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The Story of Thomas Rainblossom by Thomas Rainblossom

One day, I, Thomas Rainblossom, was headed to ice magic class, when I ran into my brother, Alexander.
I said "What are you doing here?"
He said that my Mom and Dad let him come here, so he can study magic with me. Me, being a level 23 life/ice wizard, I said the quests I have are WAY to hard for him. He begged to come with me to Krokotopia later, and I said only when is my level.

-- 2 years later --

FINALLY, Alexander did all of the quests,and he said "Thomas, What are you supposed to do when you get a key from the emperor in MooShu?"
"what!!!"I said. "you made it all the way to the end and you hold the key to Dragonspyre?!" "yes, It was easy. I just never gave up and I kept trying.

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