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The Average Life of the Chosen One (part 3) by Sarah StormDreamer

When Lucas and I arrived at the portal, Lucas looked at it, confused.

“Um... you live at the secret shop?” he asked. I laughed. “No!” I said, grinning. I started to step onto the portal when I saw that he wasn't following. “Are you coming?” I asked. He looked at me in the eyes and said, “Two people on a portal at one time is dangerous, you know.” I was going to ask why, but all at once, I knew he wasn't lying. “Then how will you get there?” I asked. He looked at the sky, thinking. I was thinking too. Then, I got an idea. “How about this! If I'm holding your hand, you have to go where ever I'm going too, right?” I said. Lucas looked at me and nodded. “I guess that would work, as long as I'm not too close to the portal,” said. I reached out and took his hand. It was warm, and sweaty. Was he nervous? I looked at him, but he was staring at the ground, so I didn't see his expression. “Are you going?” he asked. I shook myself out of my trance and stepped onto the portal.

In an instant, we were back at the house I had received. Lucas looked at it and gasped. “Oh, wow,” he said. I grinned. “Cool, isn't it?”

Lucas only nodded. It was then I realized that he was still holding my hand. “Um... Lucas?” I said. He realized what I was getting at, and blushed. “Sorry,” he said, letting go of my hand. We stood there in silence, Lucas staring at my house, me wondering why he had been so nervous.

“So, are we going inside?” I asked. “Yeah,” Lucas said, stepping forward. I opened the door and Lucas gasped again, staring at everything. It was then that I remembered that I didn't even know what school Lucas was in. He used a lot of different kinds of spells all the time. “Hey, Lucas...” I began. “It's perfect...” he whispered, going up to one of the storm banners. “Lucas...” I said. “Just like...” he whispered, feeling the the banner. “Lucas?” I asked, walking up to him. He quickly turned around, panic on his face. “Where did you get this?” he asked quickly. “Um... I....” I said, unsure how to answer his question. “I... won it? Oh, yeah, I did win it!” He grabbed my shoulders. “From who? From who?” he asked. “Um.. I don't...” “From a Krok boss?” he asked. “Um... yes, actually. Why?” I asked. Lucas sank to the ground, his head on his knees.

“Lucas?” I asked, worried. I knelled down and put my hand on his shoulder. “What's-” “My mom made that banner,” he said quietly, “It was all I had left of my family at all. And the fifth time I was captured, the Krok took everything I had- including that banner. I thought... I thought I would never see it again.” I was shocked.

“You.. can have it back...” I said, starting to pull it off the wall.

Lucas stopped me. “How did you get it?” he asked. “Well, I wanted to get a furniture item, so I battled Biti Nirini until I got one,” I said, “I didn't understand at first, because he doesn't usually have those, but I kept it anyway.” I finished pulling it off the wall and handed it to him. He smiled. “My whole family was myth, and when I turned out to be storm, all of my family but my mom was upset and angry. She made me this banner to let me know that I was special, even though I was different,” he said. I finally knew what school he was.

“So, wanna, um....” I started, but Lucas was already going up the stairs. I followed him, and he stopped in the dinning room. His eyes went wide. “Food...” he moaned. I grinned. “Hungry?” I asked. He nodded slowly. I walked into the room and sat on one of the chairs.

Lucas sat on the one across from me. He reached out to the pile of food and grabbed an apple. I grinned. “Like apples?” I asked. Lucas grinned back. “Just about my favorite food in the world!” he said. “Me too!” I replied, “Except that I absolutely LOVE watermelon! It's delicious!” I took a slice of watermelon that had appeared when I had spoken. We ate for a little while, Lucas cracking jokes and me laughing all the while.

When we were finished, we cleaned up and I started up to my room.

Lucas stopped me. “Sarah..” he started, looking me in the eyes. He hesitated, and then looked at the ground. “Goodnight,” he said quietly. I was confused. Couldn't he have just said that without stopping me? “Goodnight,” I answered, and continued up to my room. I turned around. “You saw the couch, right?” I asked. Lucas nodded.

“Okay,” I said. I got up to my room, and lay down on my bed. I closed my eyes....

BOOM! I jerked up. I heard a moan. I got out of bed and hurried downstairs to the living room. Lucas was on the floor, his eyes open wide. “Lucas?” I asked, hurrying to his side. “Nightmare...” he said, gasping for breath. I ran to the room with food, and got a glass of water. I ran back to him and handed him the glass. He drank it all in about 10 seconds. “What was in your nightmare?” I asked. What he said next came out in short words. “Krok... captured.... lost....

Malistaire...” he said. I put my hand on his shoulder. “It was just a nightmare, just a dream,” I said, “I get them all the time.” He looked me in the eyes like he had before. He opened his mouth, but before he could speak....

BOOM! It was a louder burst than I had heard before, when Lucas had fallen off the couch. It sounded from my room. I took Lucas' hand and hurried up the stairs. When I got up there, I gasped. A hole had been blown through my wall, and the dust was still clearing. I heard a menacing laugh. “Where is she?” a rough voice croaked. When the dust was gone, I saw him... it was Biti Nirini! I almost rolled my eyes.

“You?” I asked. He smiled a crafty smile. “I'm not alone this time,” he said. Five figures stepped forward. They were all Kroks, but not ones I had yet encountered. They looked pretty tough. I gasped. Biti Nirini stepped forward. “Foolish wizard,” he said, obviously not noticing Lucas behind me, “Malistaire's plans will not be failed by you!” He swirled his wand, and an ice spell came from the ground.

Obviously, he had been practicing new spells. I put my wand up in defense, but it was too strong. A creature rose out of the ice. It was HUGE! “Ice wyvern...” I breathed. It lay down to yell at me. “LEAVE SARAH ALONE!” Lucas yelled. He casted a kraken, and it fought the ice wyvern. “Fool!” a Krok from behind Lucas said. He casted a thunder snake; a simple spell that many could easily block. But this was no ordinary thunder snake. It grew, and grew, and wrapped its tail around Lucas! “Lucas!” I yelled. The snake shocked him over and over.

Although Lucas could resist much of this, it still caused immense pain. I looked from the fighting spells, to Lucas being shocked. What to do in this situation? Before I could decide, Biti Nirini cackled.

“It is not enough...” he said, “But perhaps with your friend gone, Malistaire can carry out his plans on you!” And with that, the entire scene vanished... Lucas along with it.'

I screamed in frustration. They had taken Lucas! I had temptation to go back to bed and settle this in the morning, but I.. just couldn't!

This was... my friend! My new best friend, at that! I hadn't seen my old friends in a long time....

“They.... shall... not... keep.... LUCAS!” I yelled. I grabbed my wand, and pulled my new clothes on. I stared at the gaping hole in the wall. My stomach growled, but I ignored it. I picked up the storm banner, which Lucas had left on the ground at my feet. I mumbled to myself, “A rescue mission is in order.” And with that, not looking down and with my eyes clenched, I jumped.

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