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Cassandra Silverhammer and Friends by Cassandra Silverhammer

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cassandra Silverhammer. She was in a family of three. Her mom was a wizard and so was her dad, but they told her. Cassandra's parents weren't going to tell her until got the letter in mail from Ravenwood telling them she was old enough to go.

Cassandra had a cousin her name was Grace Thundersword. Cassandra and Grace's moms where sisters. Grace's dad wasn't a wizard, but her mom was. Grace and Cassandra were best friends and went almost everywhere together just like their moms.

"O-no the letter is here," Cassandra's mother said to herself. "I wonder if Judy got it too?"

"What are you talking about Lola?" Cassandra's dad asked.

"The Ravenwood letter," Lola answered.

Right then her dad spit out all of his coffee.

"I thought she was ten," her dad said.

"Jim, you know Cassandra's and Grace's birthdays are this week," Lola replied.

Within days Cassandra and Grace got to Wizard City. It was their first time there so they were just wandering around until somebody came up to them.

"Sorry, I was late," the person said.

"For what?" Grace asked.

"My name is Vanessa Angle and I will be giving you a tour of Wizard City," Vanessa answered.

Everyone so far that we know of is on the tour of Wizard City.

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