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Arrozen and the Key by Arrozen

I had never seen anything so beautiful. The glistening pyramids of Krokotopia soared into the sky. The Oasis’ stellar waters danced gently in the slow breeze. Golden beams scudded through the thin clouds. I had never been to Krokotopia, but I could feel the Balance magic tremor in the air. Suddenly, a thin, bent, crocodilian man slithered out of the sandy doors of the Pyramid of the Sun.

“Hello, Arrozen. I am Alhazred. We’ve been expecting you. The great Essence of Balance has told us great things about you. Come, join me in the Royal Hall to fulfill your destiny.”
We were in a dim, torch-lit room. There were ornate hieroglyphics that shimmered across the floor and walls. I could here a strange yet beautiful hum. I was about to ask, but Alhazred replied as if he read my mind.

“The sound you hear is free Balance magic.” I couldn’t stop listening to the wonderful song. It filled me up, just as the crystal spring had. “Enough of that.” I snapped back to the present. “It seems that you have been called here to stop the corruption of Krokotopia. We have been attacked.”

“By what? Attacked by what?”

“An evil Dryad has made some sort of army. The Dryads name is Dayrdae. She has corrupted even the most just creatures, even the Krokotillians. Seraphs, pixies, unicorns, and Lords of nature, all fallen to her.”

“That can’t be possible!”

“I can give you proof.” I remained silent as he pulled out a silver bowl with shining water. He waved a worn, clawed hand over the water. Slowly, and then becoming more violent, the liquid began to toss. As this happened, an image swam to the surface. It was terrifying. Dark skies swarmed over snarling beasts. “Proof enough?”

“I want to see no more.” I closed my eyes as Alhazred dipped a finger in the water and the images were gone.

“Now do you believe?” His beetle-like eyes regarded me piercingly.

“How do you know that I am the one? How do you know that I am destined? I’m barely a journeyman wizard!”

“That means nothing. The prophesy is clear.” He gestured to an image, of me, on the walls of the hall. “It says, ‘When Krokotopia falls to the Dark, the one hides in the plain sight of the signs.’”

It was most definitely me that they were looking for. I stared at the picture of me, and as I looked the eyes started to glow. Suddenly, I felt an odd burning in my own eyes. I closed them and rubbed.

“You are the one.” As he said these words, the walls of the Royal Hall began to quake. Each heavy door cracked. In an explosion of red light, the doors collapsed inward.

“Ultimate Spiral Ward!” shouted Alhazred. A glowing wall blocked the door. I was just able to see a bare, sharp tree with glowing scarlet eyes before Alhazred shoved me through a passage way that lead to the Grand Arena.

I looked around for the passage that I had come through, but it had vanished. I nervously pulled out my staff. The gem at the tip fizzled with power. In a huge roar, a Wraith with glowing eyes landed in the arena just in front of me.



“Prepare to die.” The Wraith set up a battle field. I was drawn first. A huge sand storm whirled around the arena and crushed down upon the sorcerer. He let out a roar and dealt a physical attack. I lost 255 health points. My next spell was power play. Immediately, I got three power pips. The evil Wraith dealt a death trap. To counter, I cast a death shield.

“Unfortunately, your shield is a waste.” Again, he cast physical attack. However, this time, it tripled itself and then was given a 30% bonus, dealing me 995 attack points. I only had enough health for one more round, but I also had a physical attack of my own. I dealt it, and killed the Wraith!

“Well done, Arrozen. You defeated my main minion.” I looked up to see the blackened tree with red eyes. In one of her needle-like branches, she held an unconscious Alhazred. “It is time to see if the prophesies are true. Here, take some health and mana. I don’t like to have an unfair advantage over my opponent.” All of my power was rejuvenated as Dayrdae opened a new battle field.

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