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The Unknown Power by Talon Mist

I've awaken to a bright and shiny day, hoping that it was a nice day to train on my magic.
Instead... Thunder appeared before my eyes, my hands shivering.
A huge cloud that formed into a man had said. "Talon Mist!"
I couldn't respond, I was like a frozen caveman.
"You have been chosen to receive the unknown powers"
"Will thy accept?"

I couldn't think I responded quickly with a "Yes"
Just before I could blink, I was in a city made of clouds; People awe, staring at me.
A kid my age is training his magic; by mistake he makes an Ice Beetle, it attacks me with the vicious teeth.

"AHHH, Get it off me!"
The kid says "I’m so sorry. Allow me to invite you to my family's feast"
I say "Okay"
"Oh, Once again I'm sorry my name is "Moun-Orld"
I think in my mind "I've heard that name before some where."

~Feast Time~

"Hey everyone meet my new friend Talon Mist"
His family is the size of 5 University's of Magic
A roar of "Hi!" comes banging into my ear without invitation
"Hello everyone"
I sit down at the table, delicious meals being given.
After the feast, Moun-Orld asks me if I want to train I apply with a "Sure"
Our magic circle appears out of thin air.
We begin fighting.
Both of us are tired after an hour of training. That’s when our health got low.
We wanted to finish each other off.
Its my turn. I cast "Ultimate God of Power!"
Just in a touch of a second the ground Moun-Orld was totally chunked off the face of the planet.
Have I killed him?
He reappears again. I gasp with relief.
"Oh thank goodness you’re alive!"
"Its fine. That was good training"

~After 7 years~

"Come on Moun-Orld"
"Im coming!"
"Ahh here we are at the University"
"We'll Talon Mist, after I teach my class, do you want to defeat the evil bosses?"

~After Class~

"Argh, Talon this boss is hard help!"
"Im coming. *Heals*"
"Talon! Watch Out!!!"
"Huh? *Casts Unknown power* (That’s the unknown power that the huge cloud gave me)
"WOAH! Talon!
"Run Moun! I am overcharging with evil power!"
"Argh...., RAWR!"
"Talon take it easy! I don't want to use this Vial of Holy"
"Hahahah, Moun you fool...”
Moun splashes the Holy Vial on Talon.
"What? Where am I?"
"Talon you went bersek on me!"
"I'm sorry, it must be that god."
"Talon lets go to a Berserk Trainer"

Talon and Moun go to one and Talon controls the Unknown Power.

The End.

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