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The Average Life of the Chosen One (part 5) by Sarah StormDreamer

As I arrived in Marleybone, the first cool breeze I had felt in months blew by. I sighed with relief. What a wonderful feeling! In the enclosed area where the Spiral Gate was, I almost didn't feel it. But with my good sensing, I could.

My best friend, Lucas NightBlade, arrived behind me. His eyes widened. “It's so.....” he started. “...different,” I finished. I grinned. Then I turned around and stared in awe at the stain glass windows behind me. Then I turned back towards the exit. I hurried up to the dog there (I suppose this is where they are from, not Krokotopia). “Hello, Sarah StormDreamer! We are excited that you have arrived in Marleybone! My name is Private Kinchley. If you would, would you please go talk to the mayor in Digmoore Station? I am sure he would like to be informed of your arrival.” I thanked him and walked out of the large doors of the enclosed area.

I gasped when I got outside.

“Do you gasp EVERY time you arrive at a new world?” Lucas asked. I turned around and grinned. “Yep!” I said happily, then turned back to the scene. I was standing on a stone road that advanced out into many sections. There were brown and dark, dark red brick buildings around me. The buildings had many bright lights, just like the cities on Earth. There were also many lit streetlights, and in front of me there was a large fountain.

“Sarah..” Lucas whispered, “Look at the sky...” I did, and gasped once again. It was a beautiful night sky, filled with many white, shining stars of many different sizes. “It's....” I began. “....magnificent....” Lucas finished. I giggled. “Since when have we finished each other's sentences?” I asked. Lucas grinned. “Its just something that awesome people do!” I rolled my eyes. “Come on, let's go find Digmoore Station,” I said.

Mayor Pimsbury was very glad to see me. “It is wonderful that you have arrived!” he said gleefully. He explained to me about evil cats. I was sad. I really liked cats.... “Please, go speak to Sherlock Bones,” he said, “And maybe we can sort this out!” I hurried over to the detective standing nearby. “Ah, young wizard Sarah StormDreamer,” he said, “At last we meet.” He explained the problems that citizens were having. “Ask Tracy Castleton for a ticket to Hyde Park,” he said. I went up to the pretty lady dog and asked for two tickets. She smiled and handed me them. “Have a nice day,” she said. Lucas and I headed off for the Balloon Car. Along the way, Lucas was grumbling. “How come no one recognizes me?” he asked. I giggled. “'Cause you ain't the chosen one, silly.” He nudged me playfully. “Ha, ha. I told you it wasn't easy being pals with the chosen one! I get no respect!” he said. I laughed and nudged him back. “I give you respect, don't I? Besides, you didn't say that!” He looked at me, confused.

“Um, one, okay, yes you do. Two, I did TOO say that!” I laughed, and the confusion from his eyes disappeared. “Okay, one, I told you so. Two, NO you didn't. You said exactly this: It isn't always easy being the chosen one's best friend.” Lucas laughed. “Ha, ha, miss precise,” he said, teasing me. Before he could make another comment, we had arrived at the Balloon Car. Lucas stepped up first, handing the dog pilot his ticket. I handed the dog pilot my ticket, and was about to climb on. But Lucas grabbed my hand and pulled me up instead. I looked at him, questionably. He shrugged. “What? It's not okay for me to do something NICE once in a while?” I returned the shrug. I turned to the pilot. “So, where do we sit?” I asked. The dog laughed. “You don't!” he said, “You can't fall out, no worries. Enjoy the ride!” With that, he went into the driver's section, leaving us outside. The propeller started up, and we took off!

The sights took my breath away. We were high up above the ground, and the view was wonderful. I saw the dark buildings and bright lights of Marleybone (and, unfortunately, the smoke the buildings created as well). When we moved away from the land, I saw sky above and below us. The sky above was the same view as from the island. But below, it was a lighter, prettier blue. The moon stood, gleaming in the distance. I turned to Lucas. “This is... wonderful!” I said happily, my eyes shining. He met my happy gaze with an identical one of his own, and we stood there for a moment, staring at each other's expressions. I felt a certain way, for just a moment.... I shook my head and blushed a dark pink, turning away.

“We're there!” the pilot said, loud enough for us to hear. He landed the Balloon Car on the landing platform. “When you need to get back, just ring this bell here,” he said, motioning to one on the sign overhead. “I'll be back then!” We nodded our thanks, and he flew away. I turned to him. “So, now what?” I asked. Lucas was staring at the area in front of us, where enemies were pacing around. “Um... sidewalks?” he asked. I turned to a dog nearby, who's name was Lady Desane. “Where are the sidewalks?” I asked, as politely as I could. “There aren't any,” she replied quickly. Lucas moaned. I punched my fist into the air. “Yes!” I said. “Why are you so happy?” Lucas asked, “You like having no sidewalks?” “Well... yes and no,” I said, “I like sidewalks, but... finally! A challenge! Once I practice, I'll master the no-sidewalks deal!” Lucas smiled, but then it faded, the only trace of it remaining in his eyes. “Yeah, but think about all the unwanted battles!” “Um, so?” I started, “Wait... I thought you said you were a master about staying out of unwanted battles!” “No, Sarah...” Lucas said, “I said that YOU were a master about staying out of unwanted battles.” “Oh yeah,” I said. “But wait...” Lucas said, “What does that mean that I'M the master of?” I pretended to think for a moment. “Let's see....” I said mockingly, “Oh, I know! You are the master at randomly teleporting to people without telling them, doing a flip in the air and landing in front of them, and turning around, saying hi, and expecting for them to clap for you.” Lucas grinned happily. “YES!” he said, “I ALWAYS wanted to be the master of that category!” I laughed, and we started off.

It turns out that the no-sidewalks thing was easier AND harder than either of us expected. We both mastered it in a short time, though me first. It also turns out that we didn't only fight cats; we also fought rats. “Ha, ha,” Lucas said one time, “They rhyme.” The whole time, I was beginning to LOVE Marleybone. But at the same time, I thought that there was a better world for me out there. Marleybone was great, but... all the smoke polluted places! I knew that it wasn't such a big problem in the Spiral, but I couldn't help it!

Lucas and I were finished with Hyde Park before we knew it. We then moved on to Chelsea Court, and then we were supposed to begin the Ironworks. But by then, Lucas was getting tired. “Sarah... I'm tired...” he moaned. I sighed. “But even I'M not tired yet!” I said. Lucas nodded. “Still...” he said, and nearly collapsed. Okay, well, he would have if I hadn't reached out and held his arm. “Look, I'm gonna find you a place to rest, and then I'll have another friend help me with the Ironworks,” I said. Lucas just nodded. Still holding onto him, I teleported to Regent's Square.

We were in front of the fountain. “If you're not careful,” I said, “If you bug me enough, I might one time put you in the fountain when you are tired like this.” Lucas yawned. “What...ever...” he said, and then he was asleep. I groaned. “Lucas, I DON'T want to carry you ANYWHERE!” But he was in sleep-world. I sighed, but managed to drag him into Wolfminister Abbey (the enclosed area where the Spiral Gate was). I asked Private Kinchley if Lucas could sleep somewhere in here. “Sure!” he replied. I found a far away bench next to some fire, and lay him down there. “'Night, Lucas,” I said. I was tempted to do or say something else, but... I didn't.

“Hey, Sarah, whats up?” Elizabeth GriffonBlood, my older best friend, whispered. “Hey, Elizabeth, can you help me?” I asked. “Sure, where are you?” she asked. “Marleybone,” I answered. “Cool! Count me in!” she said, and immediately teleported. “Hi,” I said. Elizabeth was looking around. “Sweet,” she said. Then she noticed Lucas on the bench. She smiled. “Your other best friend, right?” she asked. I nodded. “Don't be jealous,” I accused. She laughed. “I promise, I won't be,” she said. I teleported to the Ironworks, and she followed.

“Okay, we have to fight some enemies,” I said. We launched into a battle. “So, how's life been going?” I asked her. She shrugged as she casted a Seraph (she is life, by the way). “Well, I got to Krokotopia, and that's about it,” she said, “You?” And I told her about my adventures so far, from where she hadn't heard. Last I had told her, I had met Lucas and we were becoming best friends. I told her about when Lucas was captured, and when I first arrived in Marleybone, and especially the first Balloon Car Ride. “I NEED to make you ride one,” I said, “The view is magnificent!”

We talked some more, and then I turned to an awkward subject for me to talk about. “Um, Elizabeth... are you good with relationship stuff?” I asked, embarrassed with the nervousness in my voice. “Yes, I am, actually,” she said, “Why?” Oh, great. I have to explain. “Well, I keep feeling this feeling...” I said, “And, when Lucas and I were riding on the Balloon Car, and I turned to him and he was looking in my eyes and I was looking in his, I felt something.... the same thing... and, and, I felt it when I was putting Lucas to sleep too...” Elizabeth grinned. “I think you like him,” she said, “As in, LIKE like him.” I sighed. “I know, that's what I thought, but I don't want our friendship to be destroyed.” Elizabeth was thinking intently in the battle while I continued ranting. “And I don't know if he likes me or not, but I think he might because he had the same look on his face that I had on the Balloon Car Ride, and now that I think about it he might because he was nervous about holding my hand one time in Krokotopia, and he didn't let go until I reminded him, but he might not because he teases me a lot and I'm not sure what that means because I tease him a lot too...” “Okay, okay, okay, calm down!” Elizabeth said. I looked at the ground. “Sorry,” I said. “I think,” she said, “I think... I think he likes you too. But,” she added, before I could get too excited, “I can't be sure yet.” We finished our battle, and instead of talking to Watson right away, we sat down on a crate. “I mean, the express gives it away, if nothing else, but teasing is another clue too.” She thought for a moment. “Does he nudge you sometimes, playfully?” I turned red, or at least I felt like I did. “Yeah,” I said. “And think about the last time he said your name. Did it kind of sound like he was caressing it, like it was precious or something like that?” I thought back. The last time he said my name was... when he was tired, and was letting me know. “Actually, he kind of did,” I said, “Even though he was sleepy. It WAS hard to tell.” Elizabeth looked at me. “Tomorrow, he will say your name, I believe. When he does, listen for it. Whisper to me if he does.” “And if he does?” I asked. She looked at me again. “Ta da!” she said, clapping her hands. I giggled.

We continued on the Ironworks, working hard, but at the same time talking about Lucas. When we finished, I was getting tired this time. “Sorry, Elizabeth...” I said, yawning. She giggled. “Can you get back to Wolfminister Abbey on your own?” she asked. I nodded. “See ya,” I said, as she teleported off. I teleported to Regent's Square, and then went to Wolfminister Abbey. I quickly, but quietly, told Private Kinchley that I would be staying too. He just nodded. I found where I had lay Lucas. He was still there, and fast asleep for all I could tell. I smiled. I lay down on the bench next to his, and fell asleep.

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