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The Myth Of Adam FireRider, Once a Death Student by Adam FireRider

Hello, Childeren! Today, And all of Wizard101 Time (Whenever it ends, Hope it never does ^.^) I will tell you a faded Myth of once a Wizard like all of you nice Boys and Girls, Here we go:

I rose from my Bed with my Mind Shattered, When i heard my name be called, It was my Mom! I walked over to her and see what she had to say, She had an Exclamation Mark over her head, I wove my Hands over my Eyes Several times, When she told me to take out the Garbage, So i did, Painfully. I wanted to change into my regular clothes when i saw a Portal, Big Purple portal in my Closet. My concience told me NOT to do it, but who ever listens to they're Conscience anymore? So I Walked into the Mysterious portal, And I was in a Mysterious world, Could it be? Am i halucinating? I Saw a wand in my hand and a SpellBook in my BackPack, I looked how i dressed, and i was in Wizard Clothing! I said ''Pinch me i must be Dreaming.'' And i thought, Maybe i am. And suddenly a Elderly man teleported to the front of me It was Headmaster Ambrose! He asked

''Hello, Adam! You must be our New Student.

I said with a shattered voice ''I am?''

And Headmaster Ambrose said ''Don't be silly Adam! Of course you are.'' And the Adventure Begins... So i had opportunity in my hands. I said, ''Headmaster Ambrose, May i ask you to hold that thought,''

''Okay, Headmaster says''

I sprinted over to Olde Town and Ran over to Trition Avenue Then I viewed my Map, and I saw the Kraken,

I said ''Wow!!, The KRAKEN!''

I ran over to the four Teleporters and went through,

I joined the battle, I said

''Oh No! No one is joining with me! I can't solo the Kraken!''

I panicked but there was no way out, Panicking with 960 Health and 100 mana,

*It is the Kraken's Turn*

It Casted, Triton!!!

*Trition is casted*

When the attack is barely finished, My eyes shut quickly.

I woke up in the Headmasters newly Designed Hospital. I asked kindly to the doctor

''What happened?''

She said ''You were painfully knocked out by the Kraken, What were you thinking?''

I was healed up. I said, Never again will I fight the Kraken, But only if i gain more expierience.

So I rushed over to my Castle and went to bed.

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