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The Wraith of The Dark Shadow by Katie Stormblossom

I was breathing hard as I ran through the forest. I lept over the undergrowth and branches, trying not to let it catch me. I just had to get away. Suddenly, all was quiet. I couldn't hear the monster, thing, whatever it was chasing me. I was SO tired I collapsed on the hard, cold, ground. A slight breeze started. It was bitter and cold. I knew I had to get out of the forest. Fast. I started to get up when- A scream rang through the forest. Not a cry for help scream, a demented scream. One that I knew all to well. The bushes then made a sound. I turned around and was pinned to the ground. I couldn't get up and it was about to get me-

I woke up in my house in MarleyBone. There was sweat running down my face, the dream had come back once again. She wondered what it meant. Anyways, today was my big day! Today I would make it to DragonSpyre. I got up, got dressed and walked to the world gate. Cyrus Drake wanted to talk to me. I never usually went near him since his mood is always, kinda, bad... Anyways, I went to RavenWood and into the myth school. "Ok, I need to see if you are possible worthy for DragonSpyre." "Meet me in the Myth tower." Said Cyrus. I went to the Myth tower, and we went into battle. Since I was storm, it was fairly easy. When I beat him, he said for me to then talk to Merle Ambrose. I went to his tower, and he handed over the gleaming Spiral Key to DragonSpyre. I ran to the world tree and plunged into the world gate. I was in Dragonspyre. I then met up with my friend, Amber LightHaven.

"You made it to DragonSpyre!" she said.


"Why do you seem so nervous?"

I told her about my dream. She laughed and said,

"Dont worry about it! Its just a dream!"

I looked convinced but, inside I was still worried. We decided to meet our friend Malvin DragonThorn in the Village of Sorrow in Mooshu. We walked to the world gate and into MooShu.

"Hey, I need to take care of something in Jade Palace." Said Amber.


I walked to Yoshito Temple, and through the forest short cut I knew to the village of sorrow.

A storm was coming. The dark clouds blackened the sky. The trees sent shadows leaping across the ground. It was very creepy. Something moved through the trees.

"Hello?" I called.

"Probably nothing." I said more trying to convince myself.

Something moved through the bushes. It started to rain, and lighting striked the trees around me. They caught fire. I was trapped, and behind me, through the bush, A huge Dark Shadow formed. My amulet and ring glowed. The Amethyst in my pocket also started to light up. I took it out of my pocket, and light sprang all around me. Wind wipped through my hair and the rain kept pouring. The Shadow was getting closer...

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