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The Tale of Artur Lightbringer by Artur ShadowCaster

"Yes!I finally get to be a wizard!" I was so thrilled and happy! This was the day I become a wizard! My legs couldn't keep still as they shaked heavenly.

"Hey,don't get too excited. Life Wizards always keep calm and relaxed. Hmm, but I always knew you would fail."

"You take that back,Roman! I'll become a better Life Wizard than you anyday!" My brother was always mocking me. He laughed as he looked down at me from his tall height. He just got to be a wizard first because he was thirteen first. I'd like to see his face when Ambrose finally gives me my deck.

"Hope your not thinking of dueling me once you get that puny deck. I never liked those decks. They would always run out of cards when I'm facing fifty Krakkens."

"Liar! I know even you can't be that strong in battle!" I looked at the smug smile growing on his face. He somehow manages to mock me still!

"Enough fighting! Here comes Master Ambrose."

"That's him?" I thought to myself. He walked gracfully with his purple coat filled with lightful stars. I was shocked at how old he was. Roman would brag at how powerful Ambrose was. Ambrose's wrinkles really doesn't fit the description,but I dig the beard.

"Well,you must be Artur." His voice echoed through my ears like a thundering storm. His voice even knocked me back a bit! I guess Roman was right. "Shall we begin our basic training?"

"Y-yes." My voice trembled badly. Trying to make a impression on the powerfullest wizard is a nervous wrecking.

"Very well. Let's hop to it." I swayed my hand back and forth so my brother could see that he's seeing the last of Lil'Artur. It's time for the Artur to be born.

"A quiz?" I looked at the pile of papers staring at me with there meaningless questions.

"Actually it's more of a test to see what class your going to be in.It's just a few questions. I hope they won't annoy that much. People didn't like the test either. They pretty much prefer picking their classes." I thought about the quiz that could probably turn my whole life. I wanted to be Life. I could easily mistake this whole thing and turn to something I don't want. I walked over to the soft, red chair sitting alone in the corner. I then picked up my pencil and started. The questions were of course making me sweat bullets. Though the calmness of Ambrose's room calmed me down from making any outbursts. I was suddenly relived that I was finished. I then handed the test to Ambrose. I took this chance to examine the room. Towers of books filled the room under a black, checkered tile. I suddenly heard Ambrose mumbling.

"Hmm, yes. Yes. Oh, no. Yes. Yes!" Ambrose was mumbling to himself as he examined my test. He scratched his majestic beard mutiple times. "Eueka! I got it. Your class is..."

"Life!" I didn't know why I interrupted him now, but it is Life. I'm confident that it is."I'm confident that it is Life! I've always dreamed of being the next generation Life!"

"You like following under your brother and father's footsteps?"

"Not my brother. He is a moron. My dad of course is a hero! Someday I'll become the third generation hero!" I was thinking on how I could even outburst from this. Ambrose must have been impressed. He gave me a little grin that showed happiness,but his eyes. His eyes looked as if he was saddened by something. It must be my speech! Tears of happiness is always a good sign. Ambrose set down his the test on his desk and looked at me.

"You got Life." At this I just couldn't contain myself. It started with my legs and then my arms. At the top of my lungs I shouted

"YES! THIRD GENERATION IS COMING!" The floor shaked with my as voice even echoed out of the Ambrose's room. One of his beloved paintings even fell. "I'm quite sorry about that. It's just so lucky for me to get a class out of the other six classes."

"Six other classes?" Ambrose's eyes glowed as he heard something interesting.

"Well, of course. There's Fire,Ice,Storm,Water,Balance,and Myth. See six classes." I counted on my fingers to show Ambrose. Can't blame an old man for having short-term memory loss.

"Artur, your forgetting D-" The doors suddenly slamed open. The person who stupidly interupt Ambrose of course would be my brother.

"Umm, Artur I'm sorry I had to interrupt, but your supposed to go home. Dad wants you to go home as a reward for your age of thirteen." My brother's legs trembled. The red cape looked as if it was wrangled around his neck too tight.

"Actually, I'm just finished. Bye,Master." I ran out the door quickly since having to stay home away from Roman is a greater award! My house is suffocating with Roman around. I'll make the hours worth it. I'll snack on all the chips I want and watch cartoons! Being thriteen is surely a good thing.

"You couldn't help, but eavesdrop could you?" Ambrose whispered as he waited till Artur was out of sight.

"I wouldn't call it eavesdropping. I would call it listening. Besides, that's what you always put on my report card." Roman smiled as laughing at his own joke. He then closed the door quietly so know one could hear the converstaion Ambrose is about to attempt to make.

Ambrose slapped his forehead in shame at the joke. "That was in class. You never listen when your teacher was teaching Battle Basics. You are always goofing around while your fellow classmates are listening quietly. Your teacher is trying the-" Ambrose suddenly realized what Roman was doing. He recollected his thoughts on the moment that was at hand.

"Now, why were you listening, I mean eavesdropping, Mr.Roman." Ambrose looked shcoked at how Roman 's expression came to this. "Nevermind." Roman's expression was still the same. He looked dazed and started finding the floor interesting then his converstaion with Ambrose. Ambrose knew he couldn't get anything out of Roman. The conversation wasn't going anywhere so Ambrose quickly grabbed Artur's test and polietly handed it over to Roman.

"Thank you." Roman gave a tiny smile and came to looking grim again.

"The class that was chosen fo him by the test is on the last page. I know that you would be curious about what class your brother got, but there's no need to worry. Your face shows many disapointments when you requested to see your brother's test." Roman quickly skipped to the last page. He looked at the red marker imprinted by Ambrose. He read over it and over.

"This is the class he g-got?"

"Well, yes. I don't see nothing wrong with it. Lots of kids usally pick this as a class. One thing that bothered me was that your brother didn't even know the class. He thinks there's only seven classes." Roman looked at the ground swaying his head back and forth.

"That is not a class. Why would you allow such a thing? What does it accomplish!?" Ambrose didn't expect that Roman would make any immature outbusts.

"It does got it's uses. Why don't you ask Mal-?"

"Malorn? He's just a student! There's no tree and no classroom!" Roman shouted.

"True, but you've never seen a student have no struggles with Malorn?"

"Well, no. Master, please don't tell Artur about this class. I'm hoping we can keep this a secret." Roman opened the door and the sun lit the room up. Roman quickly shield his eyes as he attempted to take a step till Ambrose spoke.

"I will not tell Artur about it. I guess there's no harm done. I'll probably learn why you would not want Artur being in the class he was chosen by the test. If it's something drastic you'll know I won't hesitate to help. I've already learn that your father wouldn't want Lil'Artur to skip his first day of becoming.a wizard." Roman suddenly laughed. He smiled and gave Ambrose a glance.

"I already know you'll find everything out, doc. There is a thing you still haven't found out."

"And that will be?"

"What? Asking me for hints, doc?" Roman then moved his blonde hair away from his face."You still haven't figured it out that Lil'Artur is not Lil'Artur anymore.I can understand how you haven't figured it since I'm the only one who knows my brother. Someday, I'll be the one who'll have to teach him." Roman then dissapeared somewhere outside.

"I-It talks! T-That's no normal at all!" I yelled when the strange owl talked. It was already the next day and a cheerful one at that. The birds sang and the sun was in the brightest. I was outside with Ambrose standing by this ridiculous, tall tower. Master Ambrose said this is the day I finally get to do some Battle Basics!

"Artur, this is Gamma. You shouldn't be shocked at how a majestic animal can talk. Your becoming a wizard so you'll see more shockful things." Ambrose petted his Gamma gently through it's fur.

"WHOOOOO! I promise you'll be less shock once you get to know me!" I stepped closer to Gamma and petted it gently coping Ambrose. I smiled as Gamma whooed."WHOOOO!"

"AHHHHH!" I screamed and stepped back."Did I pet you the wrong way?"

"Ambrose, look at the window!" Ambrose gazed at the window. I did the same trying to find what Gamma saw that was so frightening. The sun was getting dimmer as black clounds made their movement with thunderous lightning. I only had a glance when I saw some shady figure near the window. Ambrose quickly ran to the tower in hot pursuit.

"Master how about my battle training?" I didn't want to wait another day. I desired to become a wizard. The feeling was eating me alive. All I could think about was having a precious wand in my grasp.

"You want a battle, lad? Come with me!" Ambrose answered quickly. Rain poured through the black clouds heavily. I hurriedly followed Ambrose through the door. I found lying wooden bots all over the floor broken and turn to pieces. I moved toward each room hoping to make it to the top. My heart pumped through each step hoping not miss out fighting along side with Ambrose. Ambrose is quick for an old man. Finally,the last door was the only obstacle standing in my way. It look decorative and shined with silver lining. I barged through with no sense of care! The only thing interesting was the wicked man snickering with gloomy eyes. This is going to be fun!

"Malistare! Your not welcomed here." Ambrose's eyes sparkled with fury and rage.

"Please. I got my objective. I don't need you pestering me. Now I'll be off." He smiled as If he was going to go away without getting a scratch or two.

"Not so fast! Your not going to go anywhere on my watch! Your staying here and going to get a serving of justice!" Malistare surprised me at someone would not as so much fear him. He started to laugh with his evil grin.

"Ambrose! Your letting your little boy scouts play magic for you." Malistare waved his wand back and forth. Something horrifing appeared that gave me a liitle fright. Malistare summoned another right beside the other gruesome creature. "I can live with some entertainment. I would like it for the both of you to feel the grasp of my hand!" The two beasts charged toward me at lighting speed. Ambrose nudged me on the arm with something that made me feel something far superior than happy. I grabbed the deck from his hand.

"Wait. How do I work it?" I figured I'm atleast going to be taught how to use this.

"I believe you can learn it by yourself,Artur. Now I'll go ahead and show Malistare the door." Ambrose responded. I didn't like how this was going. How am I going to ever fight these monsters without knowing how to work this deck? My brother just bragged about how cool this is! All I know is that a wizard has cards! I examined my deck to see if there was a button to activate. I picked up the top card standing on the deck. The other side was wierd.

"Skeleton Pirate," I whispered sofly. I know it's too late. The mosters are making their selves closer. Then it showed up.

"Why must y'all pick on the poor kid?" One of the ugly monsters scooted on the floor from the hit.

"A-re you real?" Arthur trembled.

"Real as can be!Arrrrrrg!" The skeleton ran towards the other monster giving it the same treatment. Artur dazed and clumsy fell on his knees. He grabbed the wooden floor and bit his lip trying to recollet what just happened. The skeleton turned and saw how the Artur was thinking and trembling. "Hey, KID! Time to get off your knees and summon another person to aid me! One ugly monster is all about I can handled." The monsters got up to there feet once more and finally spoke.

"We're not monsters! We're Dragions! You'll pay for making such a mistake!" The Dragions charged against the skeleton while he evaded every attack.

"Kid, mind getting about seven cards and summon another one like you did before! An try to summon a good card too! You still have a full set of pips!" The skeleton was evading every attack as possible. Artur picked seven cards out of his deck. He said the first one that he looked and didn't bother of looking at the others.

"T-Troll?" A hugmongus creature stood mighty and proud. It's club in it's hand glowed.

"Me want to fight too! Can I join bony man?" the Troll jumped happidly that quaked everybody in the room.

"U-uh sure. Go ahead." Artur blinked a couple of times to see that what he was seeing was real or not. The Troll then smashed a Dragion. The Dragion wasn't going to give easily. He returned the favor with a punch to the gut. The Troll hardly felt a thing and burp as if taunting the Dragion. The skeleton was also wining the match. He evaded every attack and blocked every attack with his sword. "That all you got mate." The Dragion grew angier by the second. He cheap shot the skeleton in the leg. Skeleton's leg slided to the floor and Skeleton clumsily fell down with a leg to pick him up. The Dragion used this as an advantage and did the final blow to the skeleton. "Sorry mate. Should've done better." The Skeleton disappeared without a trace. Artur checked his card and on it was a big red "X" indicating the card could no longer be used in battle. The Troll was now getting pummeled by both of the Dragions. "I sorry." The Troll disappeared like the skeleton.

"Those two are finally gone. It's a good thing we have enough energy to finish you!" The Dragions roared. They started to walk towards with their claws showing off. Artur feared this was the end. He accidently dropped one card by his foot. He stared at the card's name from the ground.

"No, it's not over. You monsters will get your justice. Heroes always win. METOR SHOWER!" Multiple black holes were appearing all at once. They started to shoot at the Dragions defeating them. Artur sighed and took a look at the bigger battle that was going on. Ambrose vs. Malistare.

"Malistare, it's over now." Ambrose said.

"Yes, indeed it is. I think play time is already over. I've got better things to do. I'll finish this later." Malistare turned more and more transparent until he completely vanished.

"No he got away!" I really wanted to fight him more than ever! I'm now of course ready.

"It's just like you said. Heroes always win. He'll sooner get his justice. Anyway, you learned pretty well in that match. Do you have any questions?"

"No, Master. I'm just hoping I can keep this deck." I squeezed on the deck harder knowing that this deck made me a wizard.

"Hmm, here's the one you should keep." We exchanged decks. I really didn't care what deck I got. Just having the feeling on that battlefield was spectacular! I never experienced any fun like this in my whole life. "Here's your wand to go with your deck, lad." I was screaming on the inside as he said that. I knew I was beggining to like this whole wizard buiseness."Your a level one so far. Don't get too brave and pick fights with powerful monsters especially Malistare."

"Level one?" I would atleast suspect that I was maybe a level three!

"Yes, wizards are ranked in levels. Don't worry you'll gain and gain." Let's hope I can get off level one quickly. It would be nice to be gaining levels at a faster rate then my brother so I can rub it in his face of course."You should go back to your house in the woods. You did have a long day after all. I'll go ahead and show you the city tomorrow. Your brother will shortly after show you Ravenwood. Remember once you meet the Life Teacher and say you want to join that class, that's your class. "

"Yes, Master!" Roman told me about how lively the city was. He never mentioned Ravenwood though. One more day and training is over. One more day, I'll become a wizard. One more day and a new adventure will start!"

"Yes! I finally get to see Wizard City!" Ambrose sat quietly in his chair stroking his beard. "So, where is it?"

"Through there." Ambrose pointed with his index finger at the door I would always come from the woods at.

"That's the door to the woods, Master." I of course checked to make sure, but nothing. Only trees were in view and a small house which I lived could be in view.

"Use this key on the same door, please." I didn't really know what it was going to accomplish. I did what Ambrose asked and I turned the knob finding A CITY! "That key is yours to travel to your house and your dorm. Make sure to keep it safe. I'll let you go ahead and look for Ravenwood yourself. You earned it well. Now hurry Roman's waiting."

I'm guessing Ambrose saw how excited I was. I rushed through the door and I just collapsed at the beatiful scenery. There was a delightful fountain pouring sparkling water that just became a relaxful decoration. Front of me was this gigantic lake where wizards swimmed happidly. I could see at the other side of the lake where Storm Wizards would splash a tiny FireWizard. I gazed at a wizard floating on the lake where he justed stared at the sky. I reconized a mob of people gathered around a old man with a pickax.

"I has me new armour. Anybody wan' new armour?" said the old miner.

"Me! 120 gold!" Cryed a junior Balanced Wizard.

"I got 150 gold!" Screamed a Fire Wizard.

"I'll trade you an important item!" A Myth Wizard shouted. I remembered I couldn't keep Roman waiting any longer. I hurried to see where Ravenwood was at. I decided to asked a group of fellow wizards for directions.

"Hello, do any of you know where I can find Ravenwood?" I asked gently.

"Check out this kid. Wow, he must be dumb or something right guys." A red-headed Fire Wizard suddenly laughed.

"You dare mock me!"

"Don't mind him. He also had trouble. It's right over there." A kind Storm Wizard pointed at the direction. I gave her a quick thank you and headed off. I decided not to get in a fight with that belligerent wizard. I have more things to intend.

"Where could he be?" Roman was losing paitence while he waited for Artur to arrive. "If I wait one more minute I'll-"

"Hey! Am I late?" I arrived hoping for the best that Roman wouldn't mock me.

"Yes, but let's hurry and get to the school shall we?" Roman grabbed my arm and we were rushing to the school. I wondered why didn't Roman mock me. It's really weird for him not too. Why are we even rushing in the first place?

"Roman." A strange girl stopped us from marching. She was probably a Myth Wizard with all the green and yellow equipment. She had blonde hair that shine in the sun. Does Roman know this mysterious girl? "Ambrose needs you at his office. Stat!" She then waited for his answer paitently.

"What does doc want now? I have to bring Artur to his school."

"Yes, he knew you would repond like this. I'm guessing that's why he's the Headmaster." She smiled while she flipped her hair.

"Then please tell what he wanted to talk about. I'm not going if it's not important."

"All Ambrose told me to tell you was "Scientist". What does that mean?" She bit her thumb as she tryed to solve the riddle. Roman looked scared and confused.

"Umm, Artur go to Life School. It's just on the left. You shouldn't miss it." Roman was shaking more than an earthquake. Why was he scared of the word scientist? Roman ran as soon as he finished talking to me. I just decided to walk further since it probably didn't have anything to do with me. I glaced at this huge tree that towered every wizard. Roman told me there was a tree for each school. There was weird talking dog near the tree. Could he be a teacher?- I walked some more to find the Life School. I'm guessing I found the Life School's Tree. The leaves blossomed so beatifully. It brightened with light colors. I believed the school was right next to the tree. I was about to walk in when,

"Give me back my hat!" screamed a little kid. I looked to see what the commotion was. I gazed at two wizards targeting a little more weaker wizard as their nerd. They were a distance away, but I knew they were treating that kid horribly. I hurried over there to help out.

"You guys better stop picking on him if you know what's good for you." The bullies then changed their eyes at me thinking they found another easy target.

"Looks like we got a little hero on our hands!"

"Yeah, a hero. We should show him not to interrupt." They clentched their fists and started attacking me. The other boy sooner ran with no thanks. I defended myself from the punches they were attempting. I couldn't hold on any longer till some tiny appeared. They grabbed the bullies and threw them on the floor.

"You guys heard the kid. Better stop picking if you know what's good for you." A kid about the age of my brother stepped up. He had skulls all over him. He shaded black clothing.. He even had a funny jester hat.

"It's Malorn! Run!" The bullies retreated at the sight of Malorn. They were scaried more than Roman when he heard of the word scientist! I thanked Malorn for his help.

"No problem. I'll tell their teachers as soon as I see them."

"Hope they get judgement."

" Oh, I'll make sure they do."

"I didn't really know you could play your cards in Ravenwood."

"Well, I have a special permisson." Malorn laughed at his unfunny joke.

"Hmm, so whose your teacher?"

"I don't have a teacher. I'm kinda the teacher myself." Malorn gave me a confused look.

"Your just a student though!" I was surprised at how a kid could be teaching.

"The adult teacher isn't here. I'm the one who's teaching since I listened more than other kids."

"What class are you teaching? Those faries look different somehow." Malorn somehow paused for a minute. The wind was brustling against the trees making a howling sound. Every wizard just stopped. Malorn opened his mouth and whispered something.


"Excuse me?"

"I said Death. You have listening problems?"

"There's only six classes."

"No, there's seven." Malorn looked at me in a more confused state.

"They just made one?" Malorn hit his head in shame.

"There has always been a Death class. Hasn't anyone told you?"

"Nothing out of the sort." I was saddened how I kept embarrasing myself.

"Well, Death School is the best! You should join it!" He held his hand showing how much he wanted me in class. I even thought about it. I came to my conclusion and grabbed his hand.

"I'm sorry, but-" I shooked his hand and felt something. I was feeling power like any other. Who is Malorn? Why haven't I heard of Death school? There's a reason Death School was kept away from me all these years. There's something behind it. Something powerful.

"Where is Artur?" Roman kept questioning himself over and over. "Moo-Linda never heard of anyone named Artur. Did he get lost?" Roman saw what had to be the most shocking thing ever. He stared at a distance from where he could hear the conversation. He gazed at how they shook hands and became horrified to hear the words coming out of Artur's mouth which were "I'm sorry, but your going to need to make your self some room in your roster because, I, Artur Lightbringer, am going to join this class!"

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