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The Awakening (part 1) by Isiah Spelldust


One night in a dreaded town ... Sleeps a creature so fierce it could could tear through reality easily. The Creature was a Monolisk; a ghastly dragon like creature that spews four horns out of its head. Wings spread to the diameter of an arena. It could breathe fire, ice , and can eat souls. It lay in a dim-lit tower, sharply pointed in shape and if touched could burn the human skin and incinerate it.

A noise.


The crackling of stone and molten rock; the ground shakes fiercely. The tower floor next to the Monolisk crumbles and melts. A figure emerges from the newly made whole. From the looks it would have been Malistaire or Cyrus, but they were killed fifty years ago by a wizard named Isaiah Spelldust who got frozen in a block of ice and death magic after he killed Malistaire. Anyways the figure was not a wizard, but the half human soul eater Ash Gorblood; a decendant of Malistaire before he became evil. Ash had an long blade that glowed tremendously, called the anthem of integrity and cunning swiftness. There was only two of them in the Spiral. And Ash had one.

"Finally." Ash started "I can now begin the first step into awakening the Monolisk."

With a swift move of his anthem through the air, all of the fire from the tower had gone into the Monolisk, disrupting its slumber. Its eyes opened slowly, and Dragonspyre started to crumble.

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