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The Tale of Blaze GhostBlade by Blaze GhostBlade

~~ The Day It Began ~~

“Blaze? Blaze WAKE UP! You’ll be late!” shouted my mom down from the kitchen. “Yeah, Yeah I’m up already!” I shouted back. So It’s the day I have to go to that wizard school. I’m Blaze, Blaze GhostBlade, yeah, all my family have been Pyromancers and have chosen Life as their secondary school. But I was different.

“Get ready now, hold my hand tight!” said my mother. I did so, and we vanished in the smoke.

We landed right in front of the Golem Tower as I coughed a little. “Oh you are still not used to it?! C’mon Blaze, you should have gotten used to it. Okay good luck for your enrolment and study well!” said my mother, handing me a deck of special cards and vanishing in the flames.

“NEW STUDENTS!” shouted a voice behind me. Now I looked around, wow so many people are here.

“Soon you will get enrolled in your schools! You shall live in your dorms unless you grow up enough and can buy a house! Please come forward when your name is called.”

“Hey Blaze! How are things?” said a voice. “Hi Justin! So you’re here too!” I said to my friend, Justin IceThorn. “Loads of people, eh?” he said. “Yeah, loads.” I replied back.

Some people were called forward and after that finally..

“BLAZE GHOSTBLADE!” said the voice again. I moved my way through the crowd towards the voice.

Now I saw who was shouting. It was none other than Mr. Lincoln. They asked me a few strange questions and finally told me that I have been assigned to the school of fire. Soon afterwards the same thing happened to Justin.

“You both shall live in the same room, in your dorm. And they handed me and Justin a pile of some cards and a wand, with a spellbook. You will be required to choose your secondary school.” Said Mr. Lincoln.
“I’ll do with those later Blaze, you are going to Life?” asked Justin.
“No of course not, I won’t choose Life!” I replied. I checked over ‘Death’ and moved towards our dorms.

“But Blaze! You chose Death?!” exclaimed Justin. “Yes I did! I admire Necromancers.” I said.
I put all my cards together, with my wand and spellbook and kept them on the table. Wondering about the first day, I went to sleep.

~~ The First Day ~~
Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Yes, It is a great school and we’ll learn great stuff here, as told by Headmaster Merle Ambrose.
“Hurry off to your classes now!!” he said after a while.

Justin and I walked up to our class, but received a big shock in there.

“WOW! Where the heck did the Death school go?!” said Justin.
‘Malistaire’ was the word Malorn Ashthorn, the most advanced death student available, told us.

We entered the classroom anyway. In there as we were going to take our seats...
“No need to sit down students, it’s a practical.” Said Professor Dalia Falmea, our fire teacher.
“But we don’t know anything yet!” said a novice.
“That is why this is a practical.” She said, moving her wand and vanishing the desks.

“Now take out your wands, concentrate, and draw this symbol.” She said moving her wand in a strange symbol shaped like flames.
I concentrated, waved my wand around and whoosh, with a glowing flame sign in front of me, it erupted some sparks, sending the novice in front of me shouting. His robes got on fire.

Extinguishing the flames, Professor Falmea called me up and said I’ll be learning my first spell now.
As I casted a Fire Cat, many people had learnt the symbol, some were still fizzling.

“Okay this ends your fire lesson for today, your secondary class would be in the evening! Until then you may rest or explore Wizard City, You are prohibited of using the world gate!” said Professor Falmea.

“Where are you people running, you would be teleporting to your dorms!” she said.

Wow. What a day, I have to teleport... Ah that sensation is annoying!

As we concentrated, we vanished into the flames, and landed in the dorms. Wow I didn’t cough, looks like I’ll get used to this.

So I slept for a while, afternoon had passed, and I woke up after dreaming about a dragon. Strange. I didn’t really remember the dream though!

“Hey Justin! Wake up, I want to go to the shopping district before our class!” I said.
“Wha’? Uhh No I’m not in a mood.. Oh don’t look at me like that, okay I’ll come.” Said Justin sleepily.

We went to many shops, I got new robes and dyed them Black with Red trims, I brought a new wand, and then we entered the Pet Shop.
“I’m getting a Fire Cat.” Said Justin.
I looked at a dragon. It seemed like it understood me, what I’m thinking.

"Hello." I thought.
Hello Blaze GhostBlade. I am a Fire-Death Dragon. Can I come with you?
“JUSTIN! I understand the dragon and it understands me!!” I said.
“Huh? Dragon? Wow you’re getting a dragon?!” said Justin. “Oh Darn, I’m going to be late, bye Blaze!” said Justin running away for his second class.

"Okay. You may come with me." I thought.

I brought the dragon. I named him Amber. "I am a Lord dragon. With the name you gave me Wizard, I am Lord Amber. Thank you. I may journey with you."

Wow. That’s enough surprises for the day. And so I ran off to the Death class..

We followed Malorn up to a large chunk of land, and gathered there.

“Hey you, with the death wand, yeah you, what’s your name?” asked Malorn.
“I’m Blaze GhostBlade.” I replied.
“You seem to have talent, draw a death symbol would you?” said Malorn.
“I am sorry, I am the first person in my family to pick death as a secondary class, I don’t know how the death sign looks like.” I told Malorn.

Malorn drew a death symbol himself to show everyone.

I tried, and succeeded. I learnt to cast Dark Faries to aid us in combat, and so a day ended.

Lying in my bed, with my spellbook and wand at the table, I thought about this.
Right. This is going to be fun after all. Let’s see if I can become a GrandMaster....

~~The Unicorn Way~~
A week has passed since we were enrolled. Me, and my friend Justin IceThorn have finally become Apprentice Wizards. We discovered many things in this week which has passed by. We won many duels, thanks to our teachers, we learnt many spells. We were also defeated sometimes, we found out that wizards go dizzy when they are defeated, and they teleport to the commons.

“Hey Blaze!” said Justin. It was morning. “Yeah?” I asked. “Wanna go to Unicorn Way? Let’s have a go at that Rattlebones!” he said. “Justin we only JUST became apprentices it’s not like we’re awesome now” I replied.
“Oh C’mon Blaze! We can have loads fun there!” and then what? Yeah I agreed.

“Justin I think Unicorn Way is SUPPOSED to be dangerous” I told him. “Of course, it’d be a great adventure mate!” We walked and through the tunnel we went. A guard told us that there are many undead there.
“Let’s go to Rattlebones straight off!” said Justin. “CAREFUL!” I shouted as he ran at the track.
Uh-oh. Here comes a Lost Soul to ambush us. “That looks weak” said Justin. “Sure it does.. but two of them don’t do they?” I replied as Justin turned to see another Lost Soul join. “Darn, we’re in a little hurry you ghosts!”
There it came. Straight through Justin, and it nearly knocked him down the floor.
“Ow!” said Justin waving his wand in a strange eye-shaped symbol – and whoosh, in a flash came a bat – with a ... long tongue? .. and fangs too!
“What the heck is that thing?!” I asked Justin. “It’s a blood bat! I borrowed it from a myth student!” he replied as the blood bat thing kind of ate the lost soul and it vanished in green smoke. “My turn” I said, and Justin stared at me – the necklace I wore shone bright and whoosh – I drew a quick symbol and a Thunder Snake attacked the Lost Soul. “Wow what’s with the necklace?” said Justin. “Storm Slitherer Gem” I replied.
As we ran towards the sidewalk, we saw a great tower. “Pretty big isn’t it?” said Justin. “Yeah.”

We moved towards the gate and suddenly four symbols engraved in front of the gate shone bright blue. “I guess we have to stand on those sigils.” I told Justin. We stood over it... and it was a strange sensation..

It’s like we were moving around in high speed, moving round, curving, going straight, and when it looked like we would just fall.. We landed on solid floor.

“OW! What the HECK!” said Justin falling beside me.

“Uh – leave that, look forward..” I told him. Rattlebones was standing there with an assistant – a dark fairy.
“Oh ho we are in trouble” said Rattlebones in a mocking voice. “Shut up you idiot bunch of bones!” said Justin. “JUSTIN YOU IDIOT!” I said. “AHH!” shouted Justin as dark light shot through him.

Darn – I casted a fire cat – and WHOOSH, it shot flame straight onto the fairy – killing it..
“JUSTIN GET UP AND FIGHT YOU IDIOT!” I shouted. He waved his wand – and could just make a fire sign to shoot a flare. “Good riddance!” I said.

A Card Suddenly Slid Into my hand with another – without thinking much, I casted the spell at the top.

Flames came around me, I had casted Fire Blade. Great. Rattlebones shot his sword towards me hitting me hard. I just couldn’t think of anything else, I saw the card in my hand.

It was a card from the special deck I had.. It had a gold border around with a title saying SUNBIRD. That was my first SunBird cast – with all my hope I waved the Fire Symbol, the card glowed, blew into flames and suddenly the earth started shaking. From the four directions came flames, meeting together in the centre, and with a big roar and a blast like a volcano a bright Red – Yellow bird erupted out!
“SUNBIRD SHOOT FLAME!” I shouted to it. It went a little higher, and with all it’s might shot huge flames, bursting Rattlebones and vanishing in the same flames.

“Justin wake up!” I said. Together we teleported to the Commons – towards our dorm. “Yeah it was some SunBird thing.” I said. “Impossible! It’s an Initiate spell, there’s no way you could cast – “ “BUT I DID, It had a gold border around! I just can’t find it in the deck, like it’s vanished!” I said. “Right – A gold border – it must be a treasure card! Wow you cast a treasure card initiate spell!” said Justin. “I have no idea how I did it Justin trust me.” I replied, lying down to sleep.

The very next day – I skipped all my necromancy classes – just for Professor Falmea’s extra classes – that day, she said “Right Blaze – you are ready for Initiate level, Good luck ahead!”

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