wind whistle and shriek, as he rode his majestic flight.

"Look! There goes Bob Deathrider, that famous and powerful wizard we've all been hearing about!" said bystanders.

Bob Deathrider stopped his flight at Unicorn Way, where Merle Ambrose abode.

"Now it is time to bring down Kane Icestorm once and for all!" Bob announced. "I will let you ride on the wings of death, but have no fear!"

"Certainly. Do you think we should tell Headmaster Stormblood?" Merle asked.

"Never!" Bob replied. "He would say that we are inexperienced. We can handle this on our own. And I want to be the one who watches Kane Icestorm slowly and painfully die."

"Sounds lovely," Merle replied. "And now, to Celestia."

And so, they rode on the wings of death to Bartleby, and entered inside him. They used the spiral chamber to go to Celestia, and it was at a time when the Chamber of Spirits did not exist yet.

Bob and Merle were familiar with Celestia, and had an easy time navigating around.

"Why do you think he chose Celestia?" Bob curiously asked Merle.

"That's easy. All the different landforms!" Merle replied. "There's an island with volcanoes that erupt snow, a large forest, an island with life creatures, a labyrinth, and so much more. It's the perfect place for an evil kingdom!"

"Let's go ask the villagers if they know where Kane Icestorm is. As you said Merle, Celestia is large and has many landforms. I don't know where we would begin!"

"I agree, but first we must descend from the sky and travel by foot. Otherwise, the villagers will fear us," Merle said.

"You're right."

They descended from the skies, and began the rocky road to the Celestian village. It was a time when the roads were rocky and Celestia did not have a fully developed society.

To pass the time, they started singing.
(Fast paced beat)
"In the merry month of Tishrey, from my home I started
Left the wizards from the city, nearly broken hearted
I left where I was born, to banish ghosts and goblins
In a brand new pair of boots, I rattled over the bogs
And now I was on my way, on the rocky road to Celestia

One, two, three, four, five
Hunt the ghost, and turn it
Down the rocky road
And all the ways to Celestia

In the streets I now travel, I find it such a pity
To be deprived of such a view, of the magnificent city
Then I took a stroll, all among the quality
I heard some voices in the wind, perhaps my own locality
But still I looked behind, no voices could I find
And I continued on my way, on the rocky road to Celestia

One, two, three, four, five
Hunt the ghost, and turn it
Down the rocky road
And all the ways to Celestia

From there I got away, my soul never failin'
My foot on the pavement, as I saw the city
People shouted loudly, perhaps it was a cheer
They were happy to see us, again in Celestia
And so we finished our way, on the rocky road to Celestia

One, two, three, four, five
Hunt the ghost, and turn it
Down the rocky road
And all the ways to Celestia


One, two, three, four, five
Hunt the ghost, and turn it
Down the rocky road
And all the ways to Celestia

They traveled to the village, where they went to the famous gold watch shop in the town center. It was owned by Isaac; Daniel's grandfather.

"Hello there!" Isaac called to them. He recognized them from previous times they visited Celestia. "Is your visit a good one?"

"Unfortunately, no," Merle began. "Our families have been captured by the dark lord, Kane Icestorm, but we are determined to destroy him."

"Kane Icestorm? In Celestia? Oh dear! The Dark Lord is in Celestia! Woe shall fall upon us!" Isaac stated with a worried look in his eyes.

"That's where you're wrong," Bob told Isaac.

"Wrong?" Isaac asked.

"Yes, you're wrong," Bob repeated.

"And how am I wrong? Based on what you told me, the Dark Lord is here and he will crush us all with a mighty blow and he will be a thorn in our sides and an obstacle to us."

"That would be true, but only if I and Merle weren't here. We will put a stop to his evil reign!"

"Unfortunately, we were hoping the Celestians saw him, so we would have a clue of where to find him," Merle explained.

"I'm sorry, but no one saw him. He must have moved secretly. This new news is new to me, and is tragic also," Isaac sadly announced.

"Don't fear, we will find him," Bob said. "Well, we better be off. Time is of the essence!"

And then Bob began the incantation.

"Spirits of death, I call upon you at this time! Accompany me on my journey, and allow me to ride through the air on the wings of death!"

Bob and Merle were lifted in the air, and they waved goodbye to Isaac and the Celestians.

"First stop, Thaumaturge Island!" Merle proclaimed.

Bob and Merle had been to Celestia before, but never fully had they searched or seen all the islands. Now they would begin a full search over every inch of the surface and below the surface to find Kane Icestorm.

Their only worry was that the note was fake, and Kane Icestorm was not in Celestia.

They rode on the wings of death to Thaumaturge Island, where they stopped their ride and surveyed the ground.

"There are those four mountains!" Bob remarked. "I remember them from our previous visit here."

"I guess we better check inside each of them," Merle said.

They headed towards the first one, where they found the icy slope difficult to navigate.

"This would make the perfect lair for an ice wizard," Bob commented.

They found that the top of the mountain wasn't covered with ice, which was lucky for them. When Andrew Firerider went to Thaumaturge Island, he had to melt the ice.

"Well, let's start exploring!" Bob announced.

They rode on the spirits of death, which was much easier than climbing the walls. They saw a large floor of snow that was huge in height. They couldn't see the bottom; just a thick layer of snow coming closer and closer as they rode further down the mountain.

"If I'm not mistaken, there should be a hole somewhere here that we can enter," Merle remarked.

He remembered it from the last time they were at Celestia.

They searched around for the hole a little bit more, and eventually found it. They rode through the hole swiftly, but silently, in case Kane Icestorm was there.

As they reached the end, Bob shouted, "Have at you, Kane Icestorm!"

He grabbed his staff and pointed it at the direction of the chamber they were entering, but Kane Icestorm wasn't there.

All that was there was a large room with a crystal on a pedestal. They knew that the crystal was for the teleportation rings, but since they were riding in the air, they didn't need it.

They sighed that they couldn't find Kane Icestorm.

"Well, onto the next mountain. Let's hope it doesn't take all day," Bob gloomily announced.

And so, they headed towards the second mountain with no luck.

And they headed towards the third mountain with no luck.

But something peculiar happened at the fourth mountain. The same thing that happened to Andrew Firerider.

The second and third mountains are extinct, meaning they can't erupt. The first mountain is dormant, meaning it erupts after a long time. The fourth mountain is highly active, meaning it erupts a lot.

When they first got there, they found a thick layer of ice covering the top.

"What are we going to do?" Bob asked.

"Let me handle this," Merle said.

Merle formed the life symbol in the air, and tapped it with his wand. All of a sudden, a large tree erupted from under the ice, which broke the layer of ice. Merle banished the tree, and they were able to enter.

Again, they couldn't find Kane Icestorm.

As they were exiting the fourth mountain, it erupted a violent eruption.

"RUN!!!!" Merle warned.

Well, they weren't running. They were riding on spirits. But Bob made the spirits go even faster.

It was an amazing sight! Two wizards riding through the air while an avalanche of snow was closing in behind them.

This was a violent eruption, and the mountain was erupting snow quickly.


A bright light was ahead, which was the exit. They rode out, but the avalanche of snow finally caught up with them.

Piles and piles of snow were on top of them, and they weren't too pleased.

The snow was too thick and stretched for too many miles for them to be able to walk out of it. They would soon suffocate.

"We're not going to die on my watch!" Bob exclaimed.


The wind was howling loudly, as Bob and Merle were lifted into the air and were flying vertically at a ninety degree angle.

"YEEHAW!" Merle exclaimed.

The spirits of death carried them out of the snow so quickly that they escaped in only 23 seconds and 10 milliseconds.

"Well, that's one place out of our list. Next, to Krog!" Merle proclaimed.

Krog is another name for the Treacherous Forest. At this time, the trees weren't alive, and it wasn't treacherous. But there were bands of goblins and wolves and other creatures.

They rode in the air to Krog, and eventually reached it.

"Let's hope Kane Icestorm is located here," Merle stated.

They journeyed through Krog without facing any adventures or threat. Remember, this forest wasn't treacherous at the time.

They saw some goblins and other creatures, but these creatures were too scared of these fearsome looking wizards that were level 120.

The two wizards searched every cave, every nook and cranny, but found nothing.

All of a sudden, they felt metal placed on their hands. They looked down at their hands, and saw handcuffs.

"WHAT IS GOING ON?" said a frustrated Bob.


They turned around to see a large group of goblins.

"Oh boy, this can't be good," said Merle.

"These handcuffs are indestructible. Don't try anything sneaky, or you will be killed. Understood?" asked the goblin.

The two wizards nodded their heads.

The goblin then grabbed the hair of both of them, and banged their heads together.

"Ow!" Bob and Merle groaned.

"Carry them off!" the goblin told the other goblins.

The goblins began to carry them away, with screeching yells of joy.

They led them to a certain spot in Krog, with a lot of leaves on the floor.

The goblins began to push the leaves away, and a large hole was in the forest floor.

"Get in!" a goblin yelled to Bob and Merle.

A goblin pushed them down the hole, as the other goblins descended it safely.

Bob and Merle reached the floor with a loud thump, and rows of torches illuminated a long hall.

"Proceed!" a goblin yelled at them.

Bob and Merle started to walk down the entrance, and they saw a large, brightly-lit room.

There was a large throne in the back of the room, and on it sat Kane Icestorm. The throne was amazingly decorated with pictures of frost giants, colossuses, and pictures of ice.

Icicles hung from the throne, and large shards of ice were hanging on the edges. Two lion statues were placed on the throne - one to the left, and one to the right.

There were many grand steps leading up to the throne, all in the color blue, with streaks of gold. On each step were another two lions - one to the left, and one to the right.

"I see you have a particular interest in lions," Bob sarcastically remarked.

They learnt many things in Ravenwood; one being to calm down in the face of danger. Bob was using jokes as his defense.

"Hahaha," Kane gave an evil laugh. "That was hilarious. That was so funny that I fell off my dinosaur."

"Dinosaur? How old are you?" Bob replied.

"HAHAHAHA! You two are the only threats that stand in my way, and you will soon be eliminated.

I have a small shack that I will put you both in, with two beds. I hope it's comfortable enough for you two."

He gave another evil laugh.

"I will put you to work in my underground dominion. Your first task will be to take clay, heat it in the oven until it turns into brick, take the brick out of the oven, clean the oven, and at the end of the day, you must carry all of the bricks by hand to my factories.

If you think it's an easy job, just wait and see!"

"You're despicable!" Merle shouted. "What about our family?"

"Ah yes, the lovely family. Don't worry, they are doing equally as difficult work. Along with other wizards I have captured over the years."

Bob growled at Kane, and Kane laughed again.

"I see that you're overly hyper, and that you enjoy laughing," Bob told Kane Icestorm. "If you want, I know a really good psychiatrist that might be able to help. Although, your issue is probably too much to handle!"

"SEND THEM AWAY, AT ONCE!" Kane Icestorm ordered a goblin. "And take their staff away from them and give it to me!"

A goblin grabbed their staffs from them, and gave it to Kane Icestorm.

Kane froze the staffs so much, that when he touched it, the staffs shattered into a million shards of ice.

"HAHAHAHA!" Kane Icestorm evilly laughed.

A goblin dragged them through a long corridor, until they were "outdoors." Really, they were underground, but it was outdoors for underground. I hope that's not too confusing. Before they were in a room, and now they're not.

There was a large, gray field, with a large metal fence surrounding it. There were many rundown shacks in the field.

The goblin led them to one shack.

"Here is where you will stay," the goblin said.

"What about our handcuffs?" Merle asked.

"Live with it," the goblin replied.

The goblin pushed them inside the shack, where there were only two beds. Nothing else.

They were both forced to deal with the situation, and sat on the beds, having nothing else to do.

And they weren't comfortable beds either. They were stuffy, and extremely uncomfortable. There were no windows in the shack either.

They tried opening the door to the outside, but it was locked.

"Merle, what are we ever going to do?"

"I don't know Bob. I don't know."

They waited dreadfully long hours, until their door was pushed open.

A goblin came in, with a plate of bread.

"Here is your dinner," the goblin said.

The goblin put the plate down, and then left.

There was a loaf of bread, with cream cheese and margarine on the side. Although it wasn't the best dinner, it was awfully nice of Kane Icestorm.

"Why do you think he gave us a dinner like this? It's too fancy for slaves like us," Bob asked Merle.

"It's probably poisoned," Merle said, as he smeared cream cheese on his bread.

Bob took the margarine and smeared it on his bread.

They ate, and finished it up. There wasn't any poison in the bread.

"So what do you think the reason is now, Merle?"

"Well, we're his slaves, and we're supposed to do work for him. And it wouldn't be good if we were hungry and weak while we were doing work. We would never get the job done."

"Smart thinking Merle."

That was actually the correct reason.

They waited and waited, and eventually fell asleep.

Bob dreamt a dark dream, in which Kane Icestorm kept on popping up around him. Kane was laughing evilly, and Bob was frightened.

The nightmare just wouldn't end.

All of a sudden, they both woke up from their dreams early in the morning. The door to their room was open, with a goblin in the entrance.

"It is time for you to go to work. You must make 150 bricks by the end of the day. Get moving."

The goblin moved them along to the metal fence, where a large door stood. The goblin pulled out a key, and opened up the door.

A path led out from the door, and they traveled upon it. After long minutes, they eventually reached a small building.

"Get inside," the goblin gruffly stated.

They went inside, to find piles and piles of clay in bags, and a large oven in the room.

"Get started," the goblin told them, as he left.

Before the goblin left, he took off the handcuffs, so they can work.

"Don't even attempt to exit this building. It is protected by magic. If you dare exit, you will burst in flames," the goblin warned them.

And then the goblin left.

"Well, we better get started," Merle said.

"Hold on a second. I have a plan," Bob announced.


"I know deep death magic. If we take a little bit of the clay to our shack, and we build it until it's very tall, I can use death magic to have a spirit enter inside and make it a golem."

"How are we going to conceal it?" Merle asked.

"That's easy. There's another death spell that can make items vanish. I will vanish them every day when we are done building it, and then the next day when we need to put more clay on it, I can make it reappear."

"That's genius!" Merle exclaimed. "But there's a way I can help also. There's a life spell that can make items grow. We will take the clay home, and I will use the spell to make it grow, so we will get done faster!"

"After the golem is made, I will command it to rip down the metal fence, and to attack Kane Icestorm and his minions. It will listen to its creator, which is me."

With their plan for freedom in mind, the two wizards got to work in making the bricks. Even though they didn't have their staffs with them, they were still able to do magic with their hands.

They took a piece of clay from the pile, and then took a bit off of the clay to save for the golem.

With a swish of his hands, Merle made the clay that would turn into brick larger, to make up for the clay they took for the golem.

They put it into the oven, and did the same to another piece of clay. And another. And another.

The oven was able to hold up to four pieces of clay. When the clay finally turned into bricks, they took the bricks out and put in more clay.

The bricks they put in separate bags that were in the room.

At the end of the day, they had made 150 bricks, and had a lot of clay stored in their pockets. Bob made the clay vanish, so no one would see it.

The door opened, and a goblin entered.

"Have you made 150 bricks?" the goblin asked.

"Yes," Bob answered.

"Take the bags of bricks you made, and come outside. Don't try anything sneaky; there's no way to escape."

Bob grabbed one bag of bricks, and Merle grabbed the other. The goblin led them outside, and down a path to a large factory.

"Leave them out here. Someone will come by and take it," the goblin told them.

Bob and Merle put down the heavy load.

"Now we will go back and get the other two bags," the goblin proclaimed.

There were still two more bags of bricks left.

They went, took the bags, and brought it to the factory.

"Now you will clean up the oven," the goblin announced.

Bob and Merle went back, and using their bare hands, scraped the oven clean.

"Now you can go back to your shack. Dinner will be served in a few hours."

The goblin led them back to their shack. They had worked a whole day, from sunrise until sunset, and were exhausted.

Bob used the spell to make the clay reappear. They poured it out of their pockets onto the floor.

"Spirits of death, it is I, Bob Deathrider, level 120 necromancer, calling upon you for your help. You have been with me on all my adventures, and I ask that you continue with this one. Here is a golem made out of clay, and I need it to come to life! Do my bidding, and bring this golem to life! Bring the golem to life! Bring the golem to life! Bring the golem to life!" Bob chanted.

A whishing sound was heard in the air, and the clay started to form into metal. The eyes of the golem started to move, and so did his body.

"YOU HAVE SUMMONED ME!" the golem announced.

"Yes I have! And you are a mighty golem. Throughout all of history, tales will be told about the Golem of Krog. I ask you now to do my bidding - DESTROY KANE ICESTORM!"

"AS YOU WISH, MASTER!" the golem shouted in a booming voice.

"AAH!!!!!" the golem yelled.

It wasn't a cry of pain; rather it was a charge!

The Golem of Krog charged forward, and broke down the wall of the shack. It started down the field, took the metal fence, and twisted it and broke it. He found the path that led to Kane Icestorm, and shouted right in Kane's face.

"OH MY GOODNESS!" a petrified Kane yelled.

"Say goodbye, Kane Icestorm. Your reign of terror is over!" Bob shouted.

The golem lifted Kane Icestorm right into the air with one hand, as all of Kane's minions watched, scared to death.

The golem threw Kane Icestorm across the room, where Kane Icestorm hit the wall and fell down in a slumped position. The golem took a piece of rock from the wall and threw it at Kane Icestorm.

That was the end of Kane Icestorm.

The Golem of Krog swung his hands around the room, destroying all the minions in the way. He then threw each lion statue off of the throne, one by one.

The golem next took each icicle, and threw it across the room. Finally, the golem took the throne, and smashed it into the wall.

The golem went down each path, and destroyed all of the minions that were there.

When every minion was destroyed, and Kane's lair was strewn with blood, Bob asked the spirits of death to stop the golem. Bob knew the golem would get out of control.

The golem stopped right in its tracks, and fell to the ground with a loud noise.

"Let's go, Merle! We have to find our families!"

They entered every shack, and freed all the people that were captive.

The shacks were locked from the inside; not from the outside.

Many of the wizards taken captive were in poor health, and were in great suffering. Their families were in poor health also.

Bob and Merle cried at the sight of their families, and led all the wizards back to Wizard City.

But it wasn't the end yet. Their families still needed healing.

There was much more to come in their adventures. Something that would twist the very fate of their lives.

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