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Captured by Katie Stormblossom

My day started out like any normal day. I went to ravenwood, chatted with my friends for a while, the bell rang, I went inside to learn stuff. Well, when I go out of class, no one was on the grounds.

"Hello?" I called out. It was weird. No one answered. I heard rustling in the bushes. I whipped around.

"Must be the wind..." I said to my self. But then I heard footsteps, and it was NOT the wind. I was sure it wasn't the wind. And it wasn't. Out of the bushes came three elementals. One storm, two fire. They ambushed me. I was ready to fight, but the arena didn't show. The storm elemental grabbed me, and suddenly I blacked out.

"I wonder where Katie is..." said Malvin. (One of my friends)

"I don't know." said Amber. (Another friend)

Now, you all know excactly where I was. But my friends didn't.

"Maybe she's sick today." suggested Malvin.

"But... something isn't right here." said Amber. She sensed something evil was here. And Amber had REALLY good senses.

"Aww come on Amber, lighten up." said Malvin carelessly.

Just then they heard the speaker call out,

"All classes are canceled today, due to some, uh... accident that happened yesterday." said Ambrose, the headmaster. Amber was VERY suspicious. Then the speaker came back on.

"I need Amber and Malvin to my office please, thank you." he said.

Amber and Malvin exchanged nervous glances. Then they walked to the headmasters office.

"Hello." said Merle Ambrose, looking very uneasy. "You probably noticed that Katie wasn't in school today.

They nodded.

"It was due to a tradgedy." he said, trying to look calm.

Amber and Malvin tensed.

"What happened to her?!" said Amber.

"She was, uh..., you know what elementals are right?"

Amber nodded, afraid of what was coming next.

"Well, an elemental captured Katie."

"We HAVE to find her!" Malvin yelled.

"Absoulutly!" said Amber.

I woke up in a cave. As far as caves go, i'm sure this is the worst it will ever get. Bones were on the ground. It smelled like cyclops, only it was an elemental cave. (I don't know HOW it got to smell like that.) All I knew was that I had to get out of there. FAST. The storm elemental appeared out of the shadows, accompained by Cyrus Drake. Yes, Cyrus Drake. "Well, Well, Well, Merle Ambrose was a fool to believe that I was trust worthy." Cyrus said. "Whatever you and your little friends plan to do after this, it will not work. You are all very foolish to wait to come into action and save your little spiral." I tensed, wanting to backhand Cyrus right now.

"You'll never rule the spiral." I hissed.

"Oh, but I will. you can do nothing to stop me now, my master plan is almost complete. Goodbye Katie Stormblossom." he said. And with that. my ropes were realesed, but i was chained heavely. The elemental spoke in a raspy voice: "You will not leave. You will not try and leave. If you do, i'll set you on fire." he said menecingly. And I knew what the plan was. He wants my friends to come and save me, then there friends with come and save them, and soon, Cyrus will have half the wizard population captured.

I had to warn my friends not to come. They couldn't come. I wouldn't let Cyrus's plan go into action. I had to do something.

Even though,

I was captured.

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