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The Black Roses by Robert Nightthorn

"HA!" I shouted as I cast an ominous looking spell of the skeletal pirate at my brother. He looked in fear at the awesome spell, and was instantly weakened by it. He fell to his knees panting. But he soon stood back up and traced another symbol in the air, and a golem appeared, and sent a helping of pain my way.

"BROTHER, " My brother, Takedown as he is known, shouted, "You stand no chance against me! The order is MINE!"

I put my hand on one knee and leaned on it in pain, knowing this could well be my last duel as the leader of the black roses. You see, the black roses are a group of wizards who I put together, to make a statement to the spiral, that even a small group of wizards can make a big difference. We had just started out, and already gained a lot of fame, but we were starting to get over confident. My brother Takedown and I formed the black roses, and we recruited, having to make a statement at first, to show we're worthy, but soon, we were taking down foe after foe, as they all fell to our magic.

But now... Now my brother is corrupted with power, and he challenged me for complete leadership of the black roses.

"Have you had enough, Fallen Angel?" Takedown yelled in a raging shout.

"I haven't even given you your fair share yet BROTHER!"I yelled and traced the glyph in the air, symbolizing the death symbol, and I felt a surge of energy flow through me, telling me my spell worked, and my next death spell would be much more powerful.

"Hahaha, brother? Is that all you've got? That's sad, and to think you actually might have stood a chance against me! Now LET ME SHOW YOU TRUE POWER!" Takedown drew the balance symbol, and a giant sandstone snakehead burst from the ground.

"What is this?"I said, and was soon greeted by a swarm of locusts. I batted at them, and knowing that this could very well be the end for me, and I continued to struggle on, though it seemed pointless now.

I was tossed up and then dropped down to the ground by the swarm, and they dissappeared. I was lying on my back, in ragged and torn robes, and giving up hope.

"How does defeat taste brother? Now I will gain the black roses, and use them for a much more practical use, BECOMING THE MOST POWERFUL GROUP, IN THE SPIRAL!" and Takedown turned around to walk away.

My vision was going black around the edges, my head was hurting like crazy, and I couldn't see straight, but I stood up anyways. Slowly but surely, I got to my feet, and drew my sleeves back, pulling out a golden card.

"Brother, we're not through yet! I have one last spell, the ultimate death spell!" Takedown spun around on his feet fast and was wide eyed at idea of the ultimate death spell. I formed the death symbol, then tossed the golden card through it, and it stuck in the ground.

Takedown's face was easily full of fear when he saw the harvest lord rise up out of the ground.

"Brother, no..." Takedown was hit by a beam shot from the harvest lord's eyes and he fell to his knees almost immediatly, and the harvest lord turned around and granted me with life. I felt my weary body become more energetic, and I stood triumphant.

"I have no more cards brother, you win.... finish me..." Takedown said, and he just stood on his knees, clutching his ribs. I pulled out my wand, raised it, and tossed it to the ground.

"I'm through with you brother, you've learned your lesson." I turned around and walked away.

"YOU COWARD!" Takedown yelled as I continued away from him, but little did I know, I was to see him very soon...

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