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The Betrayer's Best Efforts by Hannah EarthMancer

I was standing out side the pet store waiting for the rest of my friends because we were going to Moo Shu to hang out, when I notice a small black dragon in the window. It reminded me of my lost black and blue dragon named Trixie, my green and black dragon named Hailey, and my red and yellow dragon named Duncan. They were my first friends, my father gave them to me when I was only four, we were inseparable. The last time I’d ever saw them was when I allowed them to travel to GrizzelHelm with my older sister, like my sister requested. What most people don’t know, was that there was three Drake sisters. I was the middle sister, age 15. Katherine is the youngest, age 13. And if she was alive today, the oldest, Scarlet, age 19. My older sister was very kind hearted like mom, but she had a temper like dad, so it was best not to get on her bad side but she would only react if you weren’t part of the family. But she had a dark secret, a secret that would cause her death. I snapped back to reality, and started to walk down the shopping district, then a group of 20 to 30 ice wizards approached me. “Hey, life wizard! What’s your kind doing in Blizzard’s territory!” yelled the one in front wearing the Moo Shu style hat and boots with a GrizzelHelm robe on. “Who’s Blizzard?” I replied. “Who’s Blizzard!? What disrespect, Blizzard is the most powerful wizard ever and he is the leader of the Ice Birds!” and each one of them took the pose of a bird. “Ok, first of what you guys just did was ridiculous, and two I’d never heard of your leader before.” “How dare you life wizard! Ok boys, lets show this life wizard what were made of!” the rest of the wizards behind him had took a battle stance and the other wizards on the street ran and hide behind bushes and trees. “By the way, my name is Ice Pillar, I’m second in command and don’t you forget it!” Knowing that I was out numbered, I ran. “Get her!” I looked back and they got closer and closer, so I called for my newest companion, “Leona!” and a few seconds later my lioness jumps from behind the group. As she came up to me I quickly jumped onto her back and ride like the wind. I looked back again and some of the Ice Birds had summoned their horses and dragons… just my luck. I ride Leona to Cyclops Lane to go to Dark Cave when at the entrance…. Crash! “Amy! Watch where you’re going!” “ Hey that no way to talk to your girlfriend. Sorry Joe I would talk more, but I gotta run I’m being chased but the Ice Birds and…” “Wait you’re being chased by them too? I’m being chased by them just because I’m dating you. I don’t know why but they really hate life wizards, but their leader is a life wizard.” “Joe we gotta go.” “O, right.” Joe takes his lion named Lyons and we both ride towards the Fairgrounds when from the entrance of Dark Cave, entrance of Ol Dale Town and from down the lane the Ice birds came bursting in. “There they are!” yelled the guy in third in command. Me and Joe follow the river near the fair grounds and ended up at the edge of a cliff(this is getting ridiculous). As the Ice Birds charged towards us, the earth beneath us crumbled away. We’d screamed as we fell because for some reason we couldn’t teleport. After about 15 to 20 of falling a black hole appeared and swallow us whole.

I fell face first into a small white room with no windows, just a dragon and a wild claw fighting someone caved onto the wall and a door. “Well, well Amy. I see that you still have one of the three scares my heckhound gave you.” I turned around and it was no other than Austin WildHeart. “Austin! How do you keep finding me? And where are we?” “We are in the Dark Abyss, the only place that mirrors our world but can only enter by mind or spirit.” “Um, ok all I ask was where we were not for the history of the place.” “ I heard from Malistare before he died that your sister, Scarlet, her spirit roams this land.” I was completely shocked and scared that he new that. The whole family agreed to not say that to anyone, if my dad really did tell him who knows what else he told him. “Sense you’re not going to say anything, then farewell Amy.” He disappear without a single trace on where he was going. Then the walls turn black and spikes aroused from the walls and the walls started to close in. I ran for the door but the door vanished and the lights went out, leaving me in total darkness.

Then I felt a cool breeze and soft grass, then cold water being splashed on my face. “I’m up! I’m up! I’m!” “Finally you’re awake, you’ve been unconces for an hour already.” I looked around and we were in meadow that looks like it has been untouched by time “Joe where is Leona and Lyons?” “I don’t know, I think they ran off.” As me and Joe stood up, our lions came out of nowhere and roared. “Hey Leona where have you been?” Leona ran up to me and with her paw, she drew a arrow pointing southwest. “So we’re going this way?” Leona had nodded and I hopped on to Leona’s back and Joe had hopped on to Lyons and we let the lions lead the way. As we traveled I notice the grass slowly convert to sand and the heat continue to rise. We soon stop at the place where the lions wanted to take us. A long forgotten pyramid. “Wait I thought pyramids were only builded in Krokotopia. But even if they were built anywhere else I don’t recognize this writing.” “It’s called hyroplificts, it’s what mortals used to use on their pyramids.” “Um Amy, how do you know that?” “My older sister told me all about them when she went to the mortal world.” “You have an older sister?” “Well used to.” “How come you never anything about her before?” “I’ll tell you a secret about her and you’ll understand why.”

A few years ago there was a wizard that was assassin ready for hire. This wizard was all over the news, each headline said beware of Mooshu ninja dresses in all black with balance sword(I was 8 at the time). So one day my sister was grounded and was confounded to her room once again. So I was bringing lunch to her room just trying to be a good sister, and when I walked into the room I saw the assassin. I dropped the tray of food and casted a dark fairy but the assassin just grabbed the fairy and tossed it aside. I was completely petrified, but as soon as I calmed down a little, I ran out the door crying for mom and dad. When I found them I dragged them to my sister’s room. As we walked in, mom had used centaur on the assassin and knocked the mask off. When the assassin stood up the face behind the mask was revealed, and that face was my sister’s, she was the assassin. She said she only did what she did so she can get money for the family. She was grounded for a year. But after her punishment had past, she asked me if my pet dragons could come with her to GrizzelHelm for a quest. I’d allowed it because my dragons need the exercise and I didn’t have time to help them. But the next day I found mom, dad, and Katie crying in the living room. When I asked was wrong, they said that Scarlet had died and that her spirit couldn’t be traced. Soon after a long time of morning, we agreed to never speak of this event to anyone who isn’t part of the family.

“Yikes Amy. You’ve been through a lot.” “Tell me about it.” when I finished talking, the door of the pyramid slowly opened. Something was calling for me inside, so I walk into the corridors, not knowing of the dangers that may lay head. Joe and our lions had followed. We gotten to the center of the entrance hall when a voice yelled out, “ Who dares enter the pyramid of Scarlet Drake!” another voice had came and said “ Leave now of forever be cursed!” and two more voices said “Turn back!” Thesis voices were too familiar. “Trixie, Hailey, Duncan stop fooling around! It’s your owner Amy.” The my long lost pets aroused from the shadows and dog piled on me. “Amy! Long time no see!” “I know Trixie but can you guys get off!” “Sorry Amy.” Then Scarlet’s pet, Sparky(a savage wildclaw) comes from the shadow along with Katie’s pet Bentley(a storm salamander) “Sorry about that Amy you know how your pets can be. I’m glad that I’m just a wildclaw and not their owners.” Before we could have a chance to hang up like old times, footsteps echoed through the hallway. My pets pushed me, Joe, Leona, and Lyons into a corner of the room where there was barely any lighting. A figure appeared whereing a purple, hooded colored robe “Welcome back sir. Where’s your master?” “I’m no longer his apprentice, he passed away. Now get out of my way.” “As you wish.” The figure had removed his hood and revealed his identity, it was Austin, what is he doing here? He cheeped to the middle of the room and placed a small black box on the ground. He took a few steps back and casted a storm snake and the box expanded into three spheres. The structure glowed with electricity, it lit up the room and revealed our hiding spot. “Stop right the Austin.” As he turned around he said “Why hello Amy and Joe. Long time no see.” “Skip the small talk. Why are you here and what is the thing?” “You’ll see in due time, or not.” Now Joe steps from the corner, now only two feet away. “Jugging by the looks of it you and Amy are together. Am I right Joe? Because I’m quite surprised.” “Why is everyone surprised that me and Amy are together?! Wait we are getting off topic. Austin you’re going back to Headmaster Ambrose with us to serve your punishment for betraying wizard city. One way or another.” Both me and Joe took a battle stance knowing Austin isn’t going to come quietly, Joe then whispered to me “Careful Amy, something different about him.” Joe was right, not only was he wearing black armor, he’s energy levels were completely different from before. “You think you can defeat me now? You cant defeat the leader of the Dark Crusaders!” “Da-Dark Crusader!” “Why so surprised? You knew your father would make me one sooner or later. Anyways…. let the battle begin!” Without moving a muscle, Austin summoned a small fairy, and it giggled. “You’re joking right? You think this will stop me and Amy?” Austin just gave a smirk look on his face and snapped his fingers. We looked back at the fairy and a red aura surrounding it and transformed it in to a sunbird, staying it’s fairy size. It flew towards as fast as what mortals call a speeding bullet. I raised my long black sword into it’s path but as it hit my sword pushing me back, it broke right through and ripped right through my chest. I fell to my knees and as I looked down, all I saw that I saw was the pool of blood that started to form. My vision became blurred all I could hear was Austin saying “Dang, I missed.” and Joe yelling “You monster!”. All I could see were figures, no details what so ever. First I could see the figures of mine and my sis’s pets and lions join the fight, then two more figures ran past me and join in. Before I could see or hear anything else, I’d blacked out.

As I regain conciseness, I heard group of people talking among each other. “Is she going to be ok?” someone said. Another voice said “Don’t tell me I’m going to lose my sis again.” Then a warm hand held mine and someone said “Amy, please wake up.” I opened my eyes and sat up as fast as I could to find myself, my friends, my sis, and the family’s pets in my room at my house.(I finally got a house btw). “Amy you’re finally awake!” the person who said that and was holding my had was Joe and he hugged me. “See I told you I could heal her.” said a girl about three years younger that me dressed in dark green and gold GrizzleHelm clothing. “Um, who’s this?” “Where are my manners, my name is Hannah StarBlossom, I’m one of your students Ms. Hawkmender. I usually sit in the back of the class and I started the same day as Kyle.” “O yea, now I remember, by the way outside of the class room you can call me Amy.” then Joe interrupts “Well Amy, I’ll be right back I’ve got to go as Ms. Wu to ask her something.” As Joe stands from the chair next to my bed, he groans and I notice the full existent of his injuries. Before all I notice was the broken armor and the cut on his face, but the rest of his injuries were scratches, burses, and a gaping wound on his right leg “Hey why didn’t you heal him?!” I waved my hands to summons some pixies but nothing happened. I tried again, but still nothing. “Um Amy first off I couldn’t heal Joe because I used all my mana on the pets, the lions and you. And, um … how do I say this without you freaking out?” Then another wizard walks dressed in green and purple Dragon Spyre armor. “You cant you magic anymore Hawkmender.” “Please telling me you guys are just pulling my leg!” “Sorry Hawkmender but it’s true, ask Ms. Wu and she’ll explain why.” I had so many question, who was this guy? Is he a friend of one of my friends? “Hey what’s…” then the wizard cuts my off “I know what you’re going to ask. The name’s Wolf StormHammer, I’m a level 50 storm grand. I’m also a archeologist of the temple that you were in. You’re lucky that me and my assistant was there or you would be dead right now. Now I must go. See ya around Hawkmender.” and he teleports to who knows where. Soon after that me and Joe went to Ms. Wu to get fully healed and for me to ask why I cant use magic. “Ahh… it’s been a while since this happened Ms. Hawkmender. You see the source power is by invisible chain call the mana chain, it’s attach to our souls. Very few items in the spiral can even see the chain let alone break it. The one thing that can break it that is very common is the mortal version of the bow and arrow.” “Ms. Wu, is there any way to fix the chain?” She looked way, as if she wished that I hadn’t asked that. “There is one way, but it is very risky.” “What’s the way? Just tell me please.” “You have to bombarded by spells. The amount of mana around should repair the broken or missing part of you mana chain. But if it fails, it might be the end of you.” “I’ll take my chances Ms. Wu. See ya.” as I walked out of the life school I called for my pets to take me to Sunset Meadow. As I arrived I notice that my sis and the rest of my friends were there. “Hey Amy, ready for a duel?” “Joseph! How could you challenge her when you know very well that she has no powers!” yelled Brittany and Rachel. “Calm down you too! I was only joking! At least Joe didn’t freak out.” “Dude! You are so lucky that I’m still weak from that battle with Austin or I would punch you so hard for yelling at them.” and of course I have to step in. “Will you two stop fighting! You two are like two male ash spiders fighting over a female.” Ever sense I started dating Joe, Joseph is always picking at Joe for a fight. “Well, Joseph started it.” “I did not!” and as usual I had to slap some since into them… literally. “Owww. Amy do you have to hit so hard?” “Sorry Joe but it’s the only way to keep you two in order.” After the little incident we spend a few hours training with each other but we had a little problem, or should I say big problem. “Hi everyone! Hi Professor Hawkmender!” “What do you want LifeSong?” said Hannah and Wolf “You shouldn’t be mean to me Wolf and Hannah. I can really pack a punch. And why don’t cha call me by my other name.” “So what are these other names?” “Well cutie pie Brittany, you can call me Blizzard or… Austin WildHeart!” He waves his staff and reveals he’s true identity. “You guys have few choices. You can hand over Amy, you can die by my hands, or Brittany can become my queen of the new era.” “In your dreams Austin, what makes you think that I would marry you?!” “Come beautiful, don’t be like that. Don’t you want to be all powerful and be legendary?” “Yea I do but I wont turn against my friends to become that like you did.” “Very well, have it your way.” Austin’s staff had turned back into his Avalanche sword and casted the Super Nova spell and knocked everyone out… except for me. The magic from my friends had flowed into Austin’s sword and a orb came out of my sister’s hand and landed in Austin’s. “The balance oracle, one down, two to go.” Before I could make an escape and get help, Austin incased my feet in ice. He walked towards me and held the blade close to my neck. “And where do you thing you’re going? Now I’ll give you a choice. Join my army and spare your life, or die. Think carefully now.” “You know what, I rather die then ever betray the spiral.” “Foolish Amy. You’ve sealed your fate!” As Austin was about to strike, a minotaur came running up and knock the sword out of Austin’s hand. Austin quickly recover his sword and fled. The ice melted away and the minotaur disappeared leaving me and it’s caster, uncle Cyrus(A.K.A. Professor Drake of the myth school). “Thanks for the save uncle Cyrus.” “Cut the chi-chat, we’ve got to get your comrades to the medical wing.” I will never understand why he is always grumpy or why he says things in a grumpy way but he was right. He summoned a few trolls to carry them and we rushed to the newly build hospital. “Hey uncle Cyrus, what were you doing here in the first place?” “Quiet studies, the usual.” Shortly after arriving at the hospital, I found Dr. MoonSpirit after she treated my friends and I asked about their conditions. “Ms. Drake, your friends are going to be just fine…well except for one thing.” “First off can you please call me Ms. HawkMender and what’s the exception?” “I really don’t know how but, their magic chain have been damage and now they are in the same condition as you Ms. HawkMender.” “May I see my friends? “Heavens no! They’re still being treated. You should just run along.” And on that note the Doctor just walked way. Ths was the last straw. There was no way that I would let Austin hurt my friends and get way with it. I knew that the only person who could give me advice on how to defeat a wizard without magic was Scarlet. I went home and meditated. One I cleared my mind I entered the Dark Abyss.

I landed feet first (unlike the last time) into a blue and silver version of Unicorn Way. I saw Austin walking up the street so I hid at the top of a tree. As he walked past me, I saw him carrying a black orb in his hand and mumbling “The death oracle. Two down, one left.” Then Scarlet’s spirit comes running from the same direction. “Hey give that back! Or I’ll…” “Or you’ll what? Since I have your oracle, you’re under my control!” “Why do you want with the oracles?” “Do you have any idea how much power my army would have if they had the powers of the friends of your little sisters and have the Drake family’s magic? Now…. Be gone!” Then right before my eyes, Austin had focus magic into the orb and sucked my sister’s spirit into the orb. With no reason to stay any longer I retuned to the normal world.

When I returned a yellow short sword laid in my lap with a note attached. The note said:

“Dear Amy, I am completely sorry for what I’ve done, to you, your sisters, and to the spiral. Take this sword as a token of my gratitude for ending the terror I was about to bring upon the spiral and for your hour of need. I’m not asking for forgiveness, or for you to love me again but please… keep the spiral safe. I’ll help and guild you in anyway I can.

With Love,

Your father, Malistare”

I knew what had to be done. The final showdown. One on one. Life vs. Storm. Me vs. Austin. I left the house in a quiet manner to make sure I didn’t wake up my pets and I raced towards the cliff me and Joe had fallen off of before and jumped off knowing… that this might be, my final hour. I’d fallen through the black whole and appeared at the base of the tomb. The machine still stood in the same spot but with greater power. The three cambers that were empty, now filled with magic and with different items. The camber on the right had my father’s staff. On the left was my mother’s crescent moon amulet. And in the middle was my sister’s favorite Mu Shu outfit. But this time there was another box in front of the machine with three indents, two of the indents had hold the two orbs that I saw before. “You just have to be the hero, don’t you Amy?” The voice had came from Austin and he walk out from behind the machine. “You know, you’re just making your end much faster then it needs to be Amy.” “I might being doing just that but if it’s the only way to save the spiral, then so be it.” “Well in that case…” With a wave of his hand a large barrier appears around us, with no way of escape. “You know, I have the powers of your friends so lets well you’ll fair against them.” Austin summoned at least one of each of the most powerful spells from every element. They all charged, and me only with a sword(fair odds? NOT!). I deflected every attack that came my way but I couldn’t get close to Austin to make and attack. After I defeated his minions, he actually congratulated me on a job well done, but he lifted me into air and his sword became a bow and arrow. “Just one shot is all I need.” Then…

“Amy!” Looks like we arrived too late. “Guys get out of here!” Amy had yelled but then of couce Joe has to say something heroic. “We wont leave you Amy, not again.” Then that traidor inter ups. “Hahahaha! Don’t you see how pathetic you guys are around Amy?! Now time for the new era!” Austin aim his arrow very carefully and fired going right through her. Me and the rest of our friends just saw a friend die right in front of us.(I think Joe took the hardest hit because I think I saw a tear come from his eye but if I say a thing he’ll be like Joseph! And I know that that’ll be the end of me). As Amy fell to the ground, a light green orb came out of her wound. “Finally, the life oracle.” Then he returned us our powers. He walked to that... that thing and placed the orb in between the other two orbs and power started to rage thought the air. Rage had engulfed Joe’s face and he started slashing the barrier, and we did the same. “Ha! Save your energy, Amy is doomed and so is the spiral!” But we feel another presence, the area around Amy had swirled with magic, she arose from the ground and her sword change formed into a curved green blade while her old black sword reformed in her other hand. “How!? How could you be alive?! I just killed you a second ago!” “There’s one thing you don’t know, when a life wizard is crowded, it’s boundaries are endless.” “And what is that suppose to mean!?” “I means that with my friends around, my powers are endless.” The now Amy charged and a sword fight erupt. Both fought well, Amy had practice sword fighting before but this time the way she attacked, was with the intent to kill. When Austin was thrown back due to the power of the surging though Amy‘s swords, Lighting had engulfed the room. All three cambers glowed and shapes started to form. Then Stepped out Malistare, Sylvia, and some other girl step out of that thing. “Now witness you’re demised!” But I think things are not going to go the way Austin had planed. Malistare used the top of his staff to hold Austin high in the air. “How dare you touch me slave! I demand you put me down at once!” “I’m no one’s slave! I’m Malistare Drake and no one commands me! And leave me dauters alone!” Then he through Austin towards Sylvia and that other girl and both of them summoned a hydra and that had shocked, frizzed, and fired him and tossed him aside. Then he lands in front of Amy’s swords, with his hands tied behind his back due to a spell that Malistare had used. “Go ahead Amy, you have the chance, kill me… you know you want to.” Amy just sired at him, and lowered her blade “You’ve harmed me, my friends, my boyfriend, and my family. You deserve to have the worst punishment the world has to offer.” “Then what you are waiting for!?” “Death wouldn’t be punishment for you, that would be setting you free. So you’re punishment is to be remove of your powers and to be kept alive.” “What! No… anything but that!” Amy had kneeled down and put the palm of her hand onto Austin’s forehead and created a storm orb in her other hand out of Austin’s magic chain. She placed the storm orb onto the ground and used the hilt of her sword to smash it into dust. “Nooooo!… My powers….” “Are no more.”

( A few weeks later) After putting Austin behind bars, the death school was rebuilt and my father began his teachings once again. My mother is now the head-doctor in the hospital. Scarlet is on one of her crazy and adventuress quests again and is now teaching all the schools about the mortal world called earth. Katie finally graduated three days go and she just has to brag about it. Well as for me, nothing has really change. My family move into my house in wizard city(not fair, I might add) and the day that Austin had planed as his day of what he calls “royalty” is now the day when the Drake family reunited. And when the golden age, known as the LeagonMender Era began

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