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The Strange Life of Alexandria UnicornRiver by Alexandria UnicornRiver

“ Honey look,Its a baby girl.”Said my mother Sylvia Drake. “Shes so cute also.”Said my father Mailstaire. Then headmaster Ambrose ran into the room.

“I have some great news!Your daughter is a life type!!”

3 months passed after my birth,my mother got sick with a horrible fever. On March 15 she died. My father was in rage,as mad as a storm lord maybe. Then he destroyed parts of wizard city. Especially he made the death school fall. Merle Ambrose saw all of the damage in the city. Then Ambrose saw a quick movement in the distance. It was Mailstaire. he was running toward me. Merle ran quickly behind him. I would have been evil if it wasn't for Merle. He used a center spell to stall him. The headmaster ran ahead and saved me. “you win this time Ambrose,but next time you won't.” yelled Mailstaire and in a puff of smoke he was gone.

10 years passed. I lived with the UnicornRiver family. “Sweetie,can we talk to you before you leave?” “Yes mom”I answered. I ran down stairs with my new wizard robe that was mainly dark green with a trim of light green. “mom I need to hurry for today my report is due on Dragonspyre and I just need to finish.” I said. “ Well were not your birth parents. We are your foster parents. But nows the time we tell you your father.... is Mailstaire. So call me Rosa and your foster father Fred.”

I was walking to the Ravenwood school when I saw one of my greatest friend, Alex Rainriver. I told him everything that happened this morning for he was the only person I could trust, well not the only one. “That must've been hard for you to hear.”Alex said. We got to school early. I was able to unpack faster.

“OK class get your reports out and then we well share.”said Professor Moolinda Wu. My turn was first. “ My report is called The History of Dragonspyre” A hour passed and class was over. But before I went home headmaster Ambrose wanted me to talk to my uncle Cyrus. “You did horrible on your test Arthur.” Yelled my uncle as I walked in.

Once Arthur left Professor Cyrus yelled “What do you want” I explained why I was here and told him everything that he would need to know easier. Uncle Cyrus sighed because he knew that his brothers daughter or son would come to learn, mush more I can't say maybe. He told me more about my family more. Then I went to my new castle. “ Its getting late” I thought to myself. So I got my night robe on and went to bed.

It was the middle of the night when I heard a noise. It sounded like someone was breaking in my house for some sort of robbery. I quickly ran downstairs and saw undead taking over my house. Then where my door used to stand their was Mailstaire, my father. I tried to run to a open window but it was too late Mailstaire got closer quickly. Once he got closer to me some how he knocked me out. But I cant remember how.

When I woke up I saw I was in a fancy room,the only thing weird instead of a door I was behind bars. I got up and when I did I smelled bacon with chocolate pancakes and hot cocoa with marshmallows. “not again” I heard someone say.

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