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The Adventure's of Travis, Melissa, and Flint by Travis DawnThorn

Travis, Melissa, and Flint had just received a letter to go up to the Crown of Fire to defeat the evil Malistaire. They the packed their things, not knowing how long they would be there, and headed toward the mountain. They traveled the streets following the broken signs leading up to the huge and horrifying mountain. While they were walking brisk fully through the old town, the town’s people were murmuring to themselves thinking they would never return.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” complained Flint. “We are going to die!” sobbed Travis. “SHUT UP!” yelled Melissa. “Sorry,” Travis and Flint replied in unison. They stopped for the night on a high cliff overlooking the city of Dragonspyre. “What did you pack Flint?” Travis asked. “I packed a bag of ranch flavored chips, a water bottle, three ham and cheese sandwiches, and two bananas,” explained Flint. “Well ya’ll should get some sleep, I will keep watch for the night.” explained Melissa. “Okay,” said Travis. With that, Flint and Travis fell fast asleep.

The next day, they were almost to the Crown of Fire when… “HELP!” screamed Melissa. She had taken one wrong step, fell off the edge of a cliff, and caught herself on a thick brown tree root. “We’re coming,” huffed Flint and Travis. She was dangling fifty feet above a clump of sharp jagged rocks. “Grab my hands,” pleaded Travis. “Flint, grab my waist and pull,” explained Travis. Flint pulled while Travis kept hold of Melissa’s hands and together they pulled her up. “You guys saved my life,” Melissa said. “Well girls are clumsy that way,” Flint laughed. Melissa punched Flint hard in the shoulder and laughed a sarcastic “Ha ha.”

The next beautiful sunrise, they were standing at the huge doors of the Crown of Fire. The doors were painted and carved amazingly with red and black dragons. The dragons were intertwining themselves with a big celestial bronze sword (which they all new the name of: “Shadow Wielder”). Then they charged through the big black and red doors into the Crown of Fire.

When they got inside, four big beefy guards attacked them. Slashing and attacking all the guards, they made their way to the lair of Malistaire. Malistaire, like always, was wearing a long black and golden cloak with fine red lace. His jet-black hair and wrinkled face made him look older than he was. He was holding his black staff with two golden snakes wrapped around it. “We have come to defeat you Malistaire!” yelled Travis. “But you can’t foolish kids, I have drunk an immortality potion so you can’t beat me,” explained Malistaire. “But it only works for a few minutes, we can hold you off for that long,” said Melissa encouragingly. With that hopeful note Flint, Melissa, and Travis attacked.

Fighting Malistaire was hard they admit, but not for long. Only about two minutes into the battle, the potion wore off. While they were fighting Malistaire he yelled, “NO! This cannot be happening!’’. Then Travis, with his sword, pierced Malistaire through the heart and Malistaire incinerated into golden dust. All that was left behind was his staff and his cloak.

At three a.m. the next morning, after treading down the mountain, the trio walked into City Hall carrying his, as in Malistaire, cloak and staff. “You guys defeated him!” cried the mayor happily.

The next day word had spread that Malistaire was defeated. The mayor held a ceremony honoring the defeat of Malistaire with a feast for the trio afterwards. “I would like to honor the trio, Travis, Melissa, and Flint who saved our town, Dragonspyre, and the whole Spiral from being destroyed. I hear by give these three each a medal of honor and the tittles of Savior’s of The Spiral!” said the mayor cheerfully. Melissa kissed both Travis and Flint on the cheek saying, “We couldn’t have done it without you two knuckleheads.”

All was well in Dragonspyre and the rest of the Spiral from then on … or was it?

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