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Tales from Celestial Bodies (part 1) by Andrew FireRider

"You will lose, Andrew Firerider. You will lose everything." Those were the words the Dark Lord had just said to me, and it echoed in my mind a thousand times. The Dark Lord has weakened me, and I gaze upon him from where I fell. His face was full of anger, but at the same time he was full of joy because he thought he would defeat me. My vision was fading, and my world was going black, as memories flooded through my brain. I realized that I must be so weak, and I was having a final glance at my life before I died.

And here is what I saw:

A portal opened in Merle Ambrose's office, and out of it came me. I finally was accepted into Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Merle Ambrose gave me the warm introduction, and told me that he believes that I can conquer Malistaire. He told me who Malistaire was, and I did not believe I had it in me to do so.

I next saw myself standing next to Dalia Falmea, as she gave me my wand, deck, and spellbook.

Next I was at Unicorn Way at my first fight.

The new memory was a memory of me defeating Lord Nightshade. I went to Merle Ambrose, and he told me I will soon become a powerful wizard! He then allowed me to go to Krokotopia.

I then saw Manders, Krokotolians, and all the memories of Krokotopia. I saw myself in the Palace of Fire, in the Hall of Champions, and finally I saw myself defeating Krokopatra.

Next I was in Marleybone. In one memory I was on those airplane devices they used in Marleybone. I was fighting gangs of cats, and soon I found myself face to face against Meowiarty, with Malistaire watching over the duel.

I went back to Merle Ambrose. He told me my new mission : receive the key to Dragonspyre from the emperor of Mooshu. Malistaire was in Dragonspyre, and I had to reach him before it was too late!

I saw myself next to the sick emperor, taking the vow to protect and heal him at all costs. Suddenly I was fighting the Jade Oni, and once I defeated him and healed the emperor, I received the key to Dragonspyre.

Cyrus Drake was informing me that I need to find my way to the Crown of Fire and stop Malistaire from summoning the great Dragon Titan which destroyed Dragonspyre so many years before. Malistaire planned on using the Krokonomicon to awaken the Dragon Titan to bring back his wife to life.

Wait, you don't know what the Krokonomicon is! And that's an important part of my tale! Well, I found out about the Krokonomicon in Krokotopia. The Krokonomicon was a book full of powerful magic. Malistaire got ahold of the Krokonomicon, and plans on using it to bring back his wife, Sylvia Drake, to life. Seems very nice, but here's the problem: The Dragon Titan is difficult to keep under control, and it will destroy all of Dragonspyre. Again.

I then found myself at the Crown of Fire, fighting Malistaire. I defeated him, and it was an extremely difficult battle. These memories rushed by quickly, but after that the memories started coming slowly and in full detail.

When I defeated Malistaire, Cyrus Drake held up the crystal which held the memory of Sylvia Drake. Sylvia came to Malistaire as a ghost, and told him that it was nonsense for him to try to have control over the Dragon Titan. All that Sylvia wants is for Malistaire to become a good person, to regret what he did, and join her in the afterlife. Malistaire realizes what a fool he was, and says that he wants nothing else than to join Sylvia in the afterlife. And they then faded together.

I found the Krokonomicon on the floor. I brought it to Merle Ambrose to see what he will do. I thought my dark and dangerous adventure was finished, but I was wrong.

"Andrew Firerider, you have done it! You have defeated Malistaire Drake, and you have even made him a good person at the last second! Take this Krokonomicon and bring it to the library in Krokotopia. The librarian will tell you what to do," said Merle Ambrose.

"I don't understand why I am bringing the Krokonomicon to Krokotopia! Don't you want to examine it?"

"Of course I do, but the time has not yet come. I am currently extremely busy, and I need to find out some information about the Krokonomicon before we study it. By Bartleby, you wouldn't even believe how upset these kids are now that they can't defeat Malistaire anymore! I keep telling them they can fight the Jade Oni because you stored his memory in a crystal, but apparently the Jade Oni isn't so popular!"

I went to Krokotopia, and the librarian said how happy he was that I succeeded. He opened up a secret room that led to the basement of the library, and told me to put the book on the shelf down there. He said that the shelf was special, and only the person who puts a book or something else there can take it out of the shelf again. That way, no evil forces can seize the Krokonomicon.

I went to the basement, but I was greeted by two ghosts. One was life and the other was death. They were not so easy, but after all I had been through, I was able to defeat them. I wondered why a library would keep two ghosts down there, but I then found my answer.

"The Dark Lord will capture the Krokonomicon, and he will destroy you!" said the ghosts before they faded away. They also left a shining silver key, which I took.

I put the Krokonomicon on the shelf, and asked the librarian how two ghosts managed to get into his library! He was just as puzzled as I was! I decided to tell this to Merle Ambrose.

"I fear that dark times will once again arise. The Dark Lord is a powerful evil person, more powerful than Malistaire or anyone else you have faced. I do not know why he wants the Krokonomicon, but it cannot be good. This key is the one key in existence to Celestia, home of the golden watch. Take this key, and see what awaits you."

As I was about to leave, Merle Ambrose said one more thing.

"By the way, Celestia is also the home of all the spirits. I believe you will encounter an old friend there, Malistaire."

And with that, I went on my journey to Celestia, not knowing at all what will happen to me.

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