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The Ancients of Fire by Allison DragonShard

It gleamed with light and seemed to reflect off darkness even in the night. I watched the staff spin and glow and then finally fall to the ground. I was watching my teacher’s performance of staff handling. She carefully handed me the staff. I held the staff in my hand. Its metal cover seemed to melt into my hands. The fire engraved deeply inside it seemed to glow and burn my hands.

“Watch…” My teacher Dalia Falmea whispered quietly. Her words seemed to echo threw the musty air. The staff then lifted and swirled again. My classmates crowded feverishly around trying to look. My teacher then swatted her hand into the air and the staff dropped.

“OK, that’s all for today and remember to study hard on Chapter 4. We will be really looking back in time for this assignment,” she said smiling strangely. It looked almost as if she was trying to cover a chuckle. I lifted my text book off the table and dropped it into my bag.

“So… what stuff do you have today?” my friend Allison DayGem asked, trying to catch up with me.

“Oh, not much. I just have some reading homework.” I said trying not to explode with excitement. The presentation was amazing. I had never seen such staff handling.

“Moolinda Wu showed us the spell sanctuary. It was really cool!” she screamed loudly into my ear. As I continued walking to my dorm, I saw my book start to glow. I dropped my bag and picked up the book. It opened magically and a picture started to form in the middle of the page. It showed a magical staff of three colors. Yellow, red, and orange. Then the picture swirled into another form. It showed three symbols. A bird, a sun and a moon. The picture flickered and swirled into a spiral door. I touched the book, believing for a second the door was real. My hand dissolved into the page and a burning force tugged the rest of me in.

Everything went blank for a minute. but thankfully I regained sight. I made out a door, the spiral door. The same one I saw in the book! I reached for it and it swung open. I saw the worlds flash at my eyes. I flew my hand over to Wizard city, and before I could change my mind, I arrived in Ravenwood. I headed to the fire school. I could barely wait to tell Dalia. When I opened the door, I saw ME. Not just me, but Dalia too. She was giving her staff handling presentation. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I waited and waited for myself to walk out the door. Eventually Dalia repeated the same words, “We will be looking back in time for this assignment.” I was stunned. It became clear. This was all normal magic at work. I had thought it was some of Malistare’s dirty tricks. I saw myself go through the door I followed. Everything seemed to be normal. Once my book started to glow, I saw myself look down, but something strange happened. I snapped back into reality. I found myself starring at the glowing book. This time I ran back into the fire school just as many other confused fire students.

“So, back so soon? It’s only been one magic adventure?” My teacher said fiendishly.

“I went back in time!” I screeched.

“Ah, I know. So do all of you. This was just the first experiment or as I call it, first step. You see, you all are in training for your next card, Hellephant. All I needed to test was a little time travel to get the elements for this card. Your next assignment is to read into the past. Please try repeating your steps, but this time go to Mooshu and talk to the first cow you see. She is located in the spiral chamber of Mooshu.” my teacher explained. I was thrilled. I had never time traveled or knew it was possible, so I retraced my steps. “Wait up! So umm what’s up.” my friend, Allison came up to me again, “something so weird happened to me! I totally repeated a day! It was weird!”

“Um hmmm. Well, I’m not surprised. Time travel is at work here. Actually I have to do some right now.” I said, trying to sound smart. Allison looked at me with her jaw dropping almost a foot down. I was in no mood to explain. I just headed to my dorm and saw my book glow once again.

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