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Being the Greatest (Part 2) by Esmee Griffinleaf

Unicorn Way:

I get out of the tunnel, and I look around I seeI man selling clothes, another guard, and to my right there is a horse. "So what do you think of Unicorn Way Esmee?'
"It's big, even bigger than the Commons!"
"Yep, that over there is the arena." Jacob was pointing ot the big doors beside the horse. "So where are my quests that I have to do?"
"Right see that guard he's the guy you have to talk to." I walk over to the man, and he tells me that I should stay on the sidewalk or I'll get trapped in a battle wiht some monsters. That fightened me. He also told me that it would help him a lot if I could defeat some evil monsters for him, I'm a bit fightened but I see Jacob nod to me and I say yes. "So now let's go kill some baddies!"
"Okay" I say as I run after Jacob. He gets into a battle with a ghost thing. He uses some kind of myth spell but it fizzled, so I use imp.
Though it only took a bit of it's life away. Oh wow another ghost joined! I look at Jacob he just gives me a reshurring smile. So once we finish off those ghosts, I see I got some XP, wow amazing! I even got cool stuff like a new robe! It gives me extra mana, awesome. "Well how was that? Not so bad right?"
"No it was fun I can't wait to do it again!"
"Well now we need to talk to that guy again because he's going ot give you even more XP for finishing that quest!"
"Really?! Okay let's go then!" I rush off to that guard I spoke to earlier, he gave me some XP and I leveld up! Wow I'm so happy! "Well you leveld up! How does it feel?"
"That's how i felt when I first leveld up. Okay look some other people would like to talk to you and give you a quest. Let's go!"
"Wow okay." And i ruch after Jacob that whole day I was running around doing quests and leveling up.
It was getting late, and I had to leave, Jacob added me to his friends so we could keep in touch, and I went home. When the day was finished I was already a level 6! I was so happy, I learned spells, and got traning points, XP, and a new friend too. I can't wait until tomorrow, when we go to the Shopping District to get me some new clothes!

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