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Thump! by Masashi

We told stories to each other about what happened on our travels in Wizard City or we made fictional stories about them. It was my turn right after the person next to me told a story of how Haunted Minions used to rule Triton Avenue until they got scared to death by the Kraken.
My story goes like this:

It was on the night of Halloween. I traveled across the streets in the haunted cave minding my own business (and making fun of the field guards). Then all of a sudden, I saw a shadowy green figure zoom past me almost knocking me down. Then there was scary background music that goes along with frightening movies. Then the shadowy figure began to dance like a goblin and then a zombie. Then it all of a sudden disappeared leaving me speechless on what that thing was. Then I heard a loud *THUMP* *THUMP* *THUMP* which sounded like it was getting closer by the minute. I did the first thing I had in mind. RUN. I ran through the bushes and the river outside of Haunted Cave and ran so quickly the monsters in Triton Avenue couldn't catch me. I ran with all my might but the thumping was still catching up. I crashed into the guards in Olde town but I still kept going even though they started yelling at me. I ran through the ghosts in the Shopping District but still kept going. I pushed over the wizards in the commons with them telling me to watch it but yet, I kept running. But by the time I got to Ravenwood, the thumping was still near and I was out of breath. And when I caught my breath, the thumping stopped. It was all in my head. But then I saw the shadowy figure dancing again and I heard the thumping again. Looks like I have to run again!

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