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Trevor Smiths Story by Trevor Smith

I was a student at Ravenwood. It was always busy, but not today. My headmaster called me to do a very important job. With NO idea what it was, I went. He told me, Trevor Smith, that his brother, Malistare, was needed to be defeated. Although I only am a 22 I needed to do this quest. Professor Ambrose gave me a map to his Dungeon. I asked where the other students were. After the question, he vanished with no answer. I saw something strange on his desk. It was a note that said, "HA HA HA you cannot defeat ME! a wizard like YOU! HA HA HA!" I crumbled the paper up and threw it away. I was confused, but I knew what I had to do. As I followed the map to Malistare I noticed there was no one there. Not a fairy, pirate, or even Ambrose. I was alone. I went down the cold streets, shivering. I almost dropped the map in the cold wind. When I was finally there, I did drop the map at the echoing of the droplets. Malistare saw me entering the dungeon when he screamed, "What are YOU doing here?"

I said, very scared, "uh...... Here to defeat you?"

He laughed, "YOU? A WIMP LIKE YOU?"

I finally stood up and said, "Yeah, me."

I looked around and I saw the wizards, and most importantly, Ambrose. They were locked in a cage with steel hard bars. As I gripped the staff I was using I thought, I am facing Malistare at a 22? I sighed my last sigh, or hopefully, not. I was scared to death, funny I am a Diviner. My battle began.

As I faced them my hands were so stiff I almost dropped my staff. All my spells were nothing but weak ones. I was doomed. Strangly, his minions (who were ice) used helephant and I was at 100 health and I lost 99 health. No spirit armor, no nothing. I caught up with Kraken. I won against the minions. Now, I faced Malistare. I used a potion and got to say goodbye to my friends before my death, although hopefully not. They crossed their fingers and prayed for me to not die. However, you might think I would come back in the commons. No! When you defeat him you get to stay alive. If you lose and die, well let me put it this way, you're gone. I took my last sigh and looked around. Strangly, I saw their wands and staffs. Then I looked at them and saw them holding wands. I asked Malistare why it was like that. No answer. I gripped my staff as hard as I could. Then, I walked up to him.

The battle began. I used my best spells against him. I was weak. Every single hit was more powerful then usual. Hours later, I finally killed him. I was light headed, tired, hungry and thirsty. As I used the key I unlocked the wizard and the Professor. Several pats on the back, hundreds of thanks, and a dozen shakes but no real appreciation.

I collapsed. Merle Ambrose helped me up and said, "Good job, young wizard." But this was not the end of the attack.

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